Twinj ki ek kahaani ( Episode 38 )

Twinj ki ek kahaani ( Episode 38 )

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Recap :change of plan to shimla
Twinj cute fight in flight

Twinj and chehi get ready and come down
T : am so excited we are gonna do skewing
Wow !!!
K : if u r done shall we leave
Twinkle gives him an death glare
Mahi thinks
It’s gonna b a lot of fun Di
They all leave in traveller’s vehicle
Kunj plays his guitar and sings hum jo chalne lage from Jab we met
Twinkle is lost in his voice
Kunj smiles looking at her staring at him
Kunj goes close to her ears and whispers
Twinkle control urself
Twinkle ignores him but smiles to herself
They reach the hill station

Twinkle runs out and twirls in joy
T : Wow this place looks like an heaven !!!
Kunj is lost in her
He comes to his senses when he gets hit with the snow ball
Twinkle laughs looking at him and runs
Kunj makes an snow ball and runs behind her and throws it on her they both keep throwing snow balls at each other
Zara si dil me De jaga tu plays
Both twinkle and Kunj lie down beside each other as they are tired
And smile at each other
Oooo tune of the song plays
They start skewing
Twinkle enjoys but bechara Kunj doesn’t know it
Twinkle comes to him and holds his hand and skews
Kunj enjoys it but as he was lost in her he at once loses his balance and both fall down with twinkle over Kunj
Cherry comes to them and ask if they are fine
They nod in an yes
Twinkle gets up and offers her hand to Kunj
Before Kunj could give his she takes it back and runs
Kunj smiles at himself
Twinkle Turns back and finds no one
She moves forward
T : Kunj r u there ?
Someone comes to her from behind and whispers bhoo in her ears
Twinkle gets scared and shouts but stops as she finds Kunj laughing
Twinkle hits him on his shoulder and leaves angrily
Kunj holds her hand and pulls her closer
He keeps one hand on her waist and makes twinkle keep her other hand on his shoulder
They have an couple dance while Kunj sings
Thode se hum thode se tum (dedicated to sid fans :-D)
They both share an intense eye lock…tu mohabbat hai plays in bg

Mahi sees them and fumes in anger
They all return to the resort
Twinj leave for dinner
Mahi silently enters twinj’s room and goes to the dressing table
Opens the drawer and takes out an cream and exchanges it with another and leaves
M : enjoy ur vacation twinkle Di
She smirks

Precap : not yet decided .. upto ur imagination

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Twinj ki ek kahaani ( Episode 38 )


Twinj ki ek kahaani ( Episode 38 )

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