Dehleez : SWADARSH A Love Story

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The episode starts with Swadheenta sleeping on Aadarsh’s shoulder n Aadarsh seeing her romantically. After a while Aadarsh also falls a sleep. In the morning, when the sun rises, the sun light falls on Aadarsh’s eyes n he wakes up. He then sees Swadheenta still sleeping. He sees swadheenta’s hair coming on her face. He very lovingly puts them aside from her face by his hands n then he blows air from his mouth on Swadheenta’s face, Swadheenta wakes up n they have an eye lock (jiya re plays). Swadheenta gets shy and stands up, she then shouts loudly.
Aadarsh asks her ” what happened..?”
Swadheenta says “SSSSSS…..”
Aadarsh says “what SSSSSSS…?”
Swadheenta points at her right
Aadarsh sees there n he also says “SSSSSS…”
They both then together shout “Snaaaaake” n slowly start moving backward. They both get scared and hold each others hand.
Aadarsh says “DDDDDDont worry Swadheenta….I’ll make this ssssnake run from here”
Swadheenta says “Are you ssssssssure..?”
Aadarsh slowly goes near the snakes n he suddenly joins his hands n request the snake “Mr. SSSSSnake….we are sorry to disturb u….plzzz forgive us….plzzz go from here…?.
The snake then moves towards Aadarsh. He runs n hugs Swadheenta. They both start praying to god n r very scared. When the snake comes towards them they close there eyes n they r still in ech others arms. After some time when nothing happens, they open there eyes n do not see the snake there. They try to find it but then realize that it had gone.
Aadarsh then says “See….the snake got scared of me n ran…!”
Swadheenta asks him “ooh really…?”
Aadarsh replies ” yes ”
Swadheenta says ” I think you had some misunderstanding….as no snakes has legs so how come he ran…? ”
They both start laughing. Swadheenta receives a call from the farmers and they ask when she will reach the court as today is the hearing which will start in 1hour. She disconnects the call n gets tensed. Aadarsh ask her “what happened to you…?” Swadheenta ” today is my hearing n I’m ready with the case but how will I reach on time..? I only have 1hour to reach the court.

PRECAP: The judge comes n says to start the hearing…on not seeing Swadheenta he asks about ” where is the lawyer of the farmers..?”
The opponent lawyer, Singhvi says “it’s her first case n I think she has ran away…” Every one in the court laughs.

Will Swadheenta reach the court on time…? Will she be able to fight the case or the the judge will take the decision n close the case..?
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