Dehleez ff epi-9

Dehleez ff epi-9

The episode starts with adarsh tells his parents that he wants to get married… They gets happy. They send pic to house where swadheentha lives. She sees adarsh pic and wonders why he gave her? Her parents tells her that he is the one who is going to marry u!! She gets amused..

Adarsh and their parents comes there to asks her hand for marriage. Swadheentha gets ready as bride and comes down and sees adarsh and gets into dream. Her parents tells her to give snacks and drinks to all. She brings and gives to adarsh and spills dileberately and adarsh sees her and tells u! Everyone was clueless..

Swadheentha tells it is me!! He tells everyone that we are fighting case against each other. Now but we are going to get married!! No. He tells this can’t. She tells how dare u tells no for me. I am modern girl.
S:Tells I know u saw me many times and keeps on looking at me.
A:Tells how do u know?
S:tells girls know everything
A:Tells really!!
A:Then u should have known why I saw u?
S:She stands speech less
A:Asks her to speak up.
S:Brings holi colors and throws on his face and agrees for marriage
A:Gets happy and applies on her face too
S:Tells I love u!!
A:Me too!!!
S; Why did u hide me this much days?
A:I thought u love someone else.
S:She pinches him.

They all arrive at Hall girl asks adarsh which app u use for photo??? everyone laughs… Adarsh tells I use soap to get color . girl insists him to tell which app u Use for pics?? She cries

Precap:Aliya comes there and sees her zain talking to someone and brings him aside and calls him zain!!

Next epi will be funny pls don’t miss it and this epi also

Credit to: Narendran

Dehleez ff epi-9


Dehleez ff epi-9

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