swaragini- its written ( episode 15)

swaragini- its written ( episode 15)

Recap: Ragini’s death. Swara gains consciousness.
Sharmistha: Swara, how are you beta.
Swara: Swara, who swara..am swara..i cant remember anything…oh godd…my head is paining..and she cries in pain..
Sumi starts crying: Doctor, what happened to my daughter.
Doctor: Please, give us some time..you all go outside..i will check her..
Sumi cryingly: No..am not going anywhere..i had lost my one daughter..i can’t afford to lose my second daughter…please doo something…..
Doctor: Please go outside..let me check her…please take her..
Sanskaar: Maaa, come..let doctor check her..
Three of them come outside..
Shekhar: What is happening…what happened….
Sanskaar: Papa, be strong…everything will be fine..nothing will happen to swara..
Shekhar cries..

Just then doctor comes..you all please come to my cabin….
Doctor: Listen shekharji, listen with patience…your daughter swara is suffering from anterograde amnesia . She got hit on her sensitive parts of brain..
Sumi: We cant understand.
Doctor: She had lost her memory..she will regain her memory but it can take days, weeks, Months…we can’t predict. She don’t remember anyone..
Shekhar: Then do something to help her regain her memory..
Doctor: We tried a lot..but whenever we tried she fainted..at this time we can’t give much stress to her brain..it will be dangerous for her..she may lose her life….
Sumi cries..
Doctor: We had given her injection…now you all can meet her tomorrow..you all can go home..
Shekhar: Tomorrow..no..we will stay here only.
Doctor: You all need to be fresh..go and get fresh…you all should be happy infront of swara…
Everyone comes home..

Shekhar told everything at home..
Dadi: This all happened because of swara..she killed my ladoo…
Shekhar: Maa..what are you saying….she herself is suffering a lot..please..
Dadi: Don’t stop me..am right….she killed my ladoo..i will never forgive her..
Sumi: Maa…plzzz….don’t say like that..we all…
Dadi: Stop it sumi. You will say this because you are swara’s maa..
Sumi: Maaaa…she cries…
Shekhar: Maa. What are you saying? You also know sharmistha has given more love to ragini than swara…
Dadi: I don’t want to listen anything…i just know that I lost my ladoo..
Sanskaar shouts: Stop it everyone…just stop it..you had lost your daughter..dadi you had lost your ladoo…what about me and misti…i had lost my wife..and she had lost her mother..but you are only concerned with your loss..
Saying this he went inside his room.
Everyone cries…

Dadi: You only says sharmistha..if you can then let swara fulfill my ragini’s duties….
Everyone looks on..
Dadi: What happened…I know you can’t…..so no need to show me…noone can take my ladoo’s place..she killed my ladoo…she went inside….
Shekhar: Come sumi…
In swaragini’s room,
Sanskaar cuddles misti…he makes her sleep..
Sanskaar: Why Ragini? Why you left me..you betrayed me..i will never forgive you…what do you think. I cant take care of misti.. I will take care of her alone..
Shekhar puts his hand on his shoulder..sanskaar hugs him and cries…
Sanskaar: I cant leave without her…i cant papa..
Shekhar: Be strong sanskaar. You have to be strong for misti…misti needs you.. he pats him and leaves..
In shekhar’s room,
Sumi: Shekhar, I heard everything…what we will do now..
Shekhar: What do you mean.
Sumi: I thought a lot about it..I think maa is right….swara should fulfill ragini’s duties..
Shekhar turns to her: No sharmistha…dont even think about it..we can’t ruin swara’s life…and even swara will not accept it..

Sumi: Swara has lost her memory..she will believe whatever we says..we will say that sanskaar is her husband…i cant find no other way…..misti will get a mother..she needs a mother…please try to understand Shekhar…
Shekhar: And what about swara…her life…
Sumi: Shekhar, sanskaar is a good boy..her life will not be ruin….
Shekhar: And if she regains her memory.
Sumi: Then choice will be hers..what she want to choose….shekhar think about it…
Annapurna enters: But what if she fails to give mother’s love to misti…
Shekhar: Sharmistha had no relation with Ragini….and she gave a lot of love to Ragini…swara is misti’s masi…she only can fufill,her duties..
Sanskaar: What is happening here..what you all want..dont expect anything from me…i can take care of misti alone..he leaves angrily.

Anaapurna: But sanskaar….sumi cuts her words.
Sumi: No Annapurnaji, I will talk to sanskaar….i will make him understand…
Shekhar: I hope we are not doing wrong to swara..
Sumi: No Shekhar..i had thought a lot and took this decision..am her mother…i won’t do anything that will ruin her life…I will talk to sanskaar….i will fulfill my duties..
At night:
knock knock.
Sanskaar: Maa…come in..you not need to knock.
Sumi: Misti slept..
Sanskaar: Yes…she was crying a lot…..now slept..
Sumi: Sanskaar i want to talk to you..am waiting for you in balcony..come..
In balcony,
Sanskaar: Maa, I know what you want to talk about..i don’t want to talk about it..
Sumi: Listen to me sanskaar….won’t you give me this much respect..
Sanskaar: Maa..i respect you…but this is wrong..we can’t do this to swara..we can’t ruin her life..
Sumi: Sanskaar, swara has lost her memory..she don’t remember anything…and Shekhar will think for her marriage now..so we don’t think its wrong…

Sanskaar: And what if swara love someone else..
Sumi: I don’t think so..she never talked about it…if she love someone, she must have told me..
Sanskaar: I don’t know maa..but I think she loves someone…we never talked about it much..i don’t know that person..
Sumi: But..swara don’t remember him now…and when she will regain her memory, we wont force her..choice will be hers..
Sanskaar: But maa, i can’t give ragini’s space to anyone….i can’t..
Sumi: To shape up your future it is not essential that you forget your past. I want swara to be only misti’s mother..i only expect you to give that space..please sanskaar, try to understand..misti needs a mother..am doing everything for misti..
Sanskaar: I can’t understand maa….ok incase for misti I agree but what about our lives…what about swara..? What will happen if she regains her memory..?
Sharmistha: There are winds of destiny that blow when we least expect them. Sometimes they gust with the fury of a hurricane, sometimes they barely fan one’s cheek. But the winds cannot be denied, bringing as they often do a future that is impossible to ignore..
Sanskaar: Am not able to understand anything maa..right now I want to stay alone..
Sharmistha: Okayy…Think about it sanskaar. Tomorrow we will go to meet swara..come in the hospital and give your introduction yourself….
She gets up..and one request sanskaar. Whatever decision you will take, keep in mind we are doing everything for misti….if swara’s memory would have not lost, she would had done the same thing..think about it..
Sharmistha says to herself: I just want you to accept swara as misti’s mother..loving her or not will depend on time..because women can make anything happen in this world.
She pats his shoulder and leaves…

Sanskaar close his eyes..where are you Ragini..i need you…
Am here only..by your side..she rests her head on his shoulder..
Sanskaar: You listened Ragini..what maa had said..how can I give that space to swara.
Ragini: she is doing everything for my misti..and you have to take care of my misti..she needs her mother…
Sanskaar: And what about swara..i can’t spoil her life..
Ragini: I was only a step towards your destiny sanskaar…you destiny is waiting for you ahead..
Sanskaar: What do you mean?
Ragini: Its not important right now..take your decision..I have to go..byee…
Sanskaar: I want you to stay more..he turns her head and she is nowhere..she had left..
Just then sanskaar heard misti crying..he goes to her and cuddled her…..
Next day. In morning everyone went to hospital..
Doctor: Please don’t cry Infront of her…be happy..
Sharmistha: Swara beta, see your maa is here..how are you..
Swara: I don’t remember anything..i don’t remember anyone..

Shekhar: Don’t worry..everything will be fine..am your papa..
Swara meets everyone..
Sharmistha asks to Shekhar: Where is sanskaar…
Shekhar: I don’t know..he must have come..
Just then sanskaar enters..
Swara: Maa. Who is he.
Everyone look towards sanskaar.

Precap: Sanskaar’s decision.

swaragini- its written ( episode 15)


swaragini- its written ( episode 15)

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