meaning of love (swaragini) episode 1

meaning of love (swaragini) episode 1

Hi darlings sorry yar did a mistake in intro actually laksh is cousin of rag nd her best friend

Dayal is father of swara (e h t=ek hasinaa thi)
Manav is friend of ram nd shekar not dp nd dayal

K lets go to our ff

At shoping mall
Man 1:are yar its too much for one shoae u are making us to roam all delhi mann

Man1:ya there were many other good ones adjust with them yar sanky(yes man is sanky

Sanky:tough it is a shoe I cant adjust (he turned back nd shown his face is our darling sanky).even it is shoe or a carier every thing should bee perfect nd I will never adjust for any thing which gives me happiness

Friend:its too much yar u may not get every thing what u get any where u should adjust naa

Sanky:noo way I will not adjust for any one I even dont care of my mother or father

Screen shifts to andhra .
A girl to a small girl
Girl1:are my little sister u should adjust with what u have nd aftral for 2/3daays we will go to our house

Gairl 2:what is this diddidiare we coming hear every year and y should we stay hear with out any comforts

Girl1:because we have soo many friends but they didnt have any one except us .by our presence they feel happy means y cant we adjust for 2/3days they will be happy

Ragini ,munni some one called them yes 1is rag nd 2nd one is munni

They were in a old age home which was built by shekar for old people who their childrens left

At us
There shown two bikes coming fast(I mean racing)
Person 1reached the,destination an opened helment nd yaaa it is none other than swaraa

Person 2reached nd opened his helmet nd he is laksh

Laksh:yar swara this is cheating how can u always win

Swara:because I hate losing tough it is a bet ya my life ok

Laksh:yes madam

So this is intro of their charecters guys howz it plzz comment
Urs darling pavani

meaning of love (swaragini) episode 1


meaning of love (swaragini) episode 1

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