Tamanna 27th March 2016 –

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The Episode starts with Dhara telling Mihir that she knows her limits. Diwakar tells Varun to tell his friends that his mum and dad do not stay together, but they come together whenever its my matter. He apologizes to Varun for not talking to him before. Mihir asks Varun not to train Varun. Varun asks Diwakar to celebrate. Diwakar is glad seeing him smiling and hugs him. Dhara tells Mihir that when he called, she felt good that he is caring for the boy, increment was more imp to him. Mihir says we will come on roads if I think like you, and about Varun, I will tell you what to do and when, don’t act oversmart.

Dhara gets Diwakar’s call. Varun talks to her and requests her to coach him in cricket. She looks at Mihir and asks Varun to be ready tomorrow at 5pm, best of luck to both of us. Varun gets glad and tells Diwakar that Dhara agreed. Diwakar says great, we will have something good now, I m making something nice. He cooks.

Next day, Dhara gets Varun to play with the society kids. Varun asks will they play with us. She says yes. Diwakar looks on. Varun says I get tension seeing others, I fainted on ground. She says confidence is in mind, you concentrate and play. She pacifies him well. Diwakar smiles.

She asks Varun to focus and not worry. Varun goes for batting. Dhara asks him to remember what Diwakar told him yesterday. Varun does not play well. She asks him to focus on ball. Varun starts hitting high and gets confidence. Diwakar laughs and asks Varun to hit, I m standing here. Varun says he is my dad. The boy says your dad is so bad to support you, your mum would be scolding you. Varun says no, my mum and dad got divorced and stay separately, my mum does not scold me, she stays in other city. He tells casually and accepts it. Diwakar smiles hearing Varun and thanks Dhara.

Dhara says I should thank you, you got me close to this game again. He says ground is ground, thanks. He holds her hand while shaking and says I m glad to see my son playing like this, I did not have hope. Mihir comes there and looks at them, holding hands. Mihir greets Diwakar and asks them to be here, he will go upstairs. Dhara says I will come. Diwakar says its all set here, we will go upstairs.

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Tamanna 27th March 2016 –


Tamanna 27th March 2016 –


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