swaragini would it better for me (Episode 20)

swaragini would it better for me (Episode 20)

hi guys am so so srry for all the spelling mistakes hayathi so srry i alredy said my problems to . i wanted share somemore i that i can feel better today i got one shocking news that
whom i loved rithvik is not a good his character is so bad . my brother said ok for my marriage but i came to know now only i almost felt like dying but i cann’t give any punishment to my family by dying .i don’t know what to do . as i said u before i have no friends so i can share with u guys only so bear srry today also am spoiling ur mood buy telling my problem

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guys i thought of ending this trip am i too draging it say it do u want them to go to their house
lets begin
every one went and they shimla glen

in bus

swara:ragini now u r comfortable right u changed ur clothes right
ragini:yes swara am comfortable only
sanskar:swara ur childhood friend is here but ur not asking me
laksh:that is swara . she will care for all but not for me
swara:guys ragini is like my srry a change in the line she is my sister ok we are
swaragini:we are swaragini
sanskar:nice swaragini
dhurv:are u happy we are going to go to our house soon within two days
swara:where we are going . we will meet u in college
ragini is busy seeing piku
sanskar:ragini bas poor piku don’t show ur face too close to it
dhurv:hey sanskar she is my princess stop saying it my princess is so cute
laksh:within two days u have become like raghul itself
dhurv:that is dhurv maheswari
ragini take something from the bag and smiles

swara:wat is it ragini
ragini:it is a chain when ever i feel happy i will see that i don’t know why
sanskar:so ur happy
ragini smiles

the bus stops all are getting down . it is night all in hotel zee recidency
all are leaving to their rooms
in ragini’s room
ragini keeps piku in the bed
ragini changes her dress
ragini:piku piku darling . am so happy piku i have got a brother dhurv . but i could not understand him because first he said that i am his 8th gf she now he is my brother and swara, swara is so nice i love it.sanskar who irritates me but but i lov no no not like that piku i like him so much. u whoever come they cann’t replace my raghul’s place
tears fall down from ragini’s eyes
ragini:piku no sentiment now .
ragini was putting food in the bowl

some is saying open the doors
ragini:am coming
ragini went and saw it is swasanlakdhurv
ragini:u r here wat happened at this time
sanskar:saw ragini wereing a short pant till knee and a t shirt he was mesmerised seeing her
swara:ragini u look cute in short dress. i always saw u in jeans and t-shirt that to full hand but u r looking cute
ragini:leave that u all have come to my room is any emergency
laksh:no ragini we just came to play . i said swara that we can call here but we don’t have ur number so that we came here
ragini:ok lets play but wat came
swara:my funny moment or about ur first love like that u say whatever u want
all are sitting down

dhurv is my turn
dhurv :let me tell u about my gf tina . this tina is like a mental who ask so many question she just opposite yo our ragini . our ragini will speck rarely but tina will keep quite rarely. next kavya . kavay is a kind hearted girl but she eats like a pig
swara:do u know when he met first time kavya dhurv said she the besutiful girl i met till now and no one can replace her character
dhurv:haan yes swara i said after that i saw deepika even she is the cutest girl i ever met . but i thing is missing in her her voice is exactly she give dubing to a donkey u know that
sanskar:dhurv stop ur gf purana plz
dhurv:swara u tell me hw loved my idiot brother
laksh:am i idiot
sanskar: correct dhurv for the first time ur saying a truth
laksh:its not fair yaar
laksh:actully i met swara for the first time it was love at first sight. i went and proposed her . she said am so lucky to get u laksh u r so handsome u r so great.i love u so much
swara:laksh don’t forget that am here let me tell
swara:i did not accept him at all he was going on asking me so that i thought to accept it
sanskar:it is my turn i will let u i started loving a girl
swara:sanskar krithi story ya

sanskar:just listen the way she looked at me . i was flying in the air. when she specks with me i almost feel am in heaven . 1st when i saw her she was quite anoying but soo i started falling for her. soon i reliased that i cann’t live without her i love her i love her
ragini was so irritated to hear sanskar’s love story(why guess it)
ragini:wat a disgusting feeling when she looked at u . u where flying in the air my god.when she specks u feel u r in heaven oh my god is this love
swara:ragini i think u did not love any one u have any crush
ragini:no i don’t have crush on any one
sanskar:when u love someone truly from ur heart u will get many feeling ok.

pecap:what u want

guys srry for spelling mistake plz understand my situation i thiught of stoping this ff but i will not cheat anyone

guys i don’t know how two react that this is my 20th episode and this side am cheated in the name of love . but am so happy that i did not marry him but i will not loose hope easily wat ever is god doing is good for me srry to share my problems with u

swaragini would it better for me (Episode 20)


swaragini would it better for me (Episode 20)

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