SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 15

SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 15

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Swara’s POV:

I stare at him in disbelief.

“See…. that’s why I didn’t tell you.” Karan rolled his eyes.

“You- you’re third in command? You are that Karan. Karan the Cave Eagle?”

“Yes.” He shrugged.

“I don’t believe you…. I mean, you’re so young how can you be…..”

“So cruel?” He completed my sentence.

I open my mouth to say something but Sanskar beat me to it.

“I called you for training. What are you doing here?” His gruff voice made me jump a little.

“I was coming but when I saw her crying, I changed my plan.” He said happily and Sanskar shot me a glare.

“Don’t scare her MB, please.” He said coming between us.



I must have said that out loud because next moment Karan burst out laughing.

“M-Mega Bite?” He said between his laugh making me embarrassed.

I stole a glance at Sanskar who was also smiling.

“Uff! Swara….. MB is short for Meri Bhai…. actually Meri Bhai is kind of long and old fashion so I took the initials.” He said sliding his hands in his pocket.

“You’re his brother?” I blurt.

“Aaa…. biologically nope bu-”

“Save your chatting for later. I want you down stairs in two minutes.” Sanskar said and left.

He doesn’t want me to know of their relation.

“So, are you coming? We can have tea together after practice.” Karan asks excitedly.

“No thanks. I better go back.”

“Ah… right… You would prefer to have tea alone with MB.” He said thoughtfully.

“No!” I exclaimed.

“Then? Why are you refusing to come with me?”

“I don’t want to go in the presence of others.”

Since I came here, I lost all the confidence to confront others…. I feel disgusted of myself.

“Oh come on! Everyone knows you here… and they really respect you.”

“Respect me? As? Sanskar’s toy?” I snapped.

“That’s harsh…. no one thinks like that about you and our men respect you because they have been keeping eye on you for a long time… It’s your character that made them respect you, not MB’s influence. Have a little faith on us… we may be criminals and not the ideal people but we have eyes and we can also differentiate between good and bad people.”

Yeah right……

I really wanted to argue with him but I kept my mouth shut.

“Anyways, let’s go before he comes back and drag me out.”

He led me to the house’s backyard. This area is a basketball ground and also a…… shooting area. I guess because it is very similar to the practicing fields I have seen in action movies. I thank god that there weren’t many people here besides three on duty guards and Sanskar. But there was another person who made my presence known by shouting.
“Look who finally decided to show up…. our little tigress.”


I turn my head around and found him standing in black t-shirt, black jeans with same black cap and sunglasses. But the thing caught my attention was his gun. I don’t know anything about weapons but from the look of it this gun is heavy and for long range targets.

“Ary! Our tigress is afraid of this little baby?” He said lifting his gun. I turn my face to the other direction. Not wanting to answer him.

“Still feisty!” He chuckled and continue, “Sanskar, your turn now. I’m going to my position.”

Sanskar waved a hand in response and Lakshya walked away, leaving Karan and me alone.

“Okay Swara, I am going to MB. You can sit anywhere you want and enjoy.” With that he also joins Sanskar.


Ragini’s POV:

‘’why are these black eagles so confusing….sometimes they are so soft and sometime really hard….i just don’t understand them….i meanhow can they have two shade’’ I was think while descending the stair and looking at lakshya….he seems busyy in some work….i guess

As I was walking down he shot a glare at me and then continued his work…..god y are they so complicated to understand….while walking down the stairs and looking at lakshya instead of the staors I accidently missed a step and….fell down…..

‘‘aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh’’I cried in pain and by hearing my voice lakshya immediately stopped his work and ran towardsme….being concerned…

‘‘what happened…..are u alright……are you hurt….’’he started throwing questions at me…while I am in deep pain…this was really shocking for me as I never saw him being concerned for me before I just couldn’t believe my eyes…

‘‘I missed a step….and I guess I twisted my ankle….i said still in pain…..’’I regretted saying this the next second….

‘‘how can you be so careless…..are u stupid…..what were you thinking while descending the stairs huh…..and….show me where are you hurt….is it paining a lot….he said while bending down to see my foot…he took my foot in his hands to see what happened and tried to fix it…but…


‘‘ is it hurting bad….ramo….rohan…..where did everyone go….are u people dead….come here quickly…he starterd yelling at the servents and took hisphone out to call the doctor….
‘‘how irresponsible you are…why cant you just watch where you are going….crazy girl…’’he started taunting me as he took me in his arms and caried me to the room….he layed me in bed and calle the docotr again…

‘‘whats taking you so long…..are you coming from another country or something….be qucik… I want you her in the next ten minutes…’’ he was yelling at the doctor and turned back to me… ‘‘is it still paining….oh god…’’ I have never seen this side of him…I mean hes concerned about me….

‘‘no….it’s alittle better…’’ and then the doctor came….he check my foot…

‘‘its nothing serous…she just twisted her foot…but I have fixed it now….so nothing to worry about…and he gave me an ointments to use…

‘‘doctor are you sure there nothing serious…I meand her foot is alright…right…..lakshya asked being worried..

‘‘yes mr lakshya theres nothing serious…don’t worry…’’and with that he left..

‘‘I am fine…don’t worry…and its not paining anymore….’’ I quickly said as he sat beside me n bed…I knew he would start again…

‘‘good…that its fine…have rest and don’t you dare move from this bed for two days…he said while putting the ointment on my foot…’’I was sochked ans surpirsed…

‘‘what two days…that too much…how can I saty here for two days….i ca…’’couldn’t complete my sentence as he cut me off…

‘‘two days means two day…now don’t start arguing with me…I don’t want to hear anything…I am already irritated by hurting yourself…were your eye closed while walking down…’’I didn’t answer as I had none…

‘‘I have some work…so .i need to go and you stay here on the bed…I will be asking the servants later…and I swear if you move an inch from here you will definitely regret it… he said with a little smirk oh his face and left the room

‘’two days…oh god how can I stay here for two days…no ways…’’

Swara’s POV:

I cannot sleep, my eyes and my head are both feeling heavy from sleepiness but whenever I close my eyes, the images of today’s practice starts flashing in my mind.

How utterly nonchalant they were in handling weapons and using it. There was no hesitation at all. Those things weren’t toys. They are used to kill people. I shudder at the thought.

I got up from the bed and stand leaning against the window frame. This place is far away from the rest of the residing area I guess, because as far as my sight goes from here I can only see empty land and this is not the best view during late night.

The rustling sound of leaves, howling sound of wind and big trees standing in the dark makes a perfect scenery for a horror movie.

In normal circumstances, I would’ve rushed into my parents’ bedroom or call Ma to my room and make her stay with me until I fall asleep. That’s how I was, not long ago. My family really spoiled me. I was my Bhai’s Shona Billi and parents’ princess. But now…… I don’t even know what I am to my family – A continuous tension? A burden? A threat to their lives? An embarrassment? …..yeah I must be an embarrassment to them. Everything that happened was because of me.

My train of thought was interrupted by Karan. He is playing piano again. As much as I hate the idea of being a friend of a criminal, I found it hard to push him away. Maybe I really needed a friend.

The melody that he was playing right now is way too mature for his nature. It held sadness, passion and…… something else of which I can’t put my finger on.

Suddenly I felt the urge to meet him. Setting my duppatta on my sholders, I walk towards the piano room. Quietly, I open the door but no one was there. Music has stopped and the atmosphere is silent again.

He left???
Can’t be… I didn’t see him leaving the room…..

Stepping inside the room, I walked towards the piano but my foot halted in mid air when I heard the door closing behind me. My head snapped towards the sound and found sanskar leaning against the closed door.

My eyes scanned the room briskly to find Karan but he wasn’t here.

“Where is Karan?” I found myself asking him.

“He is not here.” He said without taking his eyes off of me.

“Oh! Okay…. I should be going then.” I walk back to the door, hoping he would let me pass but he didn’t move an inch.

“I need to go.” I said after waiting for a while.



“Why do you have to leave as soon as you saw me?”

“I was here to see Kar-” Before I could complete my sentence, he yanked my arms and pinned me to the door.

“Don’t say his name so easily…. it annoys me.” He said angrily.

I stare at him in confusion.

“Are you so naive to understand that I am jealous of watching you calling another man’s name with fondness.”


“L-let me pass.” He frowned.

“Tell me…You are okay with spending time with him alone yet you don’t want to spend a single minute with me? You want to listen to his piano playing but not mine?”

“I-I am sleepy. Can I go?”

“Answer my questions first damn it!” He slammed his fist on the door, making me jump in fear.

“I didn’t know you can also play piano and he…. he is like a friend to me.”

“And…. what am I to you?”

“…..Nothing!” I answered looking back into his eyes.

He narrowed his eyes at me for a second before leaning closer to my face.

“If that’s what you think, then I have to change your opinion first and change your nothing to everything. Till then, you are not meeting Karan.”

“What?” I frowned.

Is this man crazy???

His facial muscles relaxed and a small smile spread on his lips.

“You look beautiful when you’re angry….. my beautiful Shona…. my Queen.” He reached out a hand to my face. I quickly turn my face.

“Be careful not to go against what I have said….. or else I will not keep my word anymore…. You can go now…. Good night my love.” With that, he walked away and I open the door to go back but the sound of ‘Eternal Snow’ made me turn to face him. He looked straight at me with a satisfied smile on his face.

Unlike Karan, his emotions are flowing through his notes. Almost like that pianist of neighbor-

It’s him!

It’s him…….!

It was Sanskar who played the piano every night…

no ways….it cant be….can it…but these note…they are the same…

its him….

its definitely him….

precap: karan and sanskar talking about swasan marriage….

so guys the secret pianist is revealed……it was sanskar….. hope you enjoyed…plzz do comment….

SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 15


SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 15

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