Manmarziyan…….. Second Chance Life 4

Manmarziyan…….. Second Chance Life 4

Second chance life….
Episode 4: crack in the armour

Arjun looked around mishra mansion before he went home. The house needed more security. Neil reassured he will take care of it. Once the investigation went on a route with neil as suspect. He remember reading in the file. But that notion was completely out the window when radhika regained her first memory. The love and protectiveness neil bestowed on radhika was true from the heart. Arjun himself witnessed that today.

The other suspect was a business rival of sharat mishra. Vivek khanna was quite vocal in expressing his contempt for sharat mishra. But it was a well know fact that the way vivek did business was disgusting. While sharat was a very ethical and honest person vivek was the complete opposite. Vivek was a cruel and greedy businessman who viewed everything in terms of money. It was a well known fact that the man was even cold to his own children.

Arjun wanted to stay prepared for anything so he had gone through a report done on the khanna family. Vivek’s wife, priya khanna, left him twenty years ago. No one knew the reason for that and vivek never gave any reasons. He have four children, three of which still remained with him.
The eldest, jai malhotra, is estranged from the khannas and had even gone to the extend of changing his name from jai khanna to jai malhotra. Malhotra was piyali’s maiden name. He now owned JM enterprises, a company well known for advertising and mass media.

Second was saral khanna. A wolf among the khanna clan. No regards for any ethics or women. They were disposible for him. He was the one who had the most similarities with vivek. Vivek is grooming him up to be the next vivek khanna.

Next was samaira khanna. An actress by profession. A very private person who guarded her privacy with a fortress. She will alwas be seen front and central in the parties held by khannas. A smiling beautiful face for the khanna industries.

The last one was manya khanna. A spoil rich party girl without much regards for anything other than fame, money and social standings.

Arjun had done his study about khannas as well as possible but this warning incident did not seem to have vivek’s involvement. A smart man like vivek will not be so stupid as to send a letter like that that have atleast 1% chance ro be traced to him. No if he wanted vivek will hire a person to finish off the job. He will never send such a letter, arjun was sure. But something somewhere was not clicking together as it should. Arjun had an intuition that he was forgetting something. That he was overlooking something.

Radhika started awake from sleep seeing the usual nightmare. Her frantic heartbeats were in no hurry to settle down. She wondered if neil, sleeping downstairs could hear her heartbeats. It was that fast and pounding. Her mouth was dry and she got up to drink some water. She went into the washroom and poured water on her face. There was no way that she could go back to sleep now. She looked at her tired reflection in the mirror. Too tired to even lift a finger. These nightmares were taking a toll on her health. Dark circles lined her eyes and her skin was looking deathly pale. She wondered if this was what arjun mehra had seen when he stared at her intently. That man was handsome…. too handsome for his own good. Also charming and confident. Too bad she had not met him five even six years ago. Then she would have stood a chance but now…. who needed a broken doll. She shook herself out of these thoughts. Suddenly there was a person wearing full black attire and a black shiny mask covering the person’s face behind her. She saw him through the mirror but before she could scream or turn around the person covered her with a blanket over her head. She screamed at the top of her lungs but had a feeling that the sound will come out muffled.

Neil jerked awake hearing radhika’s blood curling scream. He almost got a heart attack hearing it and rushed to her room. When he entered her room he saw a scene that made him go cold. A person in full on black attire was dragging an unconsious radhika to an open window. Neil rushed forward and the attacker seeing neil abandoned radhika and jumped out through the floor to ceiling open window. He saw the attacker sliding down a pipe and escaping into the dark.

He rushed to radhika and saw blood dripping from a gash on her forehead. Luckly it was not too deep, just a surfacr wound. He sprinkled water on her face and she came awake.
Radhika immediately hugged neil around his neck and curled into him.

Neil: its okay now. I got you. See i am here.

Radhika sobbed into his neck and neil lifted her up and placed her on bed and went about cleaning up her wound.

Radhika: oh neil, i thought…. i thought i was going to die…. and that then you will be alone….

Neil: hey hey nothing happened i am here. As long as i am here nothing will happen to you. Okay?

Radhika nodded.

Half an hour later radhika was sitting curled up on the couch in the drawing room. Her legs were folded up with hands wrapped around them and her chin rested on her knees. A bandage was put on her forehead over the wound. Arjun sneaked peeks at her while talking with neil about what happened. He studied her posture. It was painfully vulnerable. It was clear that she was curling into herself as a protective stance. Her cheeks had tear stains down them and her hair was put up in a messy bun with tendrils of hair escaping from it and framing her fragile face. Still she was the most beautiful thing that he had ever laid eyes upon. A protective warmth went through him. He didn’t knew what it was but he was sure that he will do anything to see a smile cross her lips and to keep her safe. He had never felt about a woman like this that too in such a short time. And that scared him immensely.

Neil was studying arjun intently. He had done a research. Arjun was the best in his field and having him here was the greatest advantage. He was proved right when he heard arjun’s plan.

Arjun: there are too many controversies here. Like how was the attacker able to get through the security gate without an inside help. Either one of your two employees are helping him or he is a much intelligent person who knows to crack the security pin that only you two and your two employees know.

Neil: i don’t doubt ramu kaka. He has been with us since i was adopted by papa. But the other one, michelle is new. So she could have…

Arjun: hmm my plan is to place extra security here but without drawing much attention of media or anything. You will need a bodyguard but with a coverstory. Say he is a friend staying with you.

Neil: can you stay for protection?

Arjun: actually our dept thinks it is best if i stay as protection. Since i am the officer investigating this it will be helpful to me and you all.

Neil: hmm i like that better.

Arjun: then we need a cover story. Say i am your friend or something. But the attacker will know the truth. After all he challenged us all. He is not a fool.

Neil: hmm you are correct. Since this is a high profile case we need a story to keep the media away from the drama. I have the perfect story.

Arjun: yeah? Lets hear it then.

Neil smiled smugly.

Neil: you are radhika’s boyfriend. Only we will be knowing it is pretend boyfriend.

Arjun was shocked and looked at radhika who had stayed silent through all this. She appeared shocked but nodded at him saying she was okay with it. He looked neil right in the eye.

Arjun: lets do it.

Next episode: the vultures descend.

Manmarziyan…….. Second Chance Life 4


Manmarziyan…….. Second Chance Life 4

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