The journey together (epi-38)

Hiii… everyone a very warm good morning….I’m here again your Sharon shrivatsav…. I was really overwhelmed with your comments…. And hope you all like my ff and plzz… comment and tell me whether it is good or bad anything………and I’m really sorry for not replying to your comments….it was a family emergency and leave it….so enjoy reading guys…. Here episode 37:
Recap: Lakshya getting concise…..
I want to tell you all something and I have told about each and everyone in the reply section plzz….read that I will feel happy and I have written what I really from the bottom of my heart what I feel for you so….plzz…read it…

All the family members were happily crying that Lakshya is back after such a long time….. (Actually till the story Lakshya was remembering everything when he was in coma…..)
Raj hurried to call the doctor….The doctor comes and checks Lakshya while he tries repeatedly to speak but couldn’t at last he made up some courage and removed his oxygen provider he with so much difficulty asked Ragini…….

For which any of the family members had no answer. He tried asking again but was stopped by Swara she told “Take rest Laksh! We will tell everything…” hearing which Lakshya had a heart attack what had happened that nobody is telling me anything, did something……no…no…no how can it happen when I am alive our hearts are interconnected if something had happened to her then, I would have also……so nothing happened to her but, where is she, even she was hurt maybe she is also admitted like me and taking rest……….he was thinking and soon he was dozed off due to the medicine effect…..
Lakshya had slept for enough time now… he got up….he could see Ragini doing something near the cupboard (Yes, guys Lakshya was treated all the while in home itself…). Then she turns around and sees Lakshya awake and says she knows she came late. He says yes, I was waiting. She keeps her hand on his mouth and says sorry, I love you. He says you know I get restless when I don’t see your face and what about that truck incident even you were hurt, nothing happened to you right…..? are you all right……..why are you taking stress……she asks him to hug her well as they met after a long time. They hug. Moh moh ke dage plays…………

Lakshya says he is very happy that all the problems ended, and it’s just happiness now but, why are you walking here and there take rest Na…. She says yes, take rest, I will just come…..Lakshya says but you also need rest Ragini……and sees she disappeared and realises it was just his imagination…………
Here outside Sumi tells Raj that Lakshya got conscious and all are happy, what about our Ragini, don’t know how she is. Raj says you are the root of this house, be strong, don’t cry, else everything will break down. She says I’m broken; I can’t act to be strong now! What was Ragini’s mistake, why did god do this with her…..? AP listens to all this and comes and gives Sumi a bone crushing hug………

Sanskar asks Avni not to worry as everything will be fine. Avni says I can’t see him like this, till when will we hide. Sanskar asks the same to doctor. The doctor asks him to have patience, and show truth slowly, so that his mind and body accepts it. Raj comes there and says we can’t keep him in room always, he can go out and ask anyone and they can tell him. The doctor says we shall have to keep Ragini alive in his memories and also his life. Swara says what might happen if he knows the truth. The doctor says we will not be able to save him if he gets into a shock hearing that……..then even he might not be saved.

SwaNi cries hearing that and Sanskar comes to Laksh’s room…..Lakshya asks where is Ragini….is she fine, what happened? Why she did not come to meet me……
Lakshya starts shouting and asks where Ragini is…..? He removes all the syringes from his hand and runs to the hall and calls out Ragini…..Ragini…….Ragini…… and comes on his knees and break down……Sanskar comes behind him and says come to room we will talk…….Lakshya says is he mad…? And says where is my ladoo……..Lakshya asks him to say. He asks Raj to tell him where is Ragini…….
Lakshya says I’m asking for the last time, god damn it! Tell me what happened to Ragini, don’t lie to me, I can’t bear it. Sanskar says I will say. He says you both don’t know what happened but we found you in the mid of the Highway with a pool of blood and took you to hospital……Lakshya says not about me…..where is Ragini….? Raj says we did not……Lakshya interrupts and says what………..? And cries seeing Ragini’s pic. He says I was with you and still could not save you, I hate myself. Lakshya says but she was……..he gets thinking……
Raj says after that incident she is missing…….Lakshya says what does he mean, I want to meet her, where is she, I want to talk to her. He says he was in coma, not others why did they not search for her……….we both were hit by the truck in the Highway……what might have happened to her? Why did not you search for her…?
Everyone gets hell shocked to hear she was also a part of that accident but nobody found her…..Swara says Lakshya……what? And what had happened there tell properly? In a stammering way……..Lakshya tells them everything to them crying…….

Avni says we searched the whole jungle for her…….Lakshya shouts….if they found by heart, they would have got her, they all are living well at home, and saying they did not get Ragini……it’s being 3 months i.e. 90 days and shouts on everyone. Sanskar says we still are finding her, you won’t get her. Lakshya shouts how you can know I won’t get her, now I will find her. He says you all tried and now I will try.

Lakshya says he doesn’t have any expectations from them and now he will find Ragini……Lakshya goes and Sanskar rushes to room. Swara asks AP and Sumi to rest while they keep crying for Ragini……..AvRaj calls doctor and tells him what happened. Doctor says well now he knows the truth and he has to fight with that himself. Swara cries and thinks she cannot do anything. Sanskar goes to his room Swara comes to him. Sanskar tells her how many missing ads he gave and he has been visiting police station since 3 months, Lakshya feels I didn’t try to find her by heart so she is not here, you know I loved cutie so much, we are here all happy because of her…….why will I move back in finding her…..Swara hugs him tightly while crying and says Lakshya is going through a trauma and we all have to support him come out of it……
Swara asks him to understand Laksh’s state. Sanskar says Lakshya didn’t believe what I did, so I have to show him, to show how much I love him and cutie. Swara pacifies him and they cry. Lakshya is seen walking on road and says he will not lose, he will find her from any corner of the world, and you will be with me in few days I can’t afford to lose you, you know you are my life and I’m your life………

Lakshya walks on the road and gets sad. Lakshya looks for Ragini on the roads and says where are you Ragini……Lakshya recalls Ragini and shouts Ragini closing his eyes he sees Ragini talking to him and saying you have become so weak now go and eat something…..Lakshya says if I go then you will also go and will not come back to me….Ragini says open your eyes Laksh! He says you will disappear if I open my eyes and I will not let that happen…..Ragini says no I will stay here now open your eyes……he opens his eyes and finds her gone he shouts Ragini……..and sits on road sad………
Precap: Lakshya moves on in his life forgetting Ragini……and a new entry…..
Hey!!!!!!! Guys I know it was an emotional ride but what to do…..and I will have new characters introduced from now on and there is going to be one more twist in the upcoming episodes……and if you are guessing it to be Ragini’s entry after forgetting Laksh then let me tell you are wrong!!!!!! It is something else…..
And guys in the last episode few of you told I’m dragging it, it is very much boring now and I have to wrap off by marrying RagLak……do comment do you all think so…..leaving those few i want others to comment about that…..plzz….guys do tell me without hesitation…..this time I will really wrap off if the majority wins….so do comment guys…
Here is the reply for the comments the other day…..
Rakhi: Thanks Rakhi and let me decide whether it is going to be my last episode or what then I will tell whether I will/can make it long or not….LUV U……
Rafee: Thanks dear…..and I will reveal about everything in the next episode as I think it is going to be my last episode….you have been a wonderful companion from day one dear thank you for everything…..LUV U….
Turaifa shafenaz: Thanks yaar! And I will reveal it as it is going to be my last episode…..LUV U…..
Ammu: thanks dear…..and as I told I will reveal everything in one episode and finish it off….you have been the reader from first and supported me thank you dear….LUV U…….
Sindhu rm: Sindhu diii….i hope you are not angry on me plzz…forgive me if I have done anything wrong in the last episode (KKB sequence….) and thank you for all the support you have provided…..LUV U…..

Heena: Thank you dear for all the support and love and I will reveal everything as it is going to be my last episode after this one…
Swati: Thanks to you also dear even you have been a great companion all this ff and next episode will be a little late as it is going to the last and longer one….
Kruti: it’s ok dear I will not mind but don’t forget to comment today….and thanks to you too for all the support….
Ruhani and Ani: Ahhhh!!!! At last I came to you both I’m replying in duo because you both have supported in the same way all this journey and I consider you both Twin sisters LOL….i will miss you very badly dear after I wrap off this ff…..and a bone crushing hug for all the strength and support you both have given me…you both have been with me in all the episodes from day one….
Dhara: thank you dear….i will miss you too….and I promise next episode will reveal everything as it is going to be my last episode….
Dafsi: hello! Buddy I’m going to miss you too….and a warm hug for you for being with me….
Vanitha, Swaragini, and XYZ: I didn’t feel bad guys but felt happy that you let out your heart and spoke to me directly….BUT THERE IS A PROBLEM and I will tell it in the last episode….
Nita: oh!!! Nita you have been a superb duper age mate to me here… remember or not but we both study in the same class but different place that it….and you were truly a big friend for me….
Zzzzz (Charming): hello! Charming thanks to you too for all the support dear….
Kriya: Thank you dear….sorry but I shall have to end this ff on public demand….
Meesha: hi! Buddy I know you started reading this in the middle but you always appreciated me and supported me….thanks you dear…
Naimi: yaar! Even you have been a great companion to me throughout the episodes and thanks to you too for all the support and encouragement…..
Janebetty: Thank you dear will really miss you as when you were having exams I was updating and u were not able to cmnt but now you r able to cmnt but I’m not continuing and wrapping off….and sure dear I will take care of my health….

Gifta: Sorry Gifta…but I shall have to marry them soon and end this ff of as I don’t want anyone to feel bored and dragged…..sorry again and thank a lot for the support dear….
Meghs (Megha): I came to know you know Kannada….if so let me reply in kannada dear…..hegidiya megha….exams ella chennagi madidiya andukolluthini…..and thanks for all the support from first dear and see the situation…..nanu update madthidde matte ninige cmnt madoke aagthirlilla adre eega ninge cmnt madak aagutte adre nanige post madak aagalla….
Ayushi: I know you wanted me to continue this ff but I have to listen to readers also dear so post this episode soon…okay? And tons of love and hug for being my BFF and supporting me to write this ff….

So….Thanks to all of you guys and a bone crushing hug to all of you for all the love, care, strength, support and what not….you all have been there with me in this journey….and sorry guys I cannot continue this ff after so many constant reminders that it is boring and dragging… cmnt and I will update the last episode soon……

By your Sharon……
PS. Guy’s this is Ayushi….you all may know me by now….and I’m posting this ff as Sharon is busy in some family problem but…don’t worry I have not typed this and this is typed by her she had mailed me and I have just posted it using her email id….Thank you…

The journey together (epi-38)


The journey together (epi-38)


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