Swasan : Destiny (Episode 38)

Swasan : Destiny (Episode 38)

Sanskar’s pov~~

It had been almost four hours. Four hours since the accident. There was no change in Swara’s condition. No matter how much we tried, she just laid there, unconscious. There are no words to explain how was I feeling at that very moment.
‘What if she doesn’t wake up?’ I thought as the words of doctors rang in my ears. “If she doesn’t wake up in the next four hours, she can go into coma…” He had said. This just couldn’t happen to her! I mean, she was supposed to live! For me…

I felt a light tap on my shoulder and found Swara’s mom. She too had been worried as hell all this time.

“Sanskar, I think you should go home and take rest. You look really tired now. I’ll keep you updating about Swara, okay?” She said. How could I go home? How could I even think of leaving Swara like that?

“No. I’ll stay.” I replied coldly.

“Listen dont punish yourself like that. Swara is going to be okay. She’s going to wake up and she’s going to come home with us…” She said. All I could do was nod. I didnt know what was going to come next. Either I get my life back or either I lose everything right here…

Third person’s pov~~

Helpless, tired and tensed, Sanskar, Laksh, Ragini and Swara’s parents stood outside the dull hospital room where Swara was in. It had been four hours since the accident and Swara hadn’t gained consciousness yet.

Soon the doctor approached everybody. Swara’s mom, who was only eager to know about her daughter’s condition, asked the doctor —

“How is she?” The doctor sighed and took a look at everyone. Ragini and Laksh stood there holding each other tight. Swara’s dad too was standing by his wife. But Sanskar…he didn’t even seem to notice the doctor. He didn’t have the guts to face him or the news he was going to give. He stood a little far away staring at Swara. His eyes not leaving her for even a moment.

“It’s been four hours already and she has not been responding to anything. That only means one thing… I’m sorry… But she’s gone into coma..” The doctor said apologetically.

That’s it.. That was enough to make the situation worse. Swara’s mom broke down into a pool of tears while RagLak tried to process what they had just heard.

Meanwhile Sanskar couldn’t react to anything. He had heard… He had clearly heard what the doctor had said. But he was too weak to say anything. No words came out. He could barely notice what was going around.

“But how can you just jump to the conclusion that she has slipped into coma?! You’ve to check her again! You cant just leave it like that.” Ragini said.

“I’m sorry. We’ve tried but she’s not responding to anything…” The doctor said again.

“No! No you’re lying. She will wake up! She has to.. Do something and wake her up!” Ragini said bursting into tears. The doctor sighed and tried to say something but seeing Swara’s family like that, he couldn’t do it. So finally, for their sake, he agrees to try to wake Swara up one last time.

“Okay. I’ll try one last time. But if she doesn’t wake up, then I’m sorry. I cant even help.” He said and walked into he room. Even though everybody knew they were hoping against hope, somewhere they had a feeling that its going to be okay.

Sanskar, who wasn’t willing to go in, was finally convinced to go. They just stood there, beside Swara in silence, when her mom spoke up.

“Is she awake? She’s not responding…Swara hey!…open your eyes..”

“Just keep on saying things to her. She might react.” The doctor said while checking her pulse.

Sanskar who hadn’t said a word stood next to Swara’s lifeless body.

“Swara open your eyes, love…I love you…so much. We all do.” He said in an unsteady voice. Light sobs were heard from his backs nd the eyes in the room were fixed on Swara.

“Her pulse is getting stronger…” The doctor said. Swara’s mom gasped and looked at her daughter hopefully. Sanskar took Swara’s hand in his, as all of them were waiting for something to happen.

And then…as if God had been listening to their prayers, Swara squeezed her eyes shut. Her other hand crumbled the bedsheet and she was starting to show signs of improvement.

There she was…slowly after a lot of difficulty, she fluttered her eyes open. She was back…alive…perfectly alright.

A big smile was spread across everyone’s faces as they sighed with relief. After holding back so much, Sanskar let a few drops of tears flow…but this time… They were happy tears.

“Swara…thank god you’re okay baby…” Sanskar said. Meanwhile, Swara tried to adjust to her surroundings. Everything seemed foreign go her…specially that voice…

“I love you so much… You dont know how worried we all were baby.. Never do that again…never think of leaving me again, jaan.” Sanskar said wrapping his arms around her fragile body, carefully not to harm her in any way.

But Swara didn’t respond. She looked so pale…and …confused. Like she had never seen Sanskar before.

“Baby? Swara…say something..” Sanskar said cupping her face. Swara looked around at the white walls and the blurred images in front of her which were getting clearer slowly and then she looked at Sanskar. The one she was in love with…

“Who are you?”…
To be continued. . .

So we are back to present finally ! How was the episode?
So this is the episode where it will hold on ** if you guys chose to read Fix You <3

Swasan : Destiny (Episode 38)


Swasan : Destiny (Episode 38)

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