SWASAN- Acceptance (1)

SWASAN- Acceptance (1)

Hello everyone. Sree harini( Divya) here. I am back to torture you all but I am helpless in this. Actually SANSKAR’S death in saba’s fiction had a huge impact on me and it took a week for me to get over and even ruined one exam. of course she had changed the ending but I was stuck to the tragic end as it was apt. After that, I didn’t even get into this site( reason- unknown) . well in that situation, this idea popped in my mind. I still have two exams on my way but my hands itched and I end up in uploading this. I am not sure about the journey but I must say that this will be last ff excluding raglak ( epi [email protected] Apr).
“Do something today that your future self will thankyou for”
An old man who perfectly believes this is rested in his chair facing few men who sat beside him. A proud smile appeared on his face as he glanced at his obedient workers. The place where he is sitting is the result of his hard work, commitment. He worked day and night to bring it in the list of top 10 industries of business in India and in the battle, he lost many things but that didn’t effect that brave solider.. No King! His dark brown eyes grew more darker after unlocking his mobile to check the time. He had asked his sons to be on time for the meeting but as always they didn’t. Adrenaline shoot up in his body when a man in fourties made his way to the centre of the board room. Clearly his throat, the man started speaking while the old man started playing with his fingers in tension, the tension that this deal may get ruined by his sons.

Mean while, a lavish car stopped infront of a thirty storey building. As soon as the driver opened the door of back seat, a young man in mid twenties stepped out. He turned his head towards the building and smiled seeing ‘ MAHESWARI AND CO’ Engraved on it.

” well, our company is very glad to make a deal with one of the leading companies in India and it will be a pleasure for me to be a partner of Mr. Durga Prasad maheswari, owner of maheswari industries where we are now. As a part of this deal, firstly we will invest some shares in this company and…” The man continued his speech but durga Prasad tension grew minute by minute.

The young man adjusted his navy blue coat and then buttoned it at his wrist. He entered the building after receiving a good morning wish from the watch man. His eyes were brown same as his father but not that dark. A smirk decorated his face seeing everyone standing and greeting him.

As soon as the person finished his speech,Durga Prasad walked to the centre of the room with a cold gaze. He is a man who very well know to control and mask his feelings which he had learnt from experiences. Hence it wasn’t that difficult for him to hide his tension . clearing his throat, durga prasad stared his board members and smiled towards his going to be partner in that particular business.
” our company feels honored to tie up with Mr. James for this particular project. I personally heard about his qualifications and it is quite a surprise for me to know that he has achieved many things in a short time and I must admit that his work is quite impressing.” James felt sarcasm in durga prasad’s voice but he brushed it off and payed attention.
“But I feel bad that I am not indulging into the contract as my son is handling this.”
Everyone present in the room gasped as they knew how cold hearted and arrogant his son is when it comes to the matter of business while James frowned. He was about to say something but durga Prasad silenced him by raising his hand.
” I know that it is a bit shocking to you all but I am sure that he is capable of handling this” durga Prasad’s voice filled with pride.

The young man who entered the office turned towards a girl who slipped her files seeing him. He collected them and winked while handing them to her. She turned to the color of tomato. He ran his hand through his hair and stepped forward as if he already knew the effect he had on girls.

” who is he?” James asked annoyed. Durga Prasad smriked before speaking.
” sanskar maheswari “. He then observed colors changing in James face and his eyes narrowed.

The attender just outside the board room, opened the door before saluting the young man. he gave a small nod and entered the room. As soon as he entered, everyone turned towards him and few men eyed him with jealousy as he was absolutely breath taking and will be adored by any girl. Durga Prasad’s eyes lightened up and his lips curved seeing the person for whom he was waiting but soon he frowned.
Durga Prasad walked over the person and wishpered “where is your brother?”
“on the way dad!” Saying so, the young man reached the centre of the room.
” nice to meet you sanskar maheswari ” James forwarded his hand but received a smile filled with pity in return.
” sorry to upset you James but I am Lakshya MAHESWARI, assistant of the person whom you thought to be.”
James stepped back while laksh cleared his throat.
” as my father said, sanskar maheswari is going to deal the project and it may take few weeks to bring the program on wheels”.
” but why so late?” James asked annoyed. Receiving few surprised looks, he continued, “I mean, it will be better for both the companies if we make it as soon as possible like within this week”
He said the last words more to himself.

” so that you can steal the papers?” a deep yet calm voice spoke from the entrance of the room. Everyone turned to the source and laksh smriked. Another young man who is in mid twenties dressed in a charcoal black suit smiled at all others. He slowly started walking towards James with lots of attitude in his gestures. His eyes are blood shot red which made everyone flinch. As he forwarded every step towards James, the tension grew in the room but most of them are confused over the situation.
The man came infront of James and rotated the chair infront of him. James gulped visibly.
” San..sankar maheswari?” James fumbled.
” wow..” He said while sitting in the chair infront of James. This gesture made almost everyone in the room stand.
” so accurate ” sanskar mocked and crossed his legs. He observed durga Prasad’s shock and then smiling face from the corner of his eye.
” nice to meet you Mr.” James was cut by sanskar
” I think I asked you a question?”
James started rubbing his temples. Sanskar forwarded his hand kerchief.
” you have planned it well James but I am so sorry to spoil it before its execution.” sanskar’s spoke confidently yet sarcastically.
” I am unable to understand what you are talking about?” James sounded low but tried to act confident.
Sanskar raised his eyebrow and moved his hands to his coat pocket to take his mobile out.
” I think you will get cleared after listening this” sanskar said while turning on a recording.
” I am dealing with maheswaris only to get their secretes Ashton. Once I become the partner of them it will be easy for me to enter their security room and I can easily manipulate the company papers” James gulped hard after listening it.
” how..how did you get to know?” James asked without looking up.
Sanskar raised his eyebrow for the words of James.
” none of your concern” he sighed and continued. ” I think it will sound more clear when played infront of cops or in police station. You know, they have better sound systems” James stared into sanskar’s eyes.
Sanskar rolled his eyes and placed his left hand on the table beside him and started rolling the paper weight.
Silenced engulfed the room but durga Prasad and laksh were smiling sarcastically at James.
” I have an option for you” sanskar said calmly still playing.
” what is that?” James asked his head down.
Sanskar smiled victouriosly and stretched his hand. Laksh gave few papers to him.
” sign these” sanskar said while forwarding the papers and pen to James. James eyes widened as he started reading them. He looked up into sanskar with eyes filled with pain but sanskar remained emotion less.
” this is not fair” James finally said after few minutes of silence.
Tension grew in the faces of members present in the room.
” come on, marking one of your branches on our name is not unfair my dear James”
After battling himself, James finally signed them. Sanskar raised on his feet and shoved his hands in pocket.
” so Mr. James” he said pointing towards the door” it’s time for you”.
James left the room while laksh smiled.
” I am proud of you” durga Prasad patted sanskar’s back.
Entire staff praised him for saving the company.
” even I have hand in this so congratulate me” laksh said with a fake angry tone.
Sanskar turned to him. ” we all will never dare to ignore you laksh” sanskar said hugging him.
” I know bhai” laksh replied while durga Prasad smiled seeing them.
“So this is the reason for you being late” durga Prasad asked to laksh.
” yes papa. Actually bhai waited for the recording” laksh said casually.
” I am sorry papa for not being on time and also for not mentioning you” sanskar said apologically.
Durga Prasad smiled himself for the tension, for thinking that sanskar may ruin the project being late but he saved his company, the company for which he had lost many things in his life.

” I will be out of the country for two months” durga Prasad said when they three were left in the room.
” when will you start papa?” Laksh asked.
” in three hours” durga Prasad replied and left the room.
Laksh jumped in joy and hugged sanskar.
” freedom bhai! Two months of freedom” laksh spoke joyfully.
” you are unbelievable laksh ” sanskar said annoyed.
Soon they both reached a bar and laksh drank till brim.
” bhai! Freedom..freedom” laksh fumbled and tried to walk. Sanskar held laksh as he was quiet stable as he didn’t drink.
” we need to go home lucky” sanskar said to laksh carrying him to the car.
” no bhai..we will go to farm house”
” what the hell” sanskar said annoyed by laksh’s behaviour.
” please bhai..please “. Sanskar was unable to deny after looking at laksh and so he accepted.
Sanskar started driving towards the farm house which was far away from the city.
” I am really happy bhai” laksh shouted.
” I know” sanskar said sarcastically.
” dad is out of the country and James is out of our company”
Sanskar smiled and focussed on driving.
” bhai..why don’t you get married this year?” Laksh said while playing with radio in the car.
” what made you ask that question” sanskar asked while taking laksh’s hands off the radio.
Laksh pouted and lowered the window. It was almost midnight and being winter, fog started screening the view. Laksh inhaled deeply.
” this weather made me to think of a company, I mean a girl friend bhai”
Sanskar smiled at laksh’s words but ignored him because he was drunk. He kept his eyes on road as it started becoming difficult for him to drive.
Not getting any answer, laksh turned to sanskar and started playing with his beard.
” ouch” sanskar shouted when laksh pulled out a hair.
” you are not looking handsome bhai..I think you went through a breakup”
” what!” Sanskar asked chuckling.
” yes bhai. I heard that..” Laksh stopped and glanced sanskar who was driving with concentration. Completely annoyed by ignorance of his brother, laksh pulled sanskar’s hand.
” lucky” he warned.
Bhai!” Laksh shouted looking straight towards the road.
Confused, sanskar followed laksh’s gaze and saw a lady infront of their car but was unable to see her face due to fog.
Sanskar horned but the lady didn’t move. He applied sudden breaks when he heard a scream and laksh almost hurt his forehead as he was not in seat belt. The surroundings became silent and only their breathing echoed.
Sanskar opened his eyes. He gripped his hands tightly on the steering and he turned pale due to tension. Laksh stepped out of the car by holding his head. His hangover flew the minute he saw a lady in a pool of blood infront of the car. Sanskar fastened his seat belt and came out of the car. He started sweating badly. The cool weather didn’t affect any of the brothers.
” what did you do bhai?” Laksh said after a few minutes of silence with a warning , tensed and shocking tone.
Sanskar just stared into laksh’s eyes with tension. He was too scared to react.
Laksh bent down and placed his fingers near her nostrils to check her breath. Sanskar’s breath caught up in the throat when laksh look up after checking her pulse with emotionless face.

We are end of the episode 1. I will try to upload regularly but I can’t be sure about it. But you all will get regular updates after 1st April and yeah everything is fine with me and my family now.

SWASAN- Acceptance (1)


SWASAN- Acceptance (1)

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