A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 33

Thank u so much all of u for commenting and praising me and my ff…I wanna meet and hug each and everyone of u for all the Luv u hav given me…now ull hav bcom an inseparable part of my life… I wanna be in touch with ull forever.
Ohk enough chapad chapad..
Ull read the episode 33

Scene 1(twinj’s room)
Twinkle gets a message… She checks her phone….she smiles naughtily and smirks.
Kunj is in the washroom… he comes out and finds twinkle missing again.
Kunj: Hmmm she might hav got ready and gone down…I shud get ready too.
Kunj moves towards the almirah.
Suddenly someone comes from behind and places hands on his face.
Kunj gets shocked… He turns to see who it is…and it’s none other than our twinkle.
Twinkle had applied colour on kunj’s face.
Twinkle: Happy Holiiii…Mr sadu sarna.

Kunj: Ohhhh ya today it’s holi in India right…it just went out of my mind…but from wer did u get this colour here.
Twinkle: Tum Bas aam khao…gutli kyun gin rahe ho.
A flash back is shown.
Twinkle receives a message from Maya.
Maya wishes her happy holi…and tells her that it’s their first holi after marrige and they are not in India…but they must celebrate and that’s why Maya had put a packet of holi colour in their bag…she asks them to enjoy their first holi
Twinkle reads this and smiles naughtily and smirks.
Flash back ends.
Kunj: Ohk ohk…but only u will apply colour or what…give me some colour too….I too wanna apply it on ur face.
Twinkle: No there is only 1 packet and I hav to apply to Aru..diii…and jiju as well
Kunj asks her to giv at least little… But she runs away…kunj runs behind her…she reaches the almirah and puts the colour packet in the drawer and closes the door…she turns…to find kunj exactly in front of her…close…actually very close to her.
He puts one hand on her waist and pulls her even closer…their bodies completely touching each other.

Kunj slowly bends down…Twinkle closes her eyes and breathes heavy….kunj rubs his cheeks on hers and applies colour on her face too…. She blushes…sajnave plays.
Kunj then moves…twinkle is still standing there closing her eyes..
Kunj: Ohh hello siyappa queen…I’m done…ab Kya dusre gaal pe bhi lagaun ??
Twinkle opens her eyes and nods no.
Kunj: Then plzzz wash ur face quickly.. Every1 wud be waiting for us.
They wash their faces…get ready and go down….yuhi ask them why did they get so late…b4 answering… Twinj quickly apply colour on their faces too and wish them happy holi.
Yuhi wish them too… And go to wash their face.
Arnav comes there.
Arnav: Twinki…ull didn’t leave yet…
Twinkle quickly applies colour on him too
He gets surprised.
Twinkle: Happy holi Aru.
Arnav: Uffff…tu nahi sudharegi….I’ll hav to go and change now.
He smiles at her and leaves.

Scene 2(Paris tour)
Twinj and Yuhi first go to Notre Dame…. Then they go to a famous restaurant to hav lunch.
They are having lunch wen suddenly twinkle’s phone rings.
Twinkle: Excuse me guys I’ll just come.
She goes to a nearby empty area and pics up the call…it’s Aru’s call.
Twinkle: Heyy Aru…thank u so much for making me realize that….
Aru: Making u realize what twinkle ??
Twinkle: Ohhh don’t act yaar…I know u hav purposely done everything…u purposely told all that to me at the pool side…so that I can realize how much I…
Aru: Yea tell…how much u…
Twinkle: That how much I love kunj…Aru thank u so much…u know I’m such a duffer I loved him but I myself didn’t know about it…but all thanx to u..
Aru: Hmmmm so what’s my reward.

Twinkle: Anything for u Aru… I Luv u…just Luv u sooooo muchhhhh….I will do anything for u..I promise
Kunj had come to call twinkle as the food had come…he unluckily herd only the last line of the convo and gets hell shocked
Kunj thinks: What !!!! Twinkle loves Arnav….how is that possible…no no kunj he is just her friend…but she said it by her mouth right in front of me… No this can’t be true….I can’t live without u Twinkle…don’t do this to me…plzzz don’t do this I’ll die without u…yes yes twinkle I Luv u…what am I saying…but this is what my heart is saying…ohhh God I Luv siyappa queen…why didn’t I realize my Luv earlier…. I’m realizing it today wen it’s too late….(he has tears in his eyes)
Twinkle cuts the call and turns to find kunj there
Twinkle: Kunj u….ohhh God….Y are u crying…what happened.
She runs to him and cups his face.
Kunj immediately moves her hand off.
Kunj: Why wud I cry…I guess something went in my eyes… It’s ohk let’s go.
Twinkle holds his hand and stops him.
Wait let me see if there is anything in ur eyes it will keep hurting u…and I can’t see u in pain… He looks at her with love and lots of pain in his eyes…she to looks at him with love….they share an eye lock.
Channn se Jo tute koi sapna…jag suna suna lage…jag suna suna lage…koi rahe na jab apna plays.
Kunj: Ab to dard sehene ki adata daalni padegii Siyappa Queen.
He removes her hand and leaves
Twinkle is confused to see him like that and she didn’t know what he want to say by his last statement.

Scene 3(Paris tour)
They go to the palace of Versailles.
It’s a wide spread palace and is mesmerizing…. Twinj and Yuhi roam and view each and every corner….twinkle and Yuhi are enjoying a lot…but kunj is all heart broken and sad.
He stares at twinkle… Who is happily enjoying the beauty of the palace.
Kunj: Why Babaji….why did I hav to Luv her…we used to fight like cats and dogs…we never thought we cud be friends…but we became friends that to best friends…we got married due to all that confusion but it never felt that this marriage is a Samjhauta(bond for name sake)…we were some how happy with it.
He remembers the past moments…their engagement…sangeet dance… Haldi incident of kunj climbing into twinkle’s room with the ladder…their marriage… Their first night…he gets a broad smile on his face and a big fat tear falls from his eyes.
Darmiyan Darmiyan…Darmiyan Darmiyan kuch to tha tere mere Darmiyaannn plays
He sees yuvi coming and wipes out his tears.
Yuvi: Kunj yaar…Y are u standing here alone….come see…what a palace… U won’t find such a beautiful palace any where.
Kunj nods and goes with him…

They decide to go back to hotel for dinner and they will..see Eiffel tower and jardin du Luxembourg (Garden of Luxembourg) the next day which is their last day in Paris.
They leave for the hotel.
Scene 4(twinj’s room)
They freshen up and twinkle goes and sits in the balcony.
She enjoys the view and the colddd breeze.
Twinkle: Kunj…kunj come here…see it’s so pleasant here….
Kunj goes there.
Twinkle: Ahhhh kunj tomorrow is our last day in Paris…. I hope we cud stay here for some more time.
Kunj is lost in his thoughts.

Twinkle shakes him…he comes back to his senses.
Twinkle: Wer are u lost…???
Kunj: Ummm…no where…I guess we must go down…it’s time for dinner… I’m very hungry.
He turns to leave.
Twinkle holds his Hand and asks him to sit with her for some time.
Kunj hesitantly sits.
Twinkle: Kunj u look tensed….after we had lunch…u seem to be lost somewhere
Tell me what’s the issue

Kunj: Nothing twinkle…. I’m just tired…that’s it.
Twinkle: Ohhh come on kunj u r my best friend I know u in and out….so don’t hide anything from me….plzzz tell me.
Kunj gets up.
Kunj: Ohhh really twinkle…u know me in and out han…so Y didn’t u know that I…
He stops…and thinks…no I can’t tell her anything… If she luvs arnav and will be Happy with him then I’m happy with that too.
He doesn’t continue and leaves.
Twinkle: I know what u wanted to say kunj…I too wanna say that to u and I’m dying to hear it from ur mouth.
She blushes and smiles.
On the other side kunj is sitting all sad with tears in his eyes
The screen freezes on Twinkle’s happy face on one side and kunj’s sad face on the other.

PRECAP- The much awaited Twinj Luv confession… Finally.

Hope u guys liked the epi…sry if it was short and boring..but next 1 will be better for sure….plzzzz do share ur views via ur comments…. Luv u all…stay blessed.

A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 33


A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 33


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