Santoshi Maa 25th March 2016 –

Santoshi Maa 25th March 2016 –

Santoshi Maa 25th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi thinking to talk to Dhairya. She asks him to listen and holds his hand. He scolds her and thinks to explain her in her language. He says I will bless you, get green chillies first. She goes. She gets the chillies. He asks her to have one chilli. She thinks I can eat 100 chillies to save your life. She chants Santoshi Maa’s name. He throws tissues saying you may need this. Devi Paulmi thinks this is golden chance to teach Santoshi a lesson. Santoshi Maa sees Dhairya giving kheer to Santoshi and they both smiling. She gets glad seeing everything normal between them. Santoshi eats the chillies. Dhairya smiles. She starts crying and eats more chillies. Devi Paulmi sends the magical green chilli. Santoshi eats that and faints.

Gaumata says its such beautiful moment. Santoshi Maa says its not good to see their personal time. Gaumata says sorry, I m glad, bless Santoshi always. Dhairya thinks now Santoshi will think many times before speaking up. He goes and Kaka sees him smiling. Kaka asks what happened. Dhairya asks him to see Santoshi. Kaka sees Santoshi fallen near the sofa and rushes to her. He holds Santoshi and asks what happened. She starts coughing. He gives her water. She finishes the jug.

He asks her how did this happen. She says Kaka, I eat chillies, Dhairya Sir…Kaka says leave him, tell me why did you eat chillies. She says I had to talk to Dhairya, he was not listening, he has put condition that if I eat bowl full of chillies, he will talk to me, so I ate it. He asks are you mad, what was the matter. She says I can’t say. He asks whats the matter, tell me, don’t I have right to ask you anything, fine don’t say, we have just namesake relation. She asks Kaka not to say this again, after Dadi, he is her loved one.

She says I will tell you the matter, when I was seeing tv in Kaki’s room that day, I have seen Priya. She tells him everything what Priya said. Kaka gets shocked. Santoshi says Priya said she did that on someone’s saying. He asks who can do this. Madhu says whoever, whats use to know now.

Santoshi recalls Madhu’s words and gets tensed. Kaka looks on noticing that. Madhu says I told you Santoshi not to say anyone, anyways its okay if you told Papa, don’t tell anyone, I will manage matter. She asks Kaka not to tell this to anyone, I don’t want others to worry, I will do something. She goes. She thinks Santoshi can tell this to anyone, I have to do something, else all hardwork will go waste.

Kaka says we can’t change whatever happened, but I know its all fate, I pray and wish that everything gets fine, Madhu explains Dhairya, its your wish. He goes. She recalls Dadi’s words.

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Santoshi Maa 25th March 2016 –


Santoshi Maa 25th March 2016 –

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