Yeh Vaada Raha – Love Gives Pain – Episode 1

Yeh Vaada Raha – Love Gives Pain – Episode 1


Scene 1:Simmi(Survi)

A really beautiful girl wakes up and hugs her teddy bear…(Yes she is Survi but she lost her memory)
Simmi(Survi):I have everything money,family but there’s one thing I don’t have…The first 8 years of my life…I keep getting dreams about a man But I don’t see his face…I always dream about me falling off a cliff while saving this boy when I fall off the cliff he shouted Survi
Debjani(the lady who saw Survi when she fell off the cliff and adopted her:Simiii your food is ready(they are a Sikh family)
Simmi(Survi):do I have to eat this food
Debjani(mom):yes yes you have to now open your mouth
Simmi(Survi):opens her mouth:wow wow your such a good cook
Debjani(mom):Thank you!
Simmi(Survi) smiles

Scene 2:Karthik’s room

A man is shown drinking alcohol heavily
(It is non other than Karthik)
Karthik:Survi you couldn’t see me in pain could you then why…why did you leave me
(He takes a picture out of a draw)
He hugs it and cries
Karthik:I love you Survi I can’t explain it but I love you….I would do anything to bring you back…..You should have let me die at least I wouldn’t have had to bear this pain with out you please please come back to me I can’t bear this pain anymore

Scene 3:Simmi(Survi’s house

Simmi(Survi:why can I hear a mans voice who is screaming Survi
Simmi(Survi):No Simmi it is just your imagination ok your just getting stressed

Scene 4:Karthiks room

Karthiks is crying
Karthik:Surviii come back I feel that you are alive please come back to your Karthik please please please come back to me
Lata and Shanti see him cry
Lata:My son use to be so active and alive after Survi’s death look what happened to him….He’s a living dead
Karthik:Survi I know your alive I know you are not dead the police didn’t find your body this means your alive…
Episode ends

Precap:Simmi(Survi) why am I hearing this mans voice again..Simmi(Survi) goes to Debjani(mom)
Survi says mom can you hear a man shouting Survi
Simmi(Survi):looks shocked

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Yeh Vaada Raha – Love Gives Pain – Episode 1


Yeh Vaada Raha – Love Gives Pain – Episode 1

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