swasan-aashiqui (intro

sanskar maheshwarai a businessman & also underworld don his age is 22,hes good 2 ppl who r good and death to bad ppl,lyk corrupted police,ministers etc.ppl who c d goon side of him hav nvr come back!as hes helping d police to eradicate d bad ppl frm d society der is no case against him!der is a minister called badri sahu hes behind all d bad deeds happning in d city ppl noe it but still cant do anyting as hes powerful! sanskar wants to destroy him,datrt his aim so sanskar enterd underworld,dey r a gang of 25 ppl who wants revenge frm d minister!

swara a college student of 18,falls in love wit sanskar wen he had come 2 her colg as a guest,she starts following him & collects info abt him!later he too falls for her..wat wil happn wen swara gets 2 knw his truth?

guys dis is d overview of d plot!tel me did u like it,shld i continue?

swasan-aashiqui (intro


swasan-aashiqui (intro


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