It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 11

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Let the episode beginnnnnnnn…….
Its morning and kunj wakes up due to sunrays and I shocked to see himself in that condition, he was shirtless and was hugging twinkle he was so close to her that his lips touched twinkle’s cheeks. Hey quickly stands up while twinkle is sleeping he tries to recall what happened at night…..
At night kunj slept in twinkle’s arms and then he failed to recall what happens next. Million of things are running in his mind

K: oh god! What have I done!! I should have controlled myself but I was not, I mean look at her she is as beautiful as heaven and I have completely called for her ( he pats himself) kunj what the hell u think u r doing dont u know that twinkle doesn’t loves u she loves uv! But…but I can’t stay without her.… no kunj no stop it. What will happen if twinkle comes to know what happened at night!!!!! No can’t see her tensed wait let me do something
He sees twinkle moving so he quickly wears his shirt and acts as he is sleeping on the couch, after sometime twinkle wakes up

T: o shit! Y m I here this kunj’s room??? And why am I feeling so dizzy what happened yesterday???
She tries to recall and is successful in recalling only few memories of yesterday.…..kunj is listening to what she is speaking
T: yesterday…um….yesterday ….haa that kunj and uv forcefully made me drink bhaang and then i kunj and uv decided to bring me here…..but why didn’t uv took me to his home and why isn’t he here…..o god! I hope kunj has not done anything wrong with me
Kunj gets scared his heart starts to beat faster
T: no no twinkle what are u thinking kunj can never do anything wrong with me, cant u see he is still sleeping…look twinkle all boys aren’t same and kunj he is my good friend he can not even think to touch me afterall he knows that I and uv love eachother
Kunj gets teary eyes after listening all this. Twinkle goes to him and wakes him up….kunj acts that he is awakening just now
K: t…twinkle
She puts her hand on his lips

T: shhh! Kunj u don’t need to explain anything look I completely trust u
Kunj fakes smile to her….just then they both hear usha’s voice
U: kunj….kunj puttar uth jaa subah ho gayi( she is standing outside as the door is locked)
T: oh no kunj , usha aunty if she sees me here what will she think of me?
K: twinkle just calm down I will do something
U: kunj beta wake up na , how long will u take n
Twinkle gets and idea she takes 4-5 duppatas and connects them , through which she climbs down from kunj’s balcony, kunj gets relieved and he opens the door
U: ohoo kunj u took about 15 mins to open the door, anyways get ready for the college
K: OK mom I will get ready, just 10 min
There twinkle enters taneja house, leela is tensed as twinkle was not at home the whole night but gets a sigh of relief on seeing her
L: twinkle puttar where were u uh u should have I was so worried for u!
T: maa calm down vo…actually na maa vo I was with chinki
L: accha ok now go and change for the college fast….orelse u will get late baccha
T: ya maa, I will just come
She runs towards her room

Precap twinkle recalls that how kunj made her stand under the shower

It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 11


It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 11


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