Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 30

Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 30

I know I have written a small episode but next episode I will uplode today only so read it and give your comments
Todays episode start with next morning abhi pragya and rohit are sleeping in same position and dadi enter the room and look at them and a smile come on her face
Dadi: I am correct she is perfect for my abhi they are looking like a complete family I how cute they looking with each other
Aliya comes their
Aliya: dadi

Dadi: ssshhhh and point towards abhi and pragya
Aliya also smile seeing them
Aliya: see na dadi after so many months bahi is sleeping peacefully
Dadi: and all bcz of pragya I thought she is perfect for abhi as wife
Aliya: yeah dadi I also want to tell u the same pragya di has such a sweet heart like pooja bahabi she can only give my smiling bahi to me
Pragya wake u by sound and see dadi and aliya and then see she is sleeping in abhi shoulder and get up and get shy abhi also wake up and see dadi and aliya
Abhi: gm dadi gm aliya
Aliya: gm bahi and gm pragya di
Pragya: gm

Abhi see towards pragya and smiles and say gm and pragya also tell gm and she wakes up rohit and rohit hug her
Rohit: gm dost and kiss on her cheeks
And then tell gm to abhi and kisses on cheeks and then go to dadi and aliya and wishes them gm
Dadi: u all get freshen up and do breakfast ok
Pragya: dadi then I will go home
Dadi: no beta u freshn up and do breakfast then abhi will take u to home
Pragya: noded
Rohit: wow dost you will do break fast with us I will go and get ready soon
And rohit goes to aliya and abhi also goes in washroom and pragya comes to dadi
Dadi see pragya face
Dadi: I know u don’t have clothes but will u wear sari
Pragya noded
And dadi goes to a cupbored and take out a sari and give it to pragya pragya gave her a look whose sari is this dadi and dadi understand it
Dadi: it is pooja sari abhi gifted her
Pragya: but dadi abhi will get angry
Dadi: no beta I will tell him that I have given it to u
Pragya: ok dadi and smiles and see the sari

Dadi: ok u come to my room and freshn up
And they go towards dadi room and pragya go th wash room and dadi sit their but after sometime dadi goes out for some work and pragya come out wearing sari it is a light pink sari and pragya has left her hair open and see dadi not their she close room gate but not lock it and go near dressing table and try to tie the dori of her sari but fails
And here abhi come out of washroom and search his jacket but remember that it is in dadi room so he go to dadi room and open the gate and see a girl trying to tie dori of sari
Abhi: pooja
Pragya turns towards abhi andsuddenly covers her back abhi lost in seeing her as her hair which are open coming on her face and she is removing it and abhi slowly coming near her and pragya get nervous
Pragya: vo dadi vo dadi tell me to wear please don’t become angry
Now abhi is near pragya and he put his figure on her lips
Abhi: ssshhhhh
And they both look at each other
Abhi: may I help u
Pragya understand and turns singnalling him to do

Abhi put her all hairs in front side and due to this he toch her bare back and pragya closes her eyes and a current passes from abhi body then he tie the dori and turns her
Abhi: u are looking beautifull miss chasmish
Pragya gets shy listening this they both don’t know that they are standing so much near each other

Pragya: thank u
And they both lost in each other and abhi is coming more near her and she is going back and she hits the wall and they stand their looking in each other eyes and after sometime dadi comes to her room and see both of them like this and a smile come on her face
Dadi: aahhhh
And they both come in senses and see dadi who is smiling and get shy
Abhi: dadi vo I came here to take jacket and take jacket from bed and goes from their fastly
And dadi smiles on abhi and then see pragya
Pragya : dadi I am also ready come lets go for breakfast and shys little bit
Dadi : ok beta
And they goes for breakfast


Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 30


Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 30

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