Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 43

Recap: Sanskaar finds Swara.

The doctor comes out holding a baby, and quickly took his baby and he felt the strangest feeling, and it was mixed with fear, and happiness and many things and he looked at his dad who was standing and nodding at him. Sanskaar truly realized the greatest feeling in the world was becoming a dad.

Doctor: Congratulations, you must be the father Mr. Sanskaar Maheswari right?

Sanskaar is too busy with his baby, he doesn’t hear the doctor.

Lak: Bhai.

San: Kya hai.

Doc: Hi, I’m Swara’s doctor.

San: Oh, Hello, How is my wife?

Doc: Viren, Jeevika can we go talk in my office?

San: She’s my wife, you can talk to me about her.

Doc looks at Viren and he nods yes.

Doc: She’s okay, but she needs a lot of rest. Since she was extremely weak, she lost a lot of blood, so she needs to be on bed rest for at least
three days, maybe even a week. I suggest not stressing her out at all, and try not to scare her or startle her, if she makes any sudden movements
it can reopen her stitches, which can lead to blood loss.

San: Okay. Can I go see my wife?

Doc: She’s being moved to a room, you can go wait there and she will be brought there in 5 minutes. But remember, keep her away from stress. I
advise not letting her see anything that stresses her. Saying this the doctor leaves.

A nurse comes and takes the baby from Sanskaar for check-up and everyone go to Swara’s room fast and they see the nurse bringing Swara, she
is still unconscious and all the elders go in first, while Kaveri gets a call and she leaves. The youngsters are left alone outside and everyone is
angrily looking at Shresth, he’s about to enter the room..

Viren: Shresth, don’t you dare go inside!

Shresth: Why should I not go, it’s my mishti’s room.

Viren is about to punch him, but jeevika holds his hand.

San: Was.

Shresth: Excuse me.

San: She was your mishti, but you left her. Now she is MY shona. Understand.

Rag: And Viren is right, don’t go inside.

Shresth: Or what?

Rohan: Or we know how to stop you.

Shresth: Oh really, What are you going to do? Hit me. (he smirks) Please you don’t have the courage to stop me. He starts going towards the
room, when someone punches him right in his face.

Everyone is shocked seeing the person and Shresth gets a small cut on his lip and it starts bleeding. Shresth looks at the person angrily.

Shresth: Ragini, how dare you. (Yes, it is Ragini, the woman who loves her sister more than anything and can do anything to protect her) He
angrily goes to her, when someone else punches him and that someone is Rohan.

Rohan: Don’t you even dare go anywhere near my family, understand. Get out while we are being polite or else, you yourself know how any of our
enemy ends up.

Shresth angrily leaves from there and everyone looks at Ragini.

Lak: Jaan, tum ne boxing kab seki.

Rag: I think after Maira’s bf number 1.

Maira: Liar. It was after your bf no 1.

Rag: I never had a bf.

Bhavika: Accha, what happened to Jacob Michaels from 7th Year.

Rag: Stop making up stories, we were just good friends. She blushes and laksh notices this and he is about to go to her, but she hurriedly goes inside the room and everyone laugh as she leaves.

Just then Sahil and Uttara come with a cake and balloons and this time too Sahil bought both Boy and Girl balloons.

Sahil: JIJ, again boy or is it a girl?

San: Wait, you don’t know, then what kinda a cake did you get.

Uttara: Bhai, we got teal.

San: Okay, well it’s a Girl.

Sahil: Really a niece.

Uttara: Wow, so I can dress her up and I can be the cool bua. Sweet.

Maira: Wait, Uttara, get behind the line. I call dibs on her to teach her about make-up.

Bhavika: No way, Maira, I’m teaching her how to dance.

The three girls start arguing and the boys look at each other and sign crazies looking at the girls.

Jai: CHUP!!! Look princess, is neither going to learn make-up or dance. If you forget, we still have to go see Swara. She’s in the room.

Ragini just then comes out with tears.

Lak goes to her and side hugs her.

Lak: What happen? Why are you crying.

Rag: I don’t think I can see her.

Lak: Why.

Rag: Because I’m mad at her. You guys go inside, I’ll come inside after some time.

Lak: Okay, everyone goes inside, except of ragsan.

Ragini: What happened Jij. why did you not go.

San: Because I feel the same. I don’t think I can go see her and not get angry, but then I know I can’t get angry, because she did it for my
happiness, so I guess I’m waiting for her to call me, so i can blame her kinda.

Rag: How mean Jij, If you dare to mess with my sister, I will kill you.

San: Sorry salli sahab. (He holds his hands and bends in front of her and she starts laughing)

Just then the nurse comes, with the princess.

Sanskaar goes to the nurse and takes her at that time, Sahil comes out and says Swara is awake and she is asking for her baby.

Sanskaar looks at Ragini and she nods Yes and they both go inside, seeing her three favorite people she gets happy, but she notices Ragsan
angry and is sad but she is more sad thinking any minute Kavita will come. (She doesn’t know the truth yet)

San: Ma, Baba, aap log ghar ja ke aaram kijiye.

AP and them leave and it’s only the elites and the ragsanlak and Uttrahil.

Swara: Can I have my baby please.

San: She’s my baby.

Swara: It’s a girl. She looks at Virika and says Jeevi we won. What were you saying Viren, I told you a mother’s instinct can never be wrong.

Virika smile at her and Viren goes and keeps his hand on her head and says always keep smiling like this.

Swara realizes what Sanskaar said after the she part and she looks at him with tears in her eyes and starts saying, Please Sanskaar, don’t take
my baby away from me. I promise I will let you see her and everything, but please don’t take her away from me. She is crying and her BP is slowly
increasing and it starts beeping.

Bhavika: Swara, calm down. Swara look at me sshhh, close your eyes, calm down. She gives swara water and her BP goes back down slowly.

Sanskaar goes to her and gives her the baby and holds her hand. Ragini goes and sits on the other side.

Swara is shocked and with shocked expression looks at Sanskaar holding her hand, she realizes herself and tries to let Sanskaar’s hand go.

Swara: Sanskaar, please leave my hand, otherwise Kavita will misunderstand.

San: (angrily) let her come.

Swa: I don’t want to create misunderstanding between you both, please.

San: It’s not you, it’s her that has caused the misunderstanding.

Swa: Whh, what do you mean?

San: Swara, Kavita is still not awake and even if she was nothing would be different.

Swa: I’m sorry to hear that, don’t worry she will wake up soon, and what do you mean?

San: (frustrated) Swara, You are so frustrating.

Swa: ?(confused), what do you mean?

Everyone is trying not to laugh looking at Swasan, and they controlling themselves somewhat.

San: You stupid, I thought you were smart, but not smart enough to see that I love you and not Kavita. It won’t matter to me, if Kavita came back.
You know why, because i have moved on and I love you. And I always will love you, no rather what happens.

Swa: Really. Then that night uttara’s engagement why did you tell Shresth, you wished Kavita woke up fast to be together with her and that you
also love her.

San: That’s because you are dumb and you never hear the whole entire thing and you make baseless assumptions.

Swa: I thought you were only with me because you had to, so I had to go away.

San: Idiot, if i was with you only because I had to, then I never would have said I Love you to you.

Swa: ??. I’m sorry. I’m very sorry I didn’t know, Please forgive me.

San: Fine, but you also have to forgive me for any mistake I make for the next one whole entire year. Deal!!

Swara: Deal!!!!

They hug and everyone coughs to alert them and they blush. Swara looks at Ragini and is about to hold her hand, but Ragini moves her hand
away and Swara again looks with not her too expression and she looks at everyone and all are angry with her but Virika and Uttarahil.

She looks at everyone and starts,
Guys look, I know you all are mad at me, but understand my situation. I had no other option. Please guys, forgive me.

Maira: You had many options, you could have come to us.

Jai: Or told me, we would have beaten Sanskaar up.

Tapan: Or peacefully resolved it.

Rohan: Yeah Swara, we could have talked about it straight forward face-to-face.

Bhavika: But Nope. Madam had to run away.

Ragini: Guys you forgot, she always did want to run away, wow Swara you fulfilled your dream. (tauntingly)

Swara again starts crying: FINE, then leave nah. IF you don’t want to forgive me then LEAVE. Why don’t any of you understand, I didn’t want to
hurt you guys. I said sorry, and you guys still don’t know half of it, so don’t you dare blame me. And if none of you want to forgive me or see my
face, then I will go away from your lives. UNDERSTAND.She is so hypered, her BP got very high and she was very angry. And at that time the doctor walked in and seeing the situation he gave her an injection through her IV and she quickly falls asleep.

Doctor: Viren, Jeevika, I strictly forbid you guys from letting her take any stress, then why was she yelling and her BP is almost double her normal
BP. She could have opened her stitches or she could have gone into a cardiac arrest or had a stroke, which could have caused a coma. I warned
you not to stress her or to put her in a situation that can cause stress. I’m sending her to get scans and see if she is okay. And please if you don’t
mind, can we have only Viren and Jeevika in her, with the baby.

Everyone gets sad thinking because of them and Ragini looks at virika, but they both just shrug and say it’s not possible, we have to follow the
doctor’s orders.

The nurse comes and takes Swara and even though the doctor asked everyone to leave they were all still in Swara’s room The nurse brought
Swara in after two hours and Swara was awake when she got back and she was looking at Ragini and everyone smilingly like she forgot what
happened. The nurse explained she was given anxiety reliever.

Ragini: Sorry Swara, I shouldn’t have said that much.

Swara: You are absolutely correct you should not have.

Rag: Forgive me (holding her ears).

Swa: Always.

They hug and the elites all ask for forgiven and they all are hugging when the doctor comes in. They all make excuses to leave and he says it’s
okay they can stay with her, there is nothing wrong with her and she’s okay.

Everyone are relieved and the doctor warns Swara for at least three days of bed rest, but a week would also work perfectly. And he also let’s her
discharge in a few more hours. So the elites leave with Laksh and Uttarahil and it’s Ragsan and Virika.

Jeevika: Di, I’ll go home and pack your things and I’ll bring them here, so you don’t have to worry.

Viren: I’ll come help you. Let’s go.

Swara: Guys just don’t forget my stuff in chakar of your romance.

Virika blush and leave.

Swara takes her baby and starts playing with her and the baby starts crying and Swara looks cluelessly and so Sanskaar takes the baby and makes her fall asleep.

Swa: Wow, Sanskaar how did you know that she is sleepy.

San: I read a lot of baby books, I had to get my princess back, so I wanted to be ready whenever I found you.

They both have an eyelock and Ragini coughs and alerts them and says I’ll be back guys, you want something. Both nod no and ragini leaves with princess. Swasan are left alone and Sanskaar goes to her and hugs her and he is about to kiss her, when someone knocks on the door and Swara smiles remembering all the times they were disturbed and he goes to open the door and is shocked to see the person and so is Swara.

Precap: Not decided. And trust me, I’m trying to do my best at updating, but a lot of things were going on and with holi, there was so much to do. I hope you like today’s episode and I promise I will try to upload as soon as I can.

Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 43


Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 43


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