Tamanna 24th March 2016 –

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The Episode starts with Mihir getting Diwakar home. Diwakar says I came here as I m still arranging the new house. Diwakar asks them to hug, he will close eyes. Mihir says its nothing like that. Dhara says I will make tea and smiles. Diwakar asks Mihir not to get home, else Dhara will curse him in heart. Mihir asks Dhara to make food. Dhara asks Diwakar to have food with them till he arranges his house. They say some dohas and explain Diwakar. Diwakar says fine, I can’t refuse now, tell me what will you make. Dhara says khichdi… Diwakar laughs and says such big buildup and then khichdi. Dhara says my handmade khichdi is different. Diwakar says fine, make it.

Dhara makes khichdi and Diwakar likes it a lot. He asks shall I call you Bhabhi… no it will get big. She asks him to call by her name Dhara. Diwakar says fine, Dhara, I swear I did not eat such khichdi ever. Mihir says you underestimated her khichdi. Diwakar says we underestimated your wife. Diwakar likes the pickle. Mihir asks about some work. Diwakar says we will talk work in office. Diwakar asks is it Thursday, there is match going on, start tv fast, Dhara you did not tell me. Mihir plays tv and sits with Diwakar to watch the match.

Later, Mihir hugs Dhara and thanks her for making such nice khichdi. She says it was same. He says I always liked it, today even boss liked it, I hope we get what we deserve. He asks what happened. She says I left cricket, you did not ask anything. He says I knew this will start, you played cricket and left it, I did not force my decision, it was your decision, you can start playing again, don’t make me feel guilty. She says you said your dreams are more imp. He says everything in house comes by my dreams, so its more imp.

She says I won’t play cricket, I will make food and fulfill the dreams which are more important.

Its morning, Diwakar gets icecream. Mihir says such a big box. Dhara says this will run a week. Diwakar says I can’t get anything equal to your food. They see the match and talk about cricket. Dhara and Diwakar discuss. Diwakar gets a call and talks to his friend. He bets on the match. He tells Mihir about his friend and says I always lose in bets. Dhara says even today, you will lose and tells her opinion on the match. She says three wickets will go. Diwakar says it won’t, shall we bet. Mihir says I m poor man, I can’t bet. Diwakar asks him to trust his wife, and bets with Dhara and Mihir.

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Tamanna 24th March 2016 –


Tamanna 24th March 2016 –


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