Swaragini : Love iz all about TRUST (Part 18)

Hii guys, soo here goes the next part of my story

Next day morning sanskaar wakes up due to sun rays falling on his face….he immediately gets up nd closes d curtains soo that his queens and his prince’s sleep isn’t disturbed…..his eyes then catches d attention of swara’s diary which ragini had been writing…..he goes 2 study nd starts reading it again……

Diary :-
Hii diary ….. Today is d most memorable day in my life I’m soo happy…. U know laksh told me about his past but I find something fishy in his naani’s behaviour…..
U know laksh’s mom belongs to a very conservative marwari family nd her name is sujatha……her parents always wanted a daughter becozz for 3 generations there was no girl child in their family…nd god had blessed them with twins i.e laksh’s mom sujatha aunty nd his maternal uncle durga prasad….

Both durga prasad nd sujatha were bought up equally without any gender bias in fact sujatha was mostly pampered nd her word was an order for everyone at house….she was sent to a very reputed college…. She was very keen in academics… Once they had a project on social services nd for that they had to go to a nearby village nd help d poor….her parents didn’t agree to let her go but her brother d.p convinced them nd sent her…. There she met ram prasad a social activist nd he was a leader for a small group who used to protect poor nd destroy d rich brats who used their money nd power to humiliate nd trouble poor people in short he was a robin hood…sujatha liked his character nd she was impressed with his nature….slowly they became friends after few days her project was completed nd now she had to go back home but she wasn’t ready to leave him … Both were madly in love with each other but neither did anyone of them had d courage to confess becozz they didn’t want to spoil their friendship

After sujatha’s return she wasn’t d same old bubbly naughty dominating sujatha ….
Yes, she had changed a lot nd everyone could observe this change but none of her family confronted her….in d meanwhile DP was marriage to Annapurna nd everyone were happy with this marriage…. Actually Annapurna nd sujatha were childhood friends ….

After noticing her friend ( nanad) lost ap confronted her nd got to know about her trip to village nd about ram….she understood that sujatha was madly nd deeply in love with ram…..
After few days sujayha’s marriage was fixed in a very big rich family Anuradha was very happy at her daughter’s fate…….

But on d day of her wedding sujatha ran away with d help of ap nd DP yes , DP had heard bhabhi – nanad combo nd decided to unite his sister nd her love soo that she stays happy he actually tried to convince his parents but they didn’t agree because ram wasn’t rich nd he had many enemies after his life becoz of his work…..

Here ram also didn’t know that sujatha ran away from her wedding for him….as usual he was doing his work when sujatha reached there nd confessed her love in front of whole village making him shock…. Immediately he took her to temple nd married her…after that they went back to her home only to be insulted by her parents…. He then took her to his home …. Sujatha was sad for having broken d trust of her parents but on d other side ram’s care nd love made her forget her pains…..
After a year of wedding they were blessed with d son nd they named him laksh….

On d other side ap nd DP were disowned by Anuradha as they helped sujatha in eloping becoz of which her husband got heart attack nd he died …….Anuradha always taunted them…….

After 6 years : sujatha was very happy as her son was turning 6 today…. There was a party arranged nd in d party some of ram’s enemies entered nd they killed ram leaving sujatha nd laksh…. Laksh heard one of d goon talking on phone telling that “your daughter is safe ” ….
Laksh didn’t understand d meaning….. But after some time his grandson nd mamu – mami came nd they somehow convinced sujatha nd took her with them back to home….
Annapurna had just delivered a baby boy back then nd they named him sanskaar….
DP took care of both laksh nd sanskaar equally infact took extra care of laksh…..meanwhile Anuradha persuaded sujatha to remarry nd she always refused….. Anuradha one day arranged everything for her daughter’s remarriage nd made sujatha unconscious at that tym ap,DP,sanskaar nd laksh had been out nd when sujatha regained consciousness she was married by then….she immediately wrote a letter to her son asking him forgiveness for leaving him alone in this world nd another letter for DP asking him to take care of laksh nd she concumed a diamond that was in her ring nd she died….. After Anuradha repented for losing her daughter… But DP nd laksh were not ready to forgive her ….laksh though small knew how to read nd write well….nd from then he developed hatred for her in his heart …. After 3years when he was 10 nd sanskaar 6 DP nd ap passed away in an car accident…. Nd from then laksh took great care of sanskaar nd never let him alone….
Laksh always had this inscribed in his heart nd mind that Anuradha was d reason for his mom nd dad death……
Though Anuradha never showed but she always loved laksh more than sanskaar… nd even in her will she had give 65% of maheshwari property to laksh nd as soon as sanskaar turned 18 she made him sign on other documents nd made laksh’s would be d owner of 35% of maheshwari property….. Sanskaar never knew of his daadi’s plotting nd laksh always protected him from his naani she only tolerated sanskaar because laksh loved nd cared for him….
I don’t know if it was truly laksh’s naani who killed his dad but he had vowed to never forgive her…. Well, loosing your loved ones in front of your eyes is d worst punishment I feel nd laksh had felt that pain…..I will do anything it takes to make him happy becoz I love him…..anyways gud night diary don’t worry tomorrow my sissy is coming back nd from tomorrow she’ll only write on u …. Hope I didn’t bore u OK gud ni8 diary bye bye……

Sanskaar finishes reading this …..
Sanskaar : oh !! Soo thats d reason he always wanted me to stay away from daadi…. But how could she do this to bua ??? Well, because of swara I came to know her true colours nfbroke all relations with her 1 month back…..
To be continued…….
Guys , plzz do suggest me ideas to unite swasan nd how was today’s part plzz do comment nd encourage me silent readers plzz comment……

Swaragini : Love iz all about TRUST (Part 18)


Swaragini : Love iz all about TRUST (Part 18)


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