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Swasan date part 2

Swara : Why do you hate love?
Sanskaar (after a long time, slurring) : I… don’t hate… love Swara! I….fear….it. My…..Bade…..Papa…..
He fell asleep on the car seat.
Swara (astonished) : Your bade papa?
Swara (thinking) : What does his bade papa have to do with this question?
Swara (loudly) : Sanskaar! Wake up! Please tell me what you mean by this statement.
But Sanskaar was sound asleep, oblivious to Swara’s tension and sound.
Swara (Exasperated) : Uggh! I told him not to have those shots. Why does her never listen to me? This Mr Maheshwari… One of these days, I swear I’ll kill him. But what do I do now? How will he go inside? I could probably sneak in… But I cannot tke this monster with me?
She looked at him again and hit him lightly in the face.
Swara : Haan! You sleep peacefully and let me do all the thinking. Kaamchor…. Swara! Stop wasting time. It is 12 already. You spent so much time in that club that you never noticed the bl**dy time. Now just do something snd get him in…. (thinking and thinking) OF COURSE! Why didn’t I think of this sooner? My brain is not working because of this idiot!
She took her phone out and dialled a number.
Swara : Laksh! Please come outside jaldi! Your brother went completely crazy and is now in a drunken sleep. I don’t want Badi Ma or mom to know. Can you please sneak him in?
Laksh (chuckling) : Kya Swara? One day with him and you reduced him to a drunk? Itna tang kiya usko?
Swara : Laksh Maheshwari! I thought you are nice and my friend. But you’re taking monster’s side? I don’t like you! And for your kind information, I never troubled him. He challenged me and then drank so much himself. Pagal aadmi!
Laksh : Chill Swara! I’m on your side only. After all, Bhabhi before bhai! Ruko, I’ll come downstairs with Adarsh.
Swara : Jaldi! I have to go home.
Laksh : I’ll drop you. Don’t go alone.
Swara : Nahi, It’s ok Laksh! I’ll take the car. It’ll be fine.
Laksh (in a voice that brooked no protest) : Swara! It’s 12 at midnight. If you think I’m going to let you go alone, you’re either drunk or crazy or both. Now shut up and stay there. I’m coming downstairs. Not to mention that if Sanskaar finds out tomorrow I let you go alone, He’ll kill me. Do you want your devar and friend to die(in a woebegone voice)
Swara (chuckling) : Achcha dramebaaz. You drop me. Now come fast and take this monster inside.
Laksh : Yeah… coming!

After about 5 minutes,
Swara stood facing the garden seemingly thinking about something, when 2 figures strode near her.
Laksh (from behind Swara) : Swara?
Swara, startled out of her mind, jumped, turned and hit the figure in front of her.
Laksh (in a hurt voice) : Ouch! Adarsh! Stop this girl. Swara, It is me, LAKSH! Ouch! She’s scratching me now. Adarsh…
Swara (listening to Laksh’s voice, stopped hitting and spoke apologetically) : Oh Shit, Sorry Laksh! I didn’t see it was you. Why did you creep behind me like that?
Adarsh (laughing) : No matter Swara… He deserved it. Laksh! Just wait until I tell Sanskaar and Uttara tomorrow. Especially Uttara! Swara, Good job! Now where is this drunken fiance of yours?
Swara looked at Laksh apologetically one last time while he glared at her, then pointed towards the car.
Swara : There’s your brother.
Adarsh and Laksh went and saw Sanskaar sleeping peacefully in the car with a slight smile on his face. They tried waking him up but he never stirred.
Laksh : Offo! Now we’ll have to lift him up. What the hell did you do to him Swara? Did you hurt him like you did me?
Swara (indignantly) : Laksh! I swear to God, If you irritate me once more, I’ll scratch the shit out of your face. Then you’ll never get a girl. And your brother did this to himself. Who asked him to drink 8 shots, besides 3 glasses of wine?

Adarsh : Laksh! chup! Jaldi take him inside before Mom aur chachi see us. You have to drop Swara back as well. Jaldi!
They took Sanskaar inside and settled him in. Laksh came after 5 minutes and started the car. Swara got in and they left.
Swara : You settled him?
Laksh : Yeah! He is sleeping peacefully under the blankets, completely oblivious to the trouble we went through to hide him from Ma and chachi. Vaise they don’t mind us drinking, but coming drunk is a completely different matter.
Swara nodded absent-mindedly.
Laksh (curiously) : Swara?
Swara didn’t reply.
Laksh nudged her.
Laksh : Swara!
Swara : Kya?
Laksh : What happened? Did something happen today?
Swara : Nahi! I had a lovely time today…. It’s just….
She hesitated.
Laksh (gently) : Swara! I know we’ve only known each other for about 2 weeks. But we did become friends na? And you know you can trust me.
Swara (reassuringly) : I know Laksh! It’s not that. I just don’t know how to say it out loud……..
Laksh : Okay! But if you ever want to talk or b***c about Sanskaar, you know I’m always ready.
He winked at her mischeviously and she smiled.

Swara : Then I’ll be calling you a lot then. What will your wife say?
Laksh : Arre! Bhaad me jao, patni vatni! Dost is enough for me.
Swara : Aww! She hugged him sideways as he was driving.
Laksh : Anyways, Did you have fun today? I know he had something extensive planned. He always does. He can never do anything in a simple gesture. It has to be grand.
He rolled his eyes.
Swara looked at Laksh in surprise. She never knew this about Sanskaar! She thought of her memories : Sanskaar shouting to everyone that he would marry her, He throwing that employee out for molesting the girl, their dance in Darjeeling, today’s date.
Swara (thinking) : He’s right! Sanskaar is a grand gesture type of man. But how do I get to know what I really want to know? How do I ask Laksh about Sanskaar’s fear of love…. I can’t ask him that. But I can ask him one thing.
Swara (hesitatingly) : La..ksh!
Laksh turned serious immediately. He knew that Swara was going to talk about some important or serious matter.
Laksh : Yeah?
Swara : Do you remember your father?
Laksh (softening and speaking nostalgically) : Of course Swara! I spent 17 wonderful years with Papa before he passed away. Papa was the best man I could have ever asked for as a father. We all loved him. After Chachu passed away, It was him who comforted chachi and took care of Sanskaar and Uttara.
Swara smiled wistfully. She would never get to know this wonderful man.
Laksh : Sanskaar and Papa just clicked, you know.
Swara grew alert. She had to listen to this.
Swara : What do you mean?
Laksh : I don’t know how to explain, Swara! But all of us could see it. We didn’t understand it, but we saw it. Sanskaar loved Papa! He did everything that Papa aksed him to do. It was like he wanted… no needed his approval. Papa loved the four of us equally, But he loved us differently also. We never thought that Papa loved Sanskaar more. But everyone, from Mom to Uttara knew that their bond was a different one. When Papa died, Sanskaar was in Boston.
Swara nodded. She knew this.
Laksh : He rushed over from there and went inside Papa’s room. He stayed there alone for how long, I don’t know. But when he came out, He wasn’t the same man I had known for 17 years. He didn’t change, If that’s what you think. Not much, at least. He still joked with Adarsh and me. Bickered with Uttara. Everything seemed normal….on the surface.
Swara sat silently as Laksh’s voice changed into a thoughtful musing tone.
Laksh : He was still our Sanskaar. The man we knew and loved. But something did happen to him. He has covered his true feelings with many layers, Swara. And underneath those layers lies the primitive truth of Sanskaar.
Swara silently let a tear slip from her eye. Laksh noticed and stopped the car.
Laksh (concerned) : Swara! What happened? Why are you crying?
She shook her head and sat sobbing quietly.
Laksh (gently and knowingly) : You love him, don’t you?
Swara looked at him with surprise. Laksh half-smiled and hugged her.
Laksh : It’s written all over your face. You love him so much. You too have noticed his secrecy and pain. And you want to find out why, Am I right?
Swara nodded.

Laksh : Swara! I have never known a more determined person than you. First, you didn’t want Sanskaar to marry Ragini and you did everything you could to stop it. I know you are an extremely courageous and determined woman. I have complete confidence in you. Only you can change my brother. Sanskaar is but a shadow of himself. And with each passing year, He seems to retreat more into himself. Bring him out of this shell Swara. And I will help you do this.
Swara nodded determined and stretched out her hand. Laksh shook it firmly.
Swara : I will make my Sanskaar his old self again. His family will see the Sanskaar they want to see. Whatever he is fighting, I will fight them. And now, I have a friend who will help me (smiling at Laksh) If my love is true, Then I will succeed. I will succeed.
Laksh : Yeah Swara!
He started the car again and soon reached the Gadodia house. Swara got down and waved good bye to Laksh. She turned to go inside when Laksh beckoned her back.
Laksh : Kal engagement hai! Bhoolna nahi…
She dignified his responsewith a sarcastic glance at him.
Laksh (amused) : Swara! Is this how you look at him always? He too must irritating you.
Swara (muttered, though Laksh heard) : Obviously. He’s worse than you. All Maheshwari boys are crazy.
Laksh : Accha? I’ll tell Adarsh.
Swara : Adarsh is a sweetheart. Only my fiance and my best friend, though he’s in danger of losing that position are mad.
Laksh : Good that I won’t be your best friend. Atleast you’ll scratch someone else. (looking at the rearview mirror and gasping horrified) Swara… Just look at the scratches on my wrist and face. Are you a human or a tiger? (clutching his chest dramatically) I pity my brother now.
Swara (indignantly) : Laksh! Dramebaaz. Stay quiet at least once. You always make fun of me. Are you my friend or the devil? Ab go! It is 1 in the night. And thank you.
Laksh (smiling) : No probelm! And congratulations Swara. I’m really glad you’re going to be part of our family now.
Swara smiled and went inside, thinking about Laksh’s words.
Swara : I have to find out more about Sanskaar and Bade Papa’s relationship. Who shall I ask? Mom? No…. I’ll ask Badi Ma! But not tomorrow. It’s my engagement. Everyone will be busy and happy tomorrow. I will ask her the day after. PAr it’ll be Holi! Let’s see. But I have to talk to Badi Ma…..
She entered her room and changed.
Swara (settling underneath the covers) : Swara Gadodia! Tomorrow’s your engagement. Are you ready? Tomorrow step 1 of being with Sanskaar begins.
She fell asleep thinking of her love.
Swara woke up with a start. She gazed around the room unfocusedly, then stared at the clock. 8 ‘o’ clock. She heard her mother shouting and many servants replies.
Swara : God! Why is Ma so active nowadays? That day also she woke me up. And today also.
She heard Ragini’s voice as well, screeching. Swara winced.
Swara : What the hell is wrong with Ragini?
She went downstairs still half asleep and saw the hall flooded with items.
Swara : Ma! Ragini!
They couldn’t hear her because of the din.
Swara (shouting) : MA! RAGINI!
They turned towards her and smiled.
Ragini : Swara! You got up!
Swara (wryly) : I had to. You both were screaming your lungs out. But what the hell are you doing?
They looked at her stupefied.
Swara (demanding) : What? Do I have a pimple? Why are you staring at me?
Sumi : My dear girl! TODAY IS YOUR ENGAGEMENT!
Swara’s eyes opened wide. She had completely forgotten.
Ragini : Uh-oh! She’s going to freak out now.
Ragini : And here it begins.
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