Swaragini…Its fortune…Episode 6

Swaragini…Its fortune…Episode 6

Hiii everyone..
Iam back.
Sorry for a long gap.. You all might lost your touch with the story.So here are the links of the previous episodes.





I know guys that I had already told that today yaani in 6th episode I’ll reveal the pairs.So here we go.The pairs are SWALAK and RAGSAN.I dont care if you are gonna leave this ff just because of pairs.I only want the readers who respect my story.Sorry for my buck buck.
Episode 6
Sanskar:Ragini Gadodia..
Ragini:Sanskar Maheswari..
Sanskar:So you are the person who is gonna manage presentation department..great..
Ragini:You are my boss.?..!!
Sanskar:Yes..Iam..and welcome to SR group of companies..
Ragini :Iam not gonna work here..
Sanskar:Okay,then you can leave.
Ragini:Okay..bye forever.

Ragini starts to leave.
Sanskar:Wait a minute..before leaving hear this..you are not gonna get job in any of the companies as iam gonna fax to every companies that you are inefficient and dont have any manners.
Ragini:You…Whats your problem actually..
Sanskar:I will not leave you so easily.You insulted me in that mall..Now its my turn.
Goutham comes.
Sanskar:Goutham…say her about her works and all.
Ragini looks at sanskar angrily.
Sanskar smiles evily.
Ragini leaves with Goutham.
Sanskar’s POV
Ragini…i thought that I will never meet you again..But destiny made us to meet again…The day I met you in that mall itself I fell for you.
In London

Ragini was in London before with her parents.Sanskar too.
Once Ragini went to a mall for shopping with her mom.Sanskar was also there with his friend,Sneha.Both were in the same floor,ladies floor.Sanskar was helping his friend for selecting dress for her marriage.Ragini was selecting dress for her for wearing in her cousin’s marriage.
Ragini and Sneha went to trial room for trying the dresses.Both the rooms were opposite to eachother.
Ragini’s ma is waiting outside Ragini’s room.But mo went from there as she got a call.
Sanskar gets a message from Sneha:come and check how it looks.iam in trial room.
Sanskar went near trial room.Ragini thought that her mom is standing outside,so she opened the room.
Sanskar thought that Sneha opened it as she called him.He opened the room and get inside.
Ragini:Ma..please tie the knot of my blouse.
Ragini cannot see sanskar as she turned her back to sanskar.Sanskar gets shocked.
Sanskar also cannot see her directly but through the mirror.Sanskar is mesmerised to see her beauty.
As Ragini is not looking the mirror she cannot see him.
Sanskar tied the knot.He even didnt notice it.He was completely mesmerised in her beauty.
Ragini turned and ask:How is it ma..
She gets shocked to see sanskar there.She shouts aaaa…Sanskar came back into his senses.All the people gathered there.She came out of the room. Sanskar also came out.
Ragini:..how dare you..how cheap..
She said to everyone that he tried to misbehave with her.People start taunting him.All the people know him as he is so famous buisness man.

Sanskar:Actually its a misunderstanding..
Sneha comes.
Sneha:What happened.
She got to know everything.She tried to clear the misunderstanding.
But Ragini went from there by insulting him.
Sanskar gets angry but smiles thinking about her.
Flashback ends.
Sanskar:I love you Ragini..you r mine..

Episode ends.

Precap:Whats the relation between Ragini and laksh, swara and sanskar. ??

Guys…how was it..

Swaragini…Its fortune…Episode 6


Swaragini…Its fortune…Episode 6

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