Manmarziyan…A Saga (Chapter 5)

Manmarziyan…a saga
Chapter 5
At Radhika’s house in delhi …
Neil and Radhika are all set to go to Mumbai, it is very difficult for Dilip and Mala to let both their children fly away at the same time…but destiny does not listen to anyone…now after two days they both are all set to fly to Mumbai and start their new career in a new city…

At Arjun’s house in Mumbai…
Arjun is getting ready to go to delhi to perform a surgery there he will be back in two days…there is no one in his home to bid him goodbye , everyone is totally immersed in their own work…

After two long days…at Delhi airport.
Mala and dilip had come to send both their children to Mumbai even though Mumbai was in india they both now felt as if it was very far away …the love they had was making Mumbai seem to them as the most faraway place from delhi.
“Take care you both…don’t get too immersed with your work always keep each other informed about where you are and don’t forget to have your meals on time..” Mala gave some last minute advice to Neil and Radhika
“Mom we are not small kids anmore we will take care of ourselves you and papa take care…” a very emotional radhika assured her mother.
“Neil take care of yourself and Radhika” Dilip advised neil.
And then as it was getting late both neil and radhika say a final goodbye to their parents and go inside the airport.

Their flight journey is very smooth and after 2 hours they land in Mumbai…Radhika gets very excited to be in a new city…Neil goes to arrange a cab and allots the job of collecting luggage to her…
She is very alert and keeps taking all their luggage out of the conveyer belt one by one…
She takes a grey coloured bag out when some one else also tries to take that bag out…she gets shocked and turns and sees someone taking on the cellphone and pulling the bag away at the same time…

“Hey mister, why are you taking away my bag.”
“your bag, no way that bag is mine and I have every right to claim it.”
“your bag? No its mine…give it to me” she tries to snatch away that bag from him but he is not ready to leave it.
“ Who are you and why do you want my bag that bag is mine”
“what? That bag is yours ? …no way and anyway whoever I am that makes no difference to the problem.”
“well if you are so stubborn lets open the bag and check.”
Arjun tells Radhika, and she agrees and then they open the bag that bag belongs to Radhika.
“See I told you right that the bag belongs to me , and you only wasted my precious time …I want an apology”
“What? Apology…no way it was not my mistake both our bags look so identical and Dr. Arjun Khanna never apologises to anyone , do you understand?” he replies in a very arrogant tone and takes his bag which comes there now and starts walking away…

Manmarziyan…A Saga (Chapter 5)


Manmarziyan…A Saga (Chapter 5)


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