Swasan- Tere ishq mein (episode 11)

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Episode 11

Now I m fondling my Puppy, my first child….. “So Puppy tell me please,where is my Shona and my kids
I sat on a dilapidated Temple at the hill.Now I am slowly patting on his forehead. He stopped his fizzling and is resting on my hands…..”Sabse chupke rehna,aise khumna math… u r an American citizen.They will ask u ur Visa and passport???”….. Suddenly I saw two little devils there.Sorry sorry not devils they are my Manyu and Deepu.Both of them are staring at me with placing there’s bended hands on their wastes…..Staring at me???? like this ??…….”??? you both are here come ,come on sit here”…..I punched on the floor….”Mom told us to do not talk to strangers”……. They are very angry to me.I think their Mom had scolded them for intimating with me……”Hamhari Puppy ko do hamhe???”…… I was just playing with them. I didn’t thought about the twist.I am trying to tease them….” Yeh mera Puppy hai”…
I said…….Suddenly Kanha appeared in front of me and started to hitting his head himself……”??? oh ohhhhh ohhhh u stupid please use ur thinking ability,please ur clay filled brain……I just thought but I didn’t found anything.?? he hitted on my head by his flute.Birds were flied from my ears??????.Now I felt like this……Then what happened???? A bulb flashed in my mind???
??? their Puppy!!!….I immediately asked their full name.They are not talking fluently….. “Abhianyu,Eepika”…… I m so shocked.My children.My eyes were filling…..I hugged them unite…..” Mera bachon”….My voice is spurting in my vocal cords.Tears are flowing like bourns from my eyes…
My kids,they are in front of me.My thinking ability is lossing.I felt like I will die at that moment but how can die without seeing my Shona..Oh God my children!!!! I feeded them chocolate, I played with them!!!….u r great my God…..I asked them about their Dad….”??? we don’t know “.I felt sad for them. Their Papa s here……..I noticed their SS lockets??.I hugged them once again…..”I m ur Papa”……They are delighted to hear that
?? aap hamhari Papa ho sach mein hamhari Papa ho”…..I nodded yes.I seated them on my lap.I played with them,fondled them….”Now come on we will meet Maa”….. I went to their house.When entered to the house,I heard her voice….”Manyu Deepu raat ke liye aalu ke parate bana doon??”…..

I heard her magical voice which was I desired to hear from this 4 years…..

Ajj dhin chadeya plays

She was in a white long top and yellow leggings. The stone in her nose pin is reminding me the goddess of Kanyakumari…..yes my Greek goddess is there.Her curly hair is flying with the wind.I m mesmerized in her beauty but her bangleless hand,naked neck it all are making me unhappy. Suddenly I remembered about the ring.I looked at her finger.Yes she wore it??…She didn’t saw me.Manyu ran to her and signals her to incline. She did….”?? Kkkya hua??”….she asked him with a smile and raising her eye brows.He giggled. Without her knowledge he acquired a hand full of atta and hissed to her face.My son is very naughty u know. Then he escaped from there.My Greek goddess was begun to suffering from the dust.The dust entered into her eyes…. “Manyu I will not leave you stupid, u r exactly like ur Papa”…. ??? ohh she is still remembering me.I was also used to do like this to her. I held her hand and dragged her to bathroom. She asked me many questions….”Who is that tell me who is this etc etc”….. I stood up my Shona under the shower and turned on it.

Yeh moha moha ke dhage plays

Now we both are drenching with water. I held her shoulders from back and came more closer to her.I rested my chin on her left shoulder…..”Sanskar”….she said it with still closing her.I m also stunned,she knows my presence today too.I came in front of my Princess.She slowly opened her eyes and shocked to see me there….

We have an eye lock
Water is still falling over us but I know she is crying.When I attempted to touch her cheek ,she went out from the bathroom.I followed and pined her to the wall then held her cheeks. She is crying…..She pulled me back….. “?? Shona”….. She took her clothes from cupboard and went to change.I sat on the sofa and leaned to it with closing my eyes. My teddy bears came to me. I m still closing my eyes….”Anyu ssshhhh he is sleeping”…. My obedient daughter is advising my crazy son…”Both of them entered to the sofa and begun to touch me.Now their little hands are running through my hairs,eyes,nose,ears, hands.They are looking at me like a wonderful thing….. “Eepu dekho hamhari Papa hai”…. My Manyu said to my Deepu.Their eyes are sparkling.I catched them both….. “Where is our gift Papa”…..”Gift??” I doubtfully asked.Yes that day was their birthday. We cutted the cake unite.She was calm and quiet. I know it is the peace before the storm. She didn’t talked yet.I was suffering from cold and wet dress then begun to sneezing.She toweled my head and feeded me medicines…oh God she is still caring for me.She gave me one of my old suit.?? what ???she preserved it till now. I made my kids slept.They are sleeping like kittens.During I am patting on their head,she called me outside.At last she is willing to talk to me ?? I m overjoyed…… “?? Shona”….. I held her shoulders. She bowed her hands in front of me ???with weeping….”??Shona”….I helplessly shouted….”Sanskar please leave me, please let me live with my children, Tumhe toh sab kuch hai Kavita,ur child.I have nothing except them.Please let me live.”….. She is sobbing with bending down her knees…..”Please get lost Sanskar,I will tell my children that it all was a beautiful dream, you didn’t came to meet them.They will easily believe that lie.”…….She is still weeping. I can’t tolerate her tears.I don’t know what I want to say.I walked from the house in that midnight. My only companions were darkness and cold…

I m walking through a narrow road.I was too tired and disappointed by her words.I sat on a nearby bench…..???? oh he is here…..
Kanha ji……He begun to beat me with his flute until it broke.I was suffering from pain….”Oh God why are you beating me”……
He was so tired and fizzling.He sat beside me…..”??? Why did I gave you tongue.It’s for speaking.Tumne toh tumhari sachai tak nahi bataaya uss se.Serial wali saas ki bahu ho kya tum.Sab kuch chup chap sahta rahta hai.Tum human nahi mahan ho,inzanon wali feelings nahi aati tumhe nonsense???Jaise gaya vaise hi vaapas aaya stupid”…..

Yes he is right. Why I am suffocating this pain.Our next meeting was held on Madhura Meenakhshi temple….She is walking through a secluded place there. I followed her.Tamil architecture is the highlighting speciality there…..Swaraaaa?? I angrily shouted

She was a little scared and remained there…..My voice is hollowing inside the temple.Today I will not leave her……”Swara I am hearing you from these four years but today you have to hear me.”…….
?? Kavita ki tarif karne aayi ho kya”…..

Now I can’t tolerate it, I can’t kept my anger inside.? Kavita, I ruined that devil 4 years b4….now I can’t tolerate it, I can’t tolerate it anymore.I held her shoulders

????? Kavita Kavita Kavita she was our surrogate damn it.”….. My eyes were widened.I consumed 90% of my energy from my body.I started fizzling.Her eyes are also widened like this?? but for some micro minutes. Then she pulled me back and attempted to go.I tugged her hands to me.Within some minutes I confessed all my truth to her.She was not willing to trust me……”You separated me from my wife and my children now
You have to accept me Swara Mahe…no Gado”…..I don’t know what surname that will use to call her. She is staring at me…..” Bolna rukh kyun gayi.Now I am neither mis nor mrs,Now I am neither Swara Gadodia nor Swara Maheshwari”…..she raised her finger towards me….. “u looted my identity from me Mr Maheshwari???”…….I begged her…..”Shona please give me an another chance”….. She sighed and closed her eyes for a micro second…..”Okay I will give you an another chance, Give me your answer of my question.I will definitely give u a 2nd chance”…She asked me the same question which had changed my life… 433×3…..??? ohhh God now I know it’s answer Kanha ji u r great???………………..1299??….I answered with pride???……I thought that at that moment definitely she will ran to me and hugg me
Then happy ending???.
But I saw her wiping her tears….” I wanted ur answer Sanskar.Tum kuch bhi karlo Mr Maheshwari par tum meri wala Sanskar kabhi nahi ban paunga”……She walked away…… I saw Kanha ji is looking at me with a mockery….
I sat there with weeping. Someone touched on my head.It was my Deepu.She wiped my tears with her small hands…..”Kya aap hamhari Papa ho???”….mm I nodded yes with my tears…..”Papa is going beta.ur Maa will not like me.I will never come across ur life”……I walked from there….I can hear my daughter’s voice,her childish voice…….”Papa mat jao,mat jao Papa…..but I can’t stop mysel.I m walking, walking and walking…….

I gave up everything and packed my bags for return.I don’t know what will be my life from now. Maybe you can see me in some mental asylum…. Suddenly a call arrived for me from Kolkata which made me dropping my plan to return. It was Sister Helena…..She expressed me that Shona is trusting me but that situations made her stubborn.Her delivery was too complicated.They didn’t had the hope that they can save 3 of them. She is very angry with me.Now I have to melt that eyes………”Sanskar everything will be fine soon,Father Kuruvila will assist you. I told him about you.Now go and meet him”…….I am so happy. She is trusting me na??…….”Sister uss dhin main ne aapko jo kuch bhi kaha I am sorry??”…….she laughed vainly…..”Sanskar Mother superior hoon main,saalon se iss se zyada main sunthe aa rahi hoon u don’t worry???? God will bless you my child”…….

Then I went to Father Kuruvila.He blackmailed her that she have to accomodate me in her home otherwise he will fire her.She unwillingly allowed me in her house……
During I attempt to enter in the house. Someone stopped me.

It was my devil son .He is standing there like a security guard….. “Beta please let Papa inside??”….. I begged
” No no I will not let you enter in my house, if maa will see you she will cry.I can’t let it happen”…..

?? yeh na pehle Hanuman ki tarah meri ring apna Sitha tak pahunchaya aur ab dekho Ganesha ki tarah kaise mujhe rok rahi hai……??? Shona yeh kaisa tuphan paida kiye hai tumne……

“Tumhara hi toh hai??”….. She whispered from inside…..but I am happy,like I wished, he is taking care of his Maa na??

Then some more quarrels happened between us.I kept my patience.Our family came to meet us.Mishti maa ,Badimaa and Mom are very happy to seeing their grandchildren… They were fondling both of them. Friendship blossomed between Anirudh(Adarsh and Parineeta’s son.He is in 2nd standard),Chetan and my Manyu…..Everyone is fondling my Deepu in fact she is the only daughter of our family na???….. But everyone also loves my naughty Manyu…..He is more and more naughty than Chotu and Adhu. He is enough for making a home to a feast ground……
Raglak advised her to forgive me but she was still angry with me.Quarrel series is still continuing between us……..

But that day,I didn’t expect that she will pardon me by this. If I knew it then I will show her that earlier…. You don’t get it na? Don’t worry, I will tell you….

One day I removed my white shirt. I think I m looking so hot???….She came to my room for taking Deepu’s coloring books and crayons… She looked at me??.I noticed it….I walked towards her and pined her to the wall.Then stared at her eyes passionately.We have an eye lock…. “Tumhe kuch ho raha hai kya”….
“No nothing”….. She nodded her head with a fake anger.I looked around….” Hmm okay I am believing you,aisa dandi dandi mausam.ek kamre mein hum donon akele.kuch ho raha hai toh kaho.I m ready??”…..I attempted to kiss her.She touched on my chest for pulling me back. Suddenly she noticed the marks on my chest,which was made by those bullets….. “What happened to you, Sanskar what is this marks”….
I told her about the incident……”Tum toh hai hi nahi thi mere paas”….. I told it for a punch but that sentence penetrated to her her heart.She hugged me and lied on my chest with weeping….”I m sorry Sanskar, I know I don’t have the right to ask you sorry.You did everything for me but I misunderstood you.I don’t have the right to live with you”…..Sanky beta I told you na iss bullet ki phayada tumhe jaldi mil jayega……Kanha ji said…. Hats off to him….
I punched on her back.My eyes were wet…..”You have the right Shona,only you have the right to scold me, love me,hate me,live with me.”

“You know Shona during they operated my chest,a big problem was happened”……
” Wh what”….she was so scared…..
“My heart was not there.It was with u na???”.??

?? you idiot”…. She pulled me to bed and attempted to go. I dragged her hand.She lied over me…. Aaahhh I touched on my chest….”?? what happened Sanskar is it paining”….. I giggled and attempts to kiss her.She ran away from me. I wore my new shirt and followed her……”Shona ruko main aaj tumhe chodunga nahi”….Misfortune will never leave me.It will follow me like my shadow. She slipped and fell down from the stair case. I raised my hand to holding her but it was too late.Destiny gave me happiness moments before and retrieved so soon.Blood is flowing from her head. I took her on my lap but she was unconscious….”??? Shonaaaaa” I shouted loudly.I don’t think about anything yet.My thinking ability is going from me……

Some hours have passed. The wound was not striking. The nurses dressed that injury and shifted her to observation.
But she was still unconscious….

Next morning.

I budged the curtains. The sunrays are irritating her.Her eyeballs are rolling inside her eyes.She is gaining her consciousness. I immediately sat beside her….”San”….She is trying to calling me feebly….”?? now please don’t tell me filmy dialogues like, I will leave, you have to move on without mi….”…….she held my hand and smiled with weariness….. “Sanskar can I ask u something”….
” okay tell me”
I said it with fake anger.

” what is 433×3″….. She feebly asked me…. I laughed…”33 Shona tum bhi na”…..I nodded my head with laughing….”?? tumhe itna dard diya tha na yahi hona tha mujhe”……?? stop it….. I shouted to her.Now it was our past…..I said her.She looked at me with her gorgeous smile.

It was the last day of that academic year. The kids of her class gave her a warm good bye…Each of them gave her each roses and greeting cards,written with “we miss u”.She is crying with happiness..

She is closing each of the room.I m packing the bags.4 of us said good bye to Father Kuruvila and submitted her resignation letter…. We said goodbye to everyone….
We are going tonight.My both Teddy bears are well dressed and is sitting at the sofa.They are so happy as they are going for a long trip.It is also for good ,maybe if they were matured definitely they will not allow to go from here….”Papa come on we have to go”…..
They are eagerly awaiting for us…

I went to her with some files. She was in a white saree.Her ears are garnished with a stud.Neck was naked,hands have no bangles…. When she saw me she wiped her tears.She raised her hands,I saw a bunch of keys in it….”Give it to the owner”…..I took that and returned it to her.She doubtfully looked at me…. “Now u r the owner of this house.Jab man chahe hum yahan aa jayenge.we will live here like this. We will share happiness like this.”………I showed her
the power of attorney of that plot.First time in my life I am buying something for my love and my family’s sake?☺️
She rested on my shoulder….”Sanskar tere ishq mein mera ishq kuch hai hi nahi…. what will I return to you my lovable idiot”…..
Kya keh rahi ho tum Shona Tere ishq mein hi toh mera ishq janam leti hai
Yes u have to return something…..
What???she happily looked at me.
” Give me my Shona back.”
She didn’t get it what have I meant. I gave her a red color Anarkali suit…She stood up and doubtfully looked at me. I steadfast her back.She closed her eyes. I removed her saree from her shoulder. I turned her against me.She is staring at the floor with blushing. I moved my lips to her lips.We forgot everything. I pined her more closer to me.When our lips was in a millimeter difference my dear son interrupted us???

Kanhaji: you idiot why didn’t you closed the door??? door close karna chahiye tha na
Me: you?? ??⁉️⁉️❓❓?? why r u here
Kanha ji : I am in everywhere???
Me: ??
Kanhaji: kk calm down I am going??
She went to change her dress.??? she was damn beautiful in that anarkali suit.I seated her in front of the dressing table.I wore her bangles.Garnished her neck with a necklace and I decorated her ears with earrings which suits to the necklace.

I garnished her legs with anklets with bells….”??? Maa u r too gorgeous”…My teddy bears kissed her….dho cheezon ki kami hai…I attempted to wore her Mangalsutra and apply vermilion on her hairline but she stopped me.Told me that she want our marriage happen twice in the presence of everyone…..Sanskar our Parents’s curses made us separate…..

Kanha ji: yeah yeah it was right, it was right….

?? I held my forehead and nodded my head…. “Ohh u came back, tumne hi toh kaha tha shaadi karne ke liye

Kanha ji: beta Sanky main ne toh sirph shaadi karne ke liye kaha tha par tumne toh hero ke tarah uss se shaadi karke ghar le aaya.In fact ur parents’s curses made you separate…..???

Now I had realized that how did Kurukshetra war happened……Hitler,
Napoleon Bonapart and Alexander will suicide in front of you???

Kanha ji:???

I accepted her wish and mentioned this to our family.They are so happy with our decision. Raglak
was also wished for a remarriage with all rituals. Now our family members decided to held our marriage unite….

We said goodbye to Ooty.Our car is moving from our home. We said goodbye with a promise that we will visit there thrice in each and every year….Now Ooty’s cold changed to Kolkata’s hot….we landed to Kolkata…. We entered together to MM with holding our hands.We are seeing our home after 4 years.Sab kuch vaise ki vaisa hi hai,everything is like b4……”Meri bachi ab tum yeh chaachi ki beti ho,yeh Shona ki nahi”…. Ragini lifted Deepu.Ragini kissed her.My daughter is giggling……”No no Ragini she is my daughter”…… Pari bhabhi kissed her and both of them started quarreling to lifting her.Lucky and Adarsh bhaiyya are also came to them and joined to their wives for quarreling…..”No no she is our daughter bhaiyya”
Lucky said…..”No no Lucky I am the elder so she is our daughter”…..
?? 4 of them are quarreling like children. Kya uss mein mera aur apna Shona ki koi contribution nahi hai……Anyway they are fulfilling their dream of a daughter??☺️☺️. Now my MM is complete. It was incomplete with the lack of a girl child. Now my family is complete with my Shona and my children…..”Ab hamari Manyu ko kisi ko bhi nahi chahiye hai kya???”…..Me and Shona complained unite..”M m Manyu where s Manyu…..Lucky asked me.We saw him before entering into the house…..”Shona where is my Abhi”…..Mishti maa asked her.We failed to find him.He was not in the car.Lucky went to the road for searching him…..My Shona is sobbing.Rags ,Mishti maa,badimaa,Mom,Pari bhabhi,Uttara all are consoling her.Bp,Dad,Adharsh bhaiya all are calling someone
I don’t know what I have to do…..Lucky returned. He failed to find him. Shona and other ladies stood up with a hope.He was failed in his attempt and he is suspecting Mr Talwar and his son for this kidnap….My Shona is weeping…. I didn’t seen her sobbed like this b4,it maybe a mother is more emotional and powerfull than a daughter, wife or a lady….I hugged her…..”hey hey Shona nothing will happen to him, u know na our Manyu is very brave.”…..she still sobbing. I am hugging her tightly…..

To be continued…….

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Swasan- Tere ishq mein (episode 11)


Swasan- Tere ishq mein (episode 11)


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