KB – mera pyaar (episode 2)

in class room a beautiful girl is shown reading a book.just then abhi enter in to the clz rm.
girl:gm rockstar.
abhi:gm fuggy,you know na i don’t like that girl but today early morning she meet me.now my day is over.
girl:don’t say me fuggy.i’m pragya arora and who is that girl?
abhi:my sister’s best friend.i don’t like to say her name.
pragya:now i know who is she.our collage best modle na.

Scene 2 teacher’s entry
teacher:student’s this month end our talent show r u ready.
all:yes mam
teacher:so we start our lessons.

4r hur r pass teacher:good afternoon students
all: ga mam

Scene 3 in car park
abhi:whr is ur bro now
praggya:he come back this weekend.i think he is finding good girl for him.
abhi:how dare him.he loves my sister but now finding girls.
pragya: hey i’m joking.he loves aliya.i think this time he will say ma he loves aliya.

bulbul,purab,aliya&tanu comes there.
bulbul:di let’s go.
purab:ha bhai let’s go.

precap:nikil’s entry

KB – mera pyaar (episode 2)


KB – mera pyaar (episode 2)


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