Rab ne banadi jodi (our twinj ka) Episode 9

thank u sooooooo much for ur support and here is epi 7 of rab ne banadi jodi
its starts raining
twinj r moving towards home they r getting wet in rain,but r not bothered about it
finally they reach their flat,kunj opens the door,he goes inside… twinkle still staring at kunj didnt recognise the border at the door step,
she slips…..and screams kuuuuuuunj……..,he turns back and holds her but he looses the balance and both fall on ground twinkle over kunj
T:i… am sorry kunj and she tries to get up but falls back due to wet cloths…..btw………..kunj was not in his senses, he feels her touch and enjoys the situation
K:unconciously keeps his hand over her face and moves her wet hair back to her ears, twinkle was surprised and looks on
he caresses her face,moves his hand towards her waist he stares at her lovingly
T:thinks what happend to this kunj today what he is doing…. but ho babaji… what happnd to me why i am feeling goose bumbs in my stomach why i am not resisting him,
she looks at him,who was loking at her lovingly,she lost her in his eyes,they share an eye lock(intense, deep)
he was moving towards her, coming forward to kiss her shining wet lips,she was feeling tensed, her lips r shivering, they are really close and
she closes her eyes to comfort her self,butttttt…………….

cherry who was about to enter the house(returning from their job) was hell shocked to see them like that, he hears foot steps of chinki and yuvi
who r coming behind him and he rings the door bell to make them concious…. before yuki seeing them
…… suddenly door bell rings they become concious an akwardness devolops in btw them….
C:arey what r u doing on ground like that
they compose them selfs and stands saying
K&T(together)wo as floor is wet so we fell down
K: actually it was my mistake
T:yes it was his mistake….. kunj gives a angry look at her twinkle makes a childish face
CHR:gives a confused look at them why u both r wet
T&K:wo….wo its…its raining out side na thats why…. kunj takes a towel to dry him self… twinkle starts sneezing,he hand overs towel to twinkle,
twinkle takes the towel and looks at him lovingly ,he smiles back
cherry gives a suspicious look at them
its night at the same day:
cherry sees kunj lieng on bed and smiling(actually remembering how he confessed that he will never leave twinki) and
twinkle standing in balcony and lost in her own world(shys remembering how she hugged him tightly)
CHR(self talk): jaroor e dono kuch biryani paka raha hi…i will find out what it is ….(smirks)afterall i hv to add some spice in it
its still raining
maahi(self talk):where r u…. its 15 days 18 hrs 39min still i didnt see u….yuvraj… where r u? i am missing u ….she remembers the day

after their first meet,yuvi starts following maahi along with kunj by his side
maahi in her final year of mbbs moving towards busstop along with her friend(kushi) to reach college, she feels that some one is following her turns back,
but by the time our hero’s hide behind a tree she goes towards stop and waits for bus,
her senior student comes there and says hey dear today i want your decision ,accept my love i love you sooooo much…….
kushi gives an angry look at him and turns her face away he again asks her to accept his love but she says see i am not complaining against u
since it will spoil ur future u dont take it as a lineage and if u still keep doing it then i will make u get suspended
sr st:(makes a scared face)ho no please please please ddont do that dont spoil my life,he laughs and says u cant do anything u hv only one way come with me and enjoy
then u will be safe he holds her hand kushi tries to take her hand back
some one slaps him hard he leaves her hand and gives a death glare at maahi
M:what r thinking u keep harraccing girls and we keep crying,it will not occur any more, she takes out a pepper spray from her bag and starts spraying on them,
they ran away

yuvi keeps his hand on his cheek thinking she will do same with him,
kunj:looks at him and smiles saying that yuvi she is seeming to be a rebel i think you hv to eat many slaps to get close to her
meanwhile all the crowd gathers there and starts saying many words
M:y u ppl came now…. u are watching all this since start but no one dared to come forward and protect a girl if it happens with ur family members then what,
… u ppl dont do anything before hand
but do protests afterwards saying we want justice,u ppl pray for a girl attacked by acid but u dont stop any girl getting effected by it,
if u come forward to save a girl then no one will dare to do sooo
now its kunj who was more impressed by her says
K:yuvi my to be sister is really good, dont miss her at any cost,one can die to get a girl like her, yuvi smiles in agreement

its in the evening
senior who escaped from the crowd fumes,comes back with a deadly intension,he comes to them and smiles evilly he takes out a chemical bottle,and throws on them
maahi closes her eyes and thinks today is my last day,after a while she opens her eyes after hearing bottle break sound she founds kushi on the floor and
yuvi,kunj holding the guys they start beating them like hell she makes kushi get up, kushi explains her every thing how kunj pushed her down and
yuvi standing infront of maahi and holding the acid bottle,she says that yuvi’s hand burnt in the process
maahi gets concerned she calls a auto,holds his hand,make him sit in it asks auto driver to move towards care hosptals(place where she is studying)
yuvi follows her blindly staring lovingly at her
she gives first aid to him,and dresses his wound she gives all the instructions about his treatment while uv seeing at her without paying any attention
maahi says ho no i didnt even asked your name she forwards her hand saying i am maahi ..(smilingly)
yuvi forwards his hand and gives a hand shake he says
Y:i love u maahi:what (confused)
M:r u joking we just met now
Y:love doent see the time,and duration i……. just love……… u
M:give a deadly glare and says go………to…..hell she leaves he smiles looking at her……. fb ends maahi smiles and goes to sleep

after two days its evening 5
twinj r on their way to home from arora’s fashions twinkle keeps silent
K:what happnd miss maha rani was not talking anything, did u keep any monavrath
T:no yaar nothing she thinks should i say it to him r not
she decides to say it and asks him to stop at a coffee shop
they order for a coffee twinkle hesitates to say it
K:observes it and says u r giving me a treat so that i understood that u r going to ask something big and now dont hesitate and say it
T:looks at him says kunj will u help to take a decision
K:so casually sips his coffee and says offcourse i am expert in it u can ask me anything
T:kunj wo….. actually…. u know what…..today…..ajj.
K:today is saterday and tommorrow sundy i knew it, tell something else
T:wo……ajj rahul ne mujse propose kiya(she says it in hurry)
k:kunj coughs and hurts himself by hot coffee,his heart stopped beating
he asks then what did u reply him???????? he was sooooo curious and tensed, screen freezes on his tensed face

PRECAP: left it to ur imagination

hai friends i am really happy that u r liking it and i am sooooooo sorry for my delay and i will try to post it on alternate days mean while
-our telly updates ff s are going in a fantastic way every single ff has its own charm and making me to wait for next episode i dont mension your names
as i may miss some names and may hurt you ppl which i dont want but u all are amazimg writers and keep going and
-last but not least one is that our tei serial track is also going very nicely and every single epi hvng its own charm (twinj scenes)and i am happy as rajjo s track is
going to end and i hope maahi will be fine after all she has to take revenge from yuvi but i hope at last yuvi realises hw much she loves him and he should love her
-one more request please comment yaar i need ur response

Rab ne banadi jodi (our twinj ka) Episode 9


Rab ne banadi jodi (our twinj ka) Episode 9


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