Manmarziyan….. Second Chance Life 7

Manmarziyan….. Second Chance Life 7

Second chance life….
Episode 7: the plan

Arjun was sure that they could trust sam. But convincing neil the same will be difficult. So he had send radhika to talk to neil. He knew if anyone could convince neil it will be radhika. Their bond was so strong and intense that sometimes arjun can feel it. Like a rope looping over the two tying them together invisibly. His thoughts again strayed to radhika and their evening together. Slow dancing with her was heaven and hell rolled into one. Her soft hand clutching his trustingly. Her soft body swaying with his. That was all the heaven part. But the hell part was that even though he desired her, liked her, he could do nothing about it. Unless the feeling was mutual. But he was not sure about that. And he needed to stay focused. It was undeniable that radhika was a distraction. A gorgeous distraction still a distraction. So he was going to keep himself in check. Atleast until this attacker was caught.


Radhika could feel the waves of hurt and betrayal bleeding from neil. He was standing before her looking out into the dark night through the window. She felt helpless. She have never seen her brother like this. Even when she regained consciousness after the accident, he hid his pain of loss well. He became her reason yo go forward. He gave her shoulder to rest her sometimes too heavy head. He became her support. Her personal sun rising just to give her light. She knew all through those that he was hurting. But he has never been so obvious before. She placed her hand on his shoulder and he turned. The look on his face pained her. He had tears glistening in his eyes. His jaw was clenched in an effort to keep his emotion controlled and he was gulping heavily. She knew he was about to lose the battle and made him sit down on the couch, she herself taking a seat beside him. The thread holding his pain broke and he began to silently cry placing his head on her lap. His curled position was so vulnerably heartwrenching that she herself lost some tears. She made an effort to become his support and threaded her hand through his hair patting him soothingly.

Neil: i don’t know radhika. I don’t know if i can forgive and trust her again. It just hurts so much.

Radhika: i know neil. But do you remember what you told me after the accident?

Neil looked at her quizzically through tear filled eyes.

Radhika: sometimes life gives a second chance. Life has given you that and you should grab it with both hands. This is your second chance life. Live it fully to show you deserve it.

Radhika smiled before continuing.

Radhika: these were your exact words to me. Now give sam that same courtesy life gave me. Give her a second chance. A second chance for redemption. For making the wrong once done right. She repends her decisions neil…. i can see it in her eyes. I can also see honesty. Give her this one chance neil. If not for anything else, for me. It will make me happy.

Neil nodded and they remained in the position for sometime. A sister soothing a brother’s pain.

Unknown to them both someone was standing by the door witnessing this private moment.

Sam turned away and wanted to just curl up and cry her heart out. Seeing neil hurt was beyond painful. Knowing it was she who cause the pain was almost unbearable. But she couldn’t crumble. Like radhika said this was her chance for redemption. She will complete this successfully. Then if neil still wanted her to go away, she will. Without any complaints.


Thus a plan was formed. Sam will remain at khanna residence and look deep into her father’s unholy deeds. She will report everything to the other three. She will also try to collect any evidence she could get along side. That way they could prove vivek khanna’s illegal handlings. Arjun was still not sure that the attack on radhika was arranged by vivek so he will look into every other possibilities while staying back to protect radhika.


He paced back and forth between the dark room. Yesterday was a chance of a lifetime. And he was close. Soo close. He should have just hit her with something before she screamed. Or covered her mouth. But he got distracted. Like last time. Radhika mishra was just too beautiful. If he hadn’t wasted time watching her sleep then he must have completed the job without a hitch. But she screamed and her brother came running. He had no choice but to escape. Now she had two guard dogs. It will be difficult now. His rage mounted to a exploding fire. He went blind with anger and took the flower vase and smashed it into the mirror. The violent sound of glass hitting glass and bursting gave him a rush and he continued to trash the room. Now he stood in the middle of a completely distroyed warzone with blood tripping down his left hand. He smiled at the debris his rage created. The task had became more challenging. But the thrill of the challenge will make him more determined. The two protectors of radhika mishra could try to stop him but the victory will be his at the end. He had a timeline. Before she regained her memory enough to be a threat to him.

He walked to the other room which had many tv mounted on the wall. He just pressed a button and every thing came into view. The camera he managed to place in radhika’s room showed him her sleeping form. He had one other camera installed at mishra mansion and that showed the front view of the house. He sae a car leaving the house with what looked like a woman insife but he couldn’t see who it was. It put him on edge. He didn’t liked being blindsided. That better had been a casual visiter, no one of importance. Or else……..

Next episode: a new bond forming.

Manmarziyan….. Second Chance Life 7


Manmarziyan….. Second Chance Life 7

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