Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 15)

Manan;its Nandini my dream girl

Manik is stressed his mind is full of questions and confusion. He feels that nandini is well known person, whenever I see her my heart starts to pump more I feel better and happy but her words and behaviour doesn’t match with her eyes and looks she give me which make me go mad and crazy, I feel like killing but I can’t even do that why?
How? Means how? She comes daily in my dreams but she don’t know me? She looks at me with care and effect ion but she speaks as if iam stranger, her eyes stay on me but her words keep me away
No this has to end I will not leave her today I will ask directly.., but these all guys they defend her so I will catch her alone and get all my answers

It’s stadium where q label is doing this music competition for album
It’s full of audience performers,
Fab5 and nandini gang are getting ready for performance
Manik want to perform but he didnot as he don’t want to expose himself to media to avoid nyionika and Soha
All fab5 and nandini too want Manik to stay away from media

It’s boys green room
Everyone are getting ready for performance abheer and Manik are helping them
Girls entered “still getting ready it’s too much we got ready” mukhti shouted at them
“Aryamaan our is frist performance come on and what is this you didn’t keep brouch wait I will keep it on your suit” nandini took one from the box and kept it
Manik watching this got jealous and angry
“Come on all three” nandini along with harshaad, mady and aryamaan went on stage

“Baatein kuch an kahisi kuch ansunisi” song they performed
Manik is backstage watching nandini

When nandini came back after performance she is going to changing room Manik took her hand dragged her to a room which is empty locked it nandini before noticed this happened. Nandini got shocked
“Look don’t play smart with me I know that you know me very well still playing with me I want to know how you know me? That …. What’s his name? Aryamaan is he your boyfriend? Why you are hanging around him?”
Nandini is just starring Manik, her heart is filled with excitement and happiness trying to control herself
“Damm speak out!” Manik shouted
Nandini came out of sense “how will I know you? I never travelled to Switzerland.”
“No you are lieing say the truth and about aryamaan his he your bf”
Nandini smiled Ohio! Manik is jealous she felt happy “no but he may become he is best friend and best friends make best couple you see”
Manik took nandini made to press to wall with anger “don’t even dare to play with me if I see you with him I will kill him”
“Shut up! You don’t need to get any answers stay away from him” he used more strength in her
She said “it’s hurting Manik ”
Manik left her see got his hands print on her arms where he used strength he felt sorry
“Iam sorry I’ll never hurt you again” “it’s ok” she started to go out he took her and hugged her from back and in her ears”stay away from him”
“He is my friend”
“So I will not” she left room
Manik hit the wall with anger

Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 15)


Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 15)


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