KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 25

KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 25


Recap: Sparkling 6 angry and mad at Fab 6.

Scene 1: In the hall

Fab 6 planned to provoke them to be offensive by irritating.

Sid: Cabir, look at these girls. Don’t they look like a monkey or something when they are angry??

Cabir: No, Bro. I think Chimpanzee will be a suitable word.

Aisha and Soha get angry by this and were about to fight back but Navya understood their plan and hold their hands indicating them to be calm.
Aryamann: No, Cabir man you are wrong. They look like a witch.

Abhi: Vampire.

Dhruv: Ghost.

Sid: No,monkey

Cabir: I said na Chimpanzee.. That’s it.

Aryamann: Witch and that’s final.

Dhruv(showing his finger): Ghost.

Abhi: Vampire.

Dhruv: Hey dumbo, tell me how they look like a vampire?? They don’t even have their teeth out.
Moreover, it’s day and for your kind information let me tell you vampires don’t show up in day.

Sid: Huh….and they drink blood unlike this sweet tooth. Aryamann and Dhruv witches and ghost have long hair, they are pale and they don’t even look like that. Do they??

Abhi, Aryamann and Dhruv gives a convincing: Hmmph

Manik was not at all interested in their plan so he was just standing there as he knew this is not gonna work anyway. And seeing them fighting childishly he was staring at them unbelievably. While our Sparkling 6 were astonished by their behaviour. Nandini, Alya and Navya were staring them with blank expression whereas Mukti, Aisha and Soha’s blank face curved into a small possibly noticeable smile which was noticed by Abhi though they tried to hide it.

Abhi dragged them into a room whereas they were still fighting.

Cabir(screaming which made Sparkling 6 listen to it even though they were in kitchen ): They are Chimpanzee. Just see their pout face which is complete round just like Chimpanzee because of their swelled cheeks.

Abhi: Shut up and listen to me carefully.

Cabir: Have you gone nuts??

Abhi: Cabir, I said zip it. And then he mumbles… See guys I saw their faces. Soha,Mukti and Aisha were smiling but hiding on our stupid fight but Nandini, Navya and Alya were blank. So keep it up.

Manik: NO use…Worthless. Anything will need Nandini’s approval. They won’t react till Nandini is normal.

Sid: You gotta point bro.
Dhruv: But won’t melt easily.

Manik: I will make her normal. Leave that on my shoulders. But let’s do one thing. We will irritate and annoy them not only in groups but also INDIVIDUALLY.

Cabir: Wooh…Wooh…Why??

Manik: There is a reason behind everything. Just find out the reason. What exactly hurted them.

Sid: Superb bro. I will choose Soha.

Aryamann: Aisha.

Abhi: Mukti..

Cabir: Really….I never expected this.

Abhi: All thanks to the date. I have started understanding a bit.

Cabir: Okk..then I will choose ummm…..Navya….

Dhruv: Why? This is something shocking and interesting.

Cabir: Same reason as Abhi and she always respond me so…..

Dhruv: Looks like my date helped a lot and some stories are cooking up….hmm…What’s up guys? ANy secret??

Fab 4(exclude Manik and Dhruv): Shut up….

Abhi: So Dhurv you are left with Alya.

Dhruv: WHat?? No…

Cabir: Ohh..yes

Manik: It’s good DHurv. You both don’t gel up very well so you can annoy her very easily.

Dhruv(convinced): Hum…OK fine.

Manik: Now listen to me carefully. Shut all your thoughts away and lock your brain for everything but for my words. I am warning you no Interruption.

Fab 5: Humm….

Manik: Do buttering, irritating, annoying, be friendly or enemy. Choose your path. Do whatever you possibly can. If you want to go out of the line go..I don’t give a damn but just extract the information. I want to know what hurt them. Is that okay??
Fab 5: Ok….Cool

ABhi: But tell me one thing…Why are you so interested??

Manik was ready to answer any question but that.

Aryamann: But bro main challenge is with you. We can convince them easily but you have the task which is as difficult as finding the center of the earth. I know Nandu. She is most stubborn kid and when it comes to calming her down from outraged mode it’s the most difficult task ever. So stay alert and use your sharp mind.

Manik smirks listening which very well indicates that something is cooking in his head.

What is Manik planning?? Why is he so desperate to know the reason?? What will Fab 6 do?? Will this bring them closer?? Wanna know ………waiting is the name of the game.

KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 25


KYY:The Modern Love Story full of Madness Ep 25

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