She and Her Kidnapper (7)

She and Her Kidnapper (7)

He came back with some shopping bags and put it on the bed.

“Here is some clothes for don’t need to wear my over sized clothes” as he said I looked at my self.

I was a tiny piece in his clothes ? I nodded at him.he handed me my anklet and said

“I don’t need this”.

I looked at him with a question look.he didn’t say anything and went to washroom. I heard him turn on the shower.

My stomach started making sounds. I went to kitchen to grab something for my stomach. I opened the!!! The fridge was like a chocolate store!! I took a bowl from the racks and filled it with chocolate bars.I went to living room and sat on the sofa cross legged.I started my work (eating).

He came to living room. He was wearing sweatpants and half sleeve t-shirt.he looked at me through angry eyes.why this man is always angry?? :/

I forwarded my food bowl to him.he gave me a death glare and stormed to kitchen. When I finished my chocolate I went to kitchen.I cleared my throat. He didn’t looked at me.he was busy in chopping onions. No tear drop came from his eyes. I doubt is he a man or robot. I sat on the counter and watched him cooking.

“What are you preparing? ” I asked politely.


As if I don’t know :-

I opened my mouth to talk back but what he said made me chock on air.

“Only for me”

How can he be so cruel? He kidnapped an innocent girl and now he is not giving her food :'(

“For me?” I asked in a heartbroken tune.

“You had chocolates” he said while serving the food in his plate. I gulped my own saliva.the smell was amazing. Is he a cook?

“It was only a bowl” I said looking at his pasta.

“Are you an elephant? ”


“How much will u eat, crazy woman”

Again he called me crazy? ? I won’t leave him now.he was pouring milk to a glass.I snatched the glass and poured the milk on his head.

“Don’t dare to call me crazy woman” I was about to left the kitchen just then something hit my back.I felt something cold on my back.I turned to him.he smirked at me.he was holding an egg in his hand.

He hit me with egg!!

“Challenging? ?” I put my hands on my hip.

“Yeah..crazy woman” again he called me crazy woman.

I grabbed a knife from the stand and pointed it to him.

“Just drop the egg, or else….”

“Or else…” He came close

“Or else…umm..or else…” Or else what would I do :p

“Say Zahra…or else” he came more closer

“Iwillkillyou” I rushed out the words

“I didn’t hear what you said, crazy woman” he stepped more closer

“I said…I will…kill you”

“Really? ” as he said he came more close.


“Really? ” I went more close to her and twirled her around. Her back hited my chest.I took her both hand in mine.slowly removed the knife from her hand and put it on the counter.her hand was as soft as a feather. I didn’t remove my hand from her’s neither she fight back.I inhaled her smell.she smelled like lavender like old times.nothing is changed in her.she was the old stubborn Zahra who always fought with her mom to meet her Abeer.

What I am thinking? I am not going to my past again.she is only my past and she will be.I don’t want her to know who I am.

“Woah…woah..bro..I am really sorry for interfering in your ‘romance’ ” it was Adam. How he entered the house. Oops I forgot. He has the spare key of my home.

I released Zahra from my embrace. She took two steps away from me.I looked at her.she was blushing! !!! Why would she?

“Ahem….ahem…” Adam cleared his throat.

“What are you doing here?” I punched on his chest.

“Cool bro.I know u r angry with me coz I ruined ur romantic moment with ‘your’ crazy woman.but trust me.I am here about to talk about Rabeeh”

“You took me wrong Adam.we weren’t doing anything” I said while grabbing him to livingroom.

“Yeah, you both weren’t doing anything but feeling each other” he said mockingly

“Shut up Adam”

“You know Abeer, you about to kiss her if I didn’t come on the time”

“WHAT” I was just holding her hands.

“Okey. .let me narrat the whole situation. I rang the bell twice.but there wasn’t no one to open the door for I myself opened weren’t living room nor in dining. So I went to kitchen. And the scene was….” He looked at me for my reaction. I was curious to know what I did.

“Say, man” I said frustrated

“You were hugging her from behind and she was lost in you.”

“I wasn’t hugging her, Adam”

“I see..let me complete, Abeer”


“Your lips were near to touch her ear lob” this statement of Adam completely utterly shocked me.

was I??? How can I do that??? Why didn’t she stopped me??
What will she think of me? Why couldn’t I stop myself from being near her??? I continuously ran my finger on my hair.


His touch made me froze. I couldn’t move.I was crave for his touch for past ten years whenever I feel now the touch made me forgot about everything. I just stood in his embrace eyes closed.I can feel his breath on my ear.just then someone was Adam.

Emberassment :/

Adam was blabbering over ‘our’ so called romantic moment. Literally I was blushing. Yes, Abeer always made me blush even in his absence. Abeer grabbed Adam from kitchen. I didn’t move for sometimes. Then I took his food and calmly ate it.

I went to living room after washing dishes.Abeer was cleaning dining room.he didn’t looked at me.Adam was decorating the living room.

“What’s going on?” I asked dumbfounded.

“Someone special is coming tomorrow” Adam replied



Rabeeh!!! The one who he talked on phone!!! Whom he said to I love you!!!


I know I took so long to update. .please forgive me guys.I am becoming too lazy nowadays and my mind is not working properly.

Credit to: Ruby_Ryan

She and Her Kidnapper (7)


She and Her Kidnapper (7)

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