Beintehaa mohabbat ki shuravat (episode 4)

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Suhani:yey (hifi)somu we can go for
Karan smiles seeing suhani smiling .but suddently becomes sad
Teacher goes from the class …suhani and sowmu r very happy .suhani comes to karan seeing him not happy
Suhani :karan why rnt u happy we r going for a trip and u so sad why yaar karan
Karan: ammu do u think that my uncle will leave me no never …
Ammu:karan just ask him na maybe he will leave
K:never if my pa and ma would be der all this kind of things wouldnt have happened ammu u know right that he keeps me alive only to get my asset can u even think that he will waste his money on me(karan starts to cry)
Suhani:yaar dont cry na ..i m not goin anywhere by d way delhi is nt so intresting
Karan:chupp kar dont sacrifice this tour for me i know that u wish to go der u were so happy yaar
S:karan how can i leave u alone and go
K:oh really mere maa i m not a kg child .ur going and thats it
S:teek hai i will go but i will miss u yaar
K:no prob miss me by d way take lotssss of photographs ok?
S:ya i will take photos of mine in delhi
K:urs wht will i do seeing ur pics take photos of beautifull girls in delhi
S:chi get lost idiot
Karan(laughing):just joking yaar
Suhani smiles .karan holds suhani and they go to their classes

At yuvis school
Sharad running and coming guru….save me and he runs to yuvis class
Yuvi:wht happened sharad??
Sha:guru dat shambu and gang is coming to hit me save me guru…..
Shambu:oye kidhe sharad come out u darpok
Yuvi:shambu why r u running back of sharad??
Shambu:so ur r his guru hahaha phattu
Yuvi gives a punch on shambus face and tells dont call me a phattu did u understand (angrily)
Shambu and his gang ran away becoming scared
Sha:wow guru super wht a punch
Yuvi:sharad dont call me yuvi and by d way why was that bheem followin u
FB scene shows
Sharad :wow natasha(shambus gf) ur very beautifull..
Natasha:oh really shambu
Shambu comes

Shambu:how dare u comment to my gf now u will see wht i will do with u .
Sharad :dont do me anything i will tell it my guru
Sharad runs from der to yuvis class fb ends
Yuvi:laughing if u go and comment like di to anyone gf then you will get nicely from them
Ab ja go to ur class .sharad leaves

At suhanis place
Suh and sowmu r walking to home
Suhani remebers the words of karan
Somu:ammu ammu (and hits suhani)
Su: ya wht happened
Somu :wht happened to u
Suhani: nothing yaar was just thinking about karan
Somu:wht happened to karan
Ammu:nothing .about his life he hates his life
Somu: yes but wht can we do. just support him thats it
Ammu: ur right
At yuvis house yuvi comes to house sees someone and the screen freezes

Suhanis bday party

Beintehaa mohabbat ki shuravat (episode 4)


Beintehaa mohabbat ki shuravat (episode 4)


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