Lakshmila ff (Intro)

Hi guys I am going to write a very small ff on lakshmila
Hope u will all like at

A dark room filled with paintings and few diya litted the air is chilly it was surely midnight a lady is sleeping in her bed she could not sleep her eyeballs move due to a bad dream she wakes up in shock and takes lakshman name her face is not shown her sleepless swollen eyes r only shown slowly she gets up from the bed and moves forward to the interior part of her chamber she sees a painting and lost in thought it was a handsome prince painting it was lakshman her beloved lakshman

A tear escaped her eyes she went to the balcony and the moon light reflects her face her face is shown it looks like a lotus it is r urmila
her voice sweeter than honey as only she could hear wat she tells even the moon looks dark and the stars fade when u r not near me she closes her eyes and again a tear she says to herself everybody say I reflect u then I am u
U r in me then how can I cry my dear I cannot lose u even in my tears and star at the sky

Lakshmila ff (Intro)


Lakshmila ff (Intro)


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