swaragini DREAMS (episode 8 )

Hi guys. .. I’m back with episode 8 and yeah I request readers who ever read epi 7 so comment in last part only which is 4 part because I know all the parts were very small to comment so ….. Yeah plz comment in last part ……….. Let’s begin with epi 8 …

In Kolkata
@ GM
Swaragibi serve everyone lemonade and after a while everyone gather on dining table for breakfast …… Sumi : shekhar we have lots of works to do ….swara : now what work mom?!! ….. Sumi: swara today is the day when ur Dada & dadi left this world ( sry guys I don’t know what it is called ) ….swara bites her tongue slightly as to how she forgot that …..swara : sry mom …..ragz: we’ll help u in work … Sumi smiles : OK….ash : oh madam what will wexdo here we will also help u guys … Swaea : OK OK let’s divide the work … Ragz : yeah… Swara:OK , sunny u will get that orange flowers from market ….and abhi u will go to pandit ji house to pick him ….and ash of course u will make prasad ( ash is a fabulous cook too but at very less time she agrees to cook ) ….and ragini and me will go to store room to get white bed sheets and Dada dadi special pose photo …common let’s start ….everyone r at their work ,swaragini are in store room …swara : how dusty it is ( coughing)…ragz: yeah and dark too ,why their is no bulb here yaar ?!(frustrated) …swara is looking for photos …swara : here I got the photo …as she was taking the photo she saw another photo of a lady ,she took the photo …swara to herself : who is this ?!!…ragz: finally I got the bed sheets let’s go …she looks at swara staring at a photo she goes beside her and sees the photo… Ragz : who is this ?? … Swara :/ I don’t know let’s take it outside at least we can see it clearly in light … Swaragini went outside the store room they went to hall and did all the arrangement and they took the photo to shekhar ….. Swara: dad who is this?? .. Shekhar is shocked to see the photo….shekhar: where did u get it ? .. Ragz : from store room…. Swara : dad say na who is this ?!!…. Shekhar: umm..ah ..actually. .she is friend of ur dadi …swara : really?! But all of u r friends from ur parents time only then how come we don’t know about her. …..all the elders comes there and r shocked they all r trying to make excuses but of no use ….. Shekhar gets an idea ..shekhar: actually ur dadi and she had fight so she left from here …Swara : oh …ash:common I made prasad …she keeps the big bowl of prasad on the table when Mr sharma was about to taste it thinking ash is not looking at him …but ash looks at him from the corner of the eye and taps the spoon on his hand ….Mr sharma makes a puppy face ..ash : dad !! U and sunny are always like this ,no one is going to taste prasad till the pooja is done ( angrily) ….Mr sharma : ok. …Sunny and abhi comes back all the things have been arranged …after a while pooja is finished and sunny and Mr sharma digs into the prasad bowl ..everyone laughs … .thunderz went to temple to give money , food , clothes to poor people and also toys to small poor children ( they do it every year ) ….after an hour they go back home …swara is in her room with all the thundrz ,she is checking her fashion design site which is of all thundrz named perFashionista, she sees an order she reads out loud ‘ guys there is a marriage order whole mahendi,haldi,engagement and marriage all these we have to design for both Bride and groom and it’s in Kolkata by MAHESHVARIS ‘ ….ash : yaar ryt now I’m tired ….sunny: yeah .. .swara: it begins from tomorrow guys common we need to do this aftr so many days we r free plzz ( pout and puppy eyes , that look especially from swara …no one can refuse ; )… ash:u know very well we can’t refuse that look ..ragz: fineee!! ….abhi : OK let’s begin with packing… Swara : I’ll inform everyone. …swara went and informed everyone shekhar says that it is from his friend do only and says swara that not to put any charges on the work and cooking section and decoration section will be handled by ash as she is perfect for it but everyone also know that ash is stubborn but Mr sharma says that he will convince ash as do is his friend too they all are sorted and sumi informs them that marriage date has been cancelled and it’s after 15 days so they have time to prepare shekhar informs swara that they all r busy with some work so they children has to fill their emptiness but they will come on marriage ,swara agrees and leaves from there as tomorrow is a big day for her and rest of them too ….later Mr sharma convince ash and she agreed ,everyone are happy thundrrz are packing their stuff …sunny booked tickets and they later on plan to go with sanlak …

Next morning
Everyone stayed at GM only …flight timings r 8:00 am thunderz left for airport taking everyone’s blessings ….after a while they r at airport waiting for sanlak ..they also arrive within few minutes and r stunned to see thunderz …swara is wearing colorful sleeveles crop top and a black jacket on it with black short skirt and her hair tied into a puff and high pony and a pair of fashionable shoes …ragz is wearing a full sleeved red crop top and a sleeveless black jacket zipped with a black jeans and of course heels and a puff and hair open …
Ash is wearing baby pink frock hardly reaching her knees with a cream color belt around her waist and a pair of cream color shoes hervhair open …sunny is wearing black tee shirt with a “S” written on it with bold font of white color and black jeans…. Abhi is wearing brown color shirt and cream color pants …. Sanky : r u guys going to come like that??….swara : yeah …lucky : no u can’t, we belong to a respected family an u should wear traditional dress for our reputation… Ragz : oh ,hello Mister ,we also belong to a respected family and we will wear these kinds of dress only for our reputation …lucky was about to say something but sanky signs him not to say as he knows that they r not going to listen .. They a agree and leave

Precap : tour of Kolkata and thunderz fun

So guys I hope u like it a long one

swaragini DREAMS (episode 8 )


swaragini DREAMS (episode 8 )


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