Ek duje ke vaste ff epi-18

The episode starts with shravan and suman comes to maldives and they comes to hotel room. Suman tells shravan that i am really tired
Shravan; Really madam!!!!!!!
Suman; Yes
shravan; Then how can i help u?
Suman; My leg is paining
Suman; Pls massage my leg
shravan;tells really.here i am only husband
suman; u should work for wife also na? Becoz whole life we gonna work so u can’t work for wome time for me?
Shravan; tells ok
suman; shows her leg.
shravan; keeps his hand and massages
At certain stage she sleeps.Shravan gets up and keeps her head on his lap and kisses on her head and sleeps and its mrng

Suman gets up and shravan missing and seraches him and tells i am new to the city. How will i serach him.

He tells hotel manager but he does not understand the language.Suman leaves from there and comes and searches him in all places….

She sees shravan talking to his friend and comes there and takes him aside and pinches him and beats him for leaving her alone. He tells sorry!!!!!!!!!!!

She tells him to come with her and pls don;t leave me alone na ok!!!!!!

lekha calls someone and tells to kill shravan and he agrees. Shravan father hears it and gets shocked and comes to her and asks why she does this? She tells becoz my property will be safe..

She tells i have one bad habit i won’t leave anyone who knows my secret he takes him to terrace and pushes him from there. She shouts and vries and acts…

All people comes down and sees this and gets shocked..They all take him to hospital…

Lekha smiles evilly……She tells i will all and i will kill shravan also becoz i need money money…..

Precap; Shravan comes close to suman and keeps flower between their both mouths

Credit to: Narendran

Ek duje ke vaste ff epi-18


Ek duje ke vaste ff epi-18


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