love is sweet and heart touching feeling (episode 4)

Hi guys iam back with my fourth epi pls keep showering your love like this for always and always I knew that my ff is so so so boring then all ff so I’ll try to make it interesting so here I go
Recap twinkle kunj meets in the mall and when they came out they saw that Lee la and anita coming towards the mall kunj went and hides somewhere meanwhile Lee la fixed twinkles marriage with yuvi so twinkle cuted her wrist and and kunj came to twinkle and cuted his thumb and puted his blood in twinkles forehead

The episodes starts with shocked faces of s arnas and tanejas usha comes in front and hugs twinkle and say says that from today onwards you are my DIL

After two weeks
Twinkle is perfectly alright and she returns to tanejas and some one shouts she can’t enter this house its non other than usha and walks towards twinkle and says that I said that you are DIL so come to our house
And twinkle kunj goes to s arnas and twinkle kicks the rice bowl and twinj gose to their room
Twinj room

It’s night time twinkle standing in balcony and remembering how she climbed this balcony using 4-5 duppatas and smiles and someone kisses her in her neck and suddenly twinkle turns and its non other than kunj and starts beating him in his chest and says
T I was so scared that its some one else
K who will kiss you either than me baby

love is sweet and heart touching feeling (episode 4)


love is sweet and heart touching feeling (episode 4)


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