meaning of love (swaragini) episode 2

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at us sanskars house
Jai(frnd of sanky):arey yar sanky where is vicky its becoming late for project presentation

Sanky:its a waste question obviously will be with nandu onlyy

Jai:yes ofcourse how she changed him completly for her (ade ra dani kosam enta maripoyado choodu)

Vicky:y u always blame her yar its my mistake to come late

Sanjy:k leave it its ur decision u do what u want untill it would not effet our project .its my dream project(guys sanky prepares video games he want to build his own company with this project)

Jai:arey sanky u are soo silly man if u want ur father can built a company then what is the need to run behind every one

Sanky:because that was not earned by mee .I want an identity

Vikky :k lets goo

Ds company(dayal soft wares)

Sanky:gd morning miss
Sanky :sorry miss pragya nice to meet u .hear meet our batch mates jai nd vikky
They explained their project
Pargya:intresting its very nice .nd what r ur demands

Sanky:give partner ship nd that to be in india

Pragya:k we will think about it and will cantact u

Sanky:ok how much time will you need for it if project is conformed

Pragya :min 1 month

Sanky:ok mam thank u and we wil leave now

At dayal mension

Pragya:dad to day some one bought a project nd its awsome it will bee very profitable

A voice:what is this di u know my rule naa noo more office in home

Pragya:ohh sorry by to by where r u til now

Swara:having a race diii

Dayal:with whomee

Pragya:what question are u asking dad her one and only boy friend

Another voice:what dii how can two boys love

Swara:yes dii u should tell one and only swaras girl friend

Swara and pragya gave an hi fi

Laksh :see uncle how r they teasing mee

Dayal:o hoo u know lucky u are perfect match to swara

Swara:ha haha what r u saying dad we are not perfect he is not,of my type.I like my type boys

Dayal:ya ofcourse then only ur break up will be easy

Dayal nd laksh hifi

Rag:dad what r u doing dad I told u naa I will clean it why r u doing (he is cleaning his bed room)

Mynni:dad what is the need for u to doo all work .servents r there naa let them doo it

Shekar:noo this room was full of ur mothers memories I dont want any one to touch them

He became emotional to change the topic
Rag:ok now tell me did u take ur medicans


Rag:dont lie dad take it she kept tab in his hands

Shekar:kept hands,on rags head and said god should keep blesing u nd give u a husband who can understand u

Rag:dad iam not that much big to marry now

Minni:dad y to force her if she is not intrested iam ready u can make. My,marrage

Rag:see dad look at her age and see how she is talking

Episode ends
Screen ferrzes with smyling face of rag

meaning of love (swaragini) episode 2


meaning of love (swaragini) episode 2


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