Young love epi-20

Young love epi-20

The episode starts with ishaani tells ritvik to stay on his limits.. he tells ok. Ishaani comes to shoot and director tells about love scenes she agrees to do it.

Ishaani completes and comes towards the car suddenly she falls down. They all rush to hospital.He tells that she is pregnant. All gets happy but ritvik gets shocked and thinks how to kill this baby?

Ishaani hears that she is pregnant and she gets happy but she think it is ranveer child. But she tells her heart baby did not do anything wrong?

Ishaani asks director is there is any part balance for the film?He tells no and tells her to take care of her baby

Ishaani thnx him and comes to house and thinks about ranveer. She stops at once and keeps hand on her stomach and thnx god. Ishaani thinks ranveer betrayed me!!!!But pls child u don’t do this to me na?

Ranveer tells neha that he needs some time from come out so pls don’t take ishaani words when i am here. she agrees.

Ishaani comes to shoot and sees ritvik action scenes and looks on. Ritvik comes near to talk to her but she moves away from there..

Ranveer tells producer to make the film audio launch a big function and i will try to come there,,

Precap; 3 months leap….Ishaani comes to audio launch function. Ranveer comes to mumbai airport…

Let us they will meet or nor???????

Credit to: Narendran

Young love epi-20


Young love epi-20

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