Yeh Vaada Raha – Love Gives Pain – Introduction

Hi guys it’s me MARIYAH this is my new fan fiction (well it’s based on someone else’s but they didn’t finish it so I’m going to finish it for them).

This story takes place after Survi falls of a cliff after saving Karthik
Survi thinks she is Simmi because she lost her memory
Karthik is a heavy alcohol drinker

Simmi (who is Actually Survi):is a girl with big dreams she wants to be a doctor

Karthik:is a heavy alcohol drinker because he thinks Survi died…he use to be a really happy person…

Debjani(from dilli wali thakur gurls):is Survis mom…not her real mom…Debjani found Survi after she fell off the cliff Debjani took Survi and loved her like her real daughter…Debjani has no children of her own…Survi thinks Debjani is her real mom

Dylan(from dilli wali thakur gurls):is Debjani’s husband he also loves Survi like his own child…Survi thinks he is her real dad

Shanti:she is Karthik’s sister

Lata:She is karthiks mom

Srikanth:he is Survi’s dad

I hope you guys liked the intro…I will post episode 1 today ……………….TAKE NOT THIS IS A FANFICTION NOT A REAL EPISODE…

Yeh Vaada Raha – Love Gives Pain – Introduction


Yeh Vaada Raha – Love Gives Pain – Introduction


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