Uttaran 14th November 2014 Written Update

Maiya doesn’t accept Nandini’s presence and tells her to go, she starts to cough and Nandini leaves. Rani looks at them and also goes after Nandini while Maiya is taken to her room. Rani is standing out the door telling Nandini not to cry when Meethi comes and hears it as well. Nandini comes out of the room cleaning her tears when she confronts Meethi who tells her to not to take a bad impression of Maiya’s words. Nandini says that she hasn’t taken wrong impression of any of the words.
Meethi tries to calm her down and Rani accepts what Meethi says that as she trusts her. She tells this to Akash as she comes out of the room. She asks Akash if he would take care of Nandini while Akash tells her to go and have breakfast. Meethi says to Akash that it is the first time I saw her cry like this and says that keep Rani happy as you are the father. Akash says that I have to keep someone else happy while Meethi leaves saying that she has work. Akash remembers the time they were buying saires in the market and promised to buy her a pink sari.
Mukta comes to Vishnu and says that she is Okay and will come soon. Vishnu says that you are sick and are going to drive taxi. Mukta says that she has go as there is no goods in the house and they have to return Chameli’s money as well. Vishnu gets a wrong call and pretends that it’s from his office.
Uttaran 14th November 2014 Written Update
Malvikta confronts Nandini and says that she won’t live without and says that she is only telling the truth. Nandini says that because of her there are gaps between Akash and Meethi and the woman who protected her daughter is in a bad situation. Malvika whispers that her plan is going to fail because of her while Nandini hears it and asks her to explain it. Malvika says that she is trying to bring Akash and Meethi together and without her the plan will not complete and wants Nandini to help Meethi as well.
Malvika says that if you leave like this then will your past with Akash end. She says that the past will remain and you must tell this to Akash and get close to her and tell him that he must not hurt Meethi. Nandini says that you are saying the right thing and asks Malivka of her help, Malvika says that she will help her and leaves as Maiya calls her.
Maiya is very sick while Malvika is nursing her; Akash comes and asks if she needs any help. Akash comes and shows the sari he brought for Meethi and wants Maiya to give it to her. Maiya says that you give to her and Akash leaves the stuff for Maiya to give which also includes saries for Nandini. Malvike decides to give the saries as Maiya is very sick.
Malvika intentionally picks the wrong pack and goes to Nandini. She gives her the new sary saying that you are also a part of this house now and Akask brought this for you. She says to thank them as Akash cares for her a lot. She opens the pack and shows her the pink color sari and says to her to wear it and come downstairs.
Meethi comes and tells Rani to give the drink to grandmother though Maiya doesn’t want it but Rani forces her to eat this and starts to count to three. Maiya remembers how Akash used to act but then pushes it aside but when Meethi insists it she drinks it. Meethi is about to leave when Maiya tells Meethi to take the sari as Akash brought it for her as it is her favorite color. Meethi also remembers the time when they were buying saries and is surprised that Akash didn’t remember.
Precap: Nandini comes down the stairs wearing the pink sari and thanks Meethi for telling Akash to bring this sari for her
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