Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 20

Precap: Holi (Part 1), Shanaya, Preeti and Radha head to MM.

The episode begins with Shanaya, Preeti and Radha entering MM through the gates, they give the invitation card to the watchman and enter, Shanaya looks at the house, Shaurya comes near the Bhaang stall,
Shaurya: Give me 2!
Man: On your way sir!
Shaurya looks around, he sees Shanaya and looks on, he quickly turns around and faces his back towards them, Shaan is sitting down and laughing with some people, Radha sees him and looks on,
Radha in her head: What’s he doing here, oh god if he sees me then…..
Radha turns her back towards him.
Laksh walks up to Shaurya,
Laksh: What happened?

Shaurya: Nothing!
Laksh: Why are you quiet?
Shaurya: Uh….
Laksh: Tell me bro!
Shaurya: The girl who wants to kill me is here.
Laksh: What?! You got scared of a girl?
Laksh laughs and Shaurya glares at him,
Shaurya: Don’t laugh too much, you never know this might be your last laugh! You’re in her list too!
Laksh gets shocked: What?!
Shaurya: Laugh! Laugh louder so that the world can hear you!
Laksh: Come on Shaurya! Where is she?
Shaurya points there, Laksh sees Radha,
Laksh: Her?
Shaurya: Yeah.
Laksh: By the looks of her, it doesn’t look like she’s going to murder you?
Shaurya: Don’t go on the looks!
Laksh: She’s so small!
Shaurya: What?!
Shaurya turns around and sees Radha,
Shaurya: Not her!
Laksh: Then who?!

Ragini is searching for Preeti, Radha and Shanaya, she turns around but hears something drop and turns around,
Ragini: Who is there?!
Ragini walks towards there, someone hides.
Ragini opens the door and sees no one in there, she then thinks and leaves to call Preeti, someone comes out and starts doing something.

Shanaya avoids colour, she clashes in to Shaurya, Shaurya turns around and Shanaya slowly puts her hand down and looks at Shaurya,
Shanaya: You?
Shaurya looks on,
Shaurya: Uh, yeah I was invited so I came.
Shanaya: Oh, okay.
Shaurya: You got invited too right?
Shanaya: Yeah, I had no other choice but to come.
Shaurya: Why?
Shanaya: Because they came to our house and invited us, we needed to keep their hearts right?
Shaurya gets suspicious,

Shaurya: You haven’t got colours smeared on you, why?
Shanaya: Just!
Shaurya: Its Holi!
Shanaya: Yeah.
Shaurya drinks Bhaang, Shanaya orders 2, the man gives it to her and she gives one to Shaurya and drinks the other one, she orders more and makes Shaurya drink it, Laksh comes and she gives some to Laksh and gets them drunk, she smirks, Shaurya and Laksh are drunk completely by the Bhaang.

RP is seen drinking Bhaang, he hides from DP and drinks it,
RP: It’s good Bhaisa is busy, at least I have Bhaang in my destiny!
He drinks the Bhaang happily.
Swara enters with her family, Laksh notices her and widens her eyes,
Laksh was about to leave when Shanaya holds them,
Shanaya: Where you off to?
Laksh: To meet Swara!
Shanaya: Not yet, come with me first!
Shanaya takes Laksh and Shaurya somewhere.

House: Ragini comes out and looks around, she is surprised,
Ragini: Who done these arrangements?
She sees food on the table and colours near them,
Sanskaar from behind: If you look back then you can see.
Ragini looks back and gets shocked,
Ragini: What are you doing here?!
Sanskaar: I’m here to celebrate my Holi with you!
Ragini: I don’t want to ruin my Holi by celebrating it with you!
Sanskaar: It’s Holi, don’t be angry and remove the bitterness from us!
Ragini: Just shut up Sanskaar, you should….
They hear a door bell, Raginj goes to open it and is shocked to see something.

Radha is standing with Preeti, Preeti looks around and doesn’t find Dev,
Preeti: Where’s Kadoos gone?
Radha: What?
Preeti: Nkthing!
Radha gets some colours and smears little bit on Preetis face.
Preeti smiles and smears some on her face.
Radha: Happy Holi Di!
Preeti: Happy Holi Radha!
Radha smiles and Shaan walks by,
Preeti: I need to use the bathroom, I will be back.
Radha nods and Preeti leaves, then Radha looks for Shanaya,
Shaan: Happy Holi!
Shaan comes forward and Radha looks on,
Radha: Oh God!
Shaan: I’m being nice this time!
Some girls from Shaans school are also present there along with Shaans friends.
Radha: Okay!
Shaan: You’re not wet yet!
Radha: I don’t want to get wet anyways!

Shaan: Come on, you’re here and Shaan doesn’t get you wet? Naa impossible!
Radha looks on, she tries to run when he grabs her hand and picks her up in his arms,
Shaan: You’re Fat!
Radha: Leave me then!
Shaan: But not here!
His friend and class girls look on,
Shaan takes her to the colour pool,
Radha looks down,
Radha: No Shaan!
Shaan ignores her and smiles,
Radha: If you’re going to throw me then I’m going to pull you down!
Shaan (acts): What? I can’t hear you!
Shaan lets go and Radha falls in, Shaan laughs,
Shaan (acts): What did you say?
Radha stands up and glares at him,
Radha: What did I say huh?

She was about to slip when he grabs on to her hand, she pulls him down and Shaan falls in,
Radha: What did I say? I said this!
Shaan gets up and wipes his face, he glares at her, before he could do anything a song came on and they look there,
Girls: We need to tell Tia about this ASAP!

Shanaya and Shaurya are on the road, they start dancing in Balam Pichkari and Laksh joins them and then Laksh forces Swara,
Radha and Shaan get out of the pool, DP and Daadi look on,
Shaurya puts colours on Shanaya.
DP comes outside the gates, Shaurya walks up to DP with the colours,
DP: No! Be in your limits!
Shaurya: Come on Bade Papa! It’s Holi!
DP (shouts): No!!!!!!!!!
Shaurya smears colours on DP,
Laksh comes and laughs, he too list colour on DP, Sujata rushes out,
Sujata: What happened Bhaisa?!

DP is standing still, DP froze.
Sujata: Bhaisa, they ways you were screaming sounded like someone was molesting you, what Bhaisa? You scared us!
The song finishes, the people come and throw paints on them and some of the paint splats on DPs face and he closes his eyes.
Shaurya and Shanaya look there,
Shanaya: What the hell?!

Inside MM:
Preeti is coming down, she accidentally makes the colour plate fall, she looks down and sees the colour went on Dev, Dev gets angry and looks up,
Dev: What the hell?!
Preeti: Sorry Sir…..

Dev: Come Down!!
Preeti comes down,
Dev: Couldn’t you see while walking?!
Preeti: It accidentally fell, I didn’t do it on purpose!
Preeti them smiles looking and him and he glares at her,
Preeti: Sir, why do you stay inside while everybody else are outside?
Dev looks at her, he then walks up the stairs and angrily shoves one of the plate, it hits Preetis face,
Preeti: Aah!
Dev stops and looks back,
Preeti is covered in blue colour, Dev sees her and she looks up at him innocently, he smiles and Preeti sees his smile, he quickly hides it,
Dev: Sorry it was an accident.
Preeti: No sir, you done it on purpose!
Dev: I said it was an accident!
Preeti: Like I said it was, right?
Dev then thinks, Preeti walks up the stairs, she then slips and Dev holds her, she closes her eyes and holds tight to Dev’s collar. She opens her eyes and Dev and her share an eye-lock,
Dev: Are you okay?
Preeti: Yes sir, thank you.
Dev makes her stand,
Preeti: Come outside sir, you will enjoy it!
Preeti smiles and leaves, Dev looks on.

Sanskaar smears colours on Raginis face, Ragini looks at him, she takes some colour and says Happy Holi rudely.

Sanskaar smiles,
Sanskaar: I’m sorry Ragini, I’m absolutely sorry for what I done, trust me I didn’t betray you!
Ragini thinks: My heart is telling me to believe him but what I saw wasn’t also fake.
Sanskaar: Listen to your heart and tell me.
Ragini: My heart says to believe you! But….
Sanskaar: We are connected from the heart not mind, believe you heart and we will find out the truth!
Ragini thinks,
Sanskaar: I still love you and I always will!
Ragini gets touched by his words, tears fall out of Raginis eyes,
Ragini: I don’t want to get betrayed again!
Sanskaar: Trust me!
Ragini looks at him,

Ragini: I’m scared!
Sanskaar holds her hand,
Sanskaar: I’ll never let you go.
Ragini: I don’t know!
Sanskaar: I love you!

Man: Happy Holi! Don’t mind it’s Holi!
They said that to remind Shaurya of what he did earlier,
Shaurya: You came again!
Shanaya gets angry and looks around, she finds a bucket and picks it up, she throws the dirty mud at them, it splats on their faces,
Shanaya fake laughs: Don’t mind it’s Holi!
They look at her,
Shanaya (angry): You’re very fond of celebrating Holi with paints right? Don’t even think to come back or else I will celebrate my Holi with rocks!
They look on and leave.
Shanaya looks at DP,
Shanaya: Are you okay Uncle?

DP doesn’t move,
Shaurya: Bade Papa, have you froze or what?!
Laksh: It looks like you’re talking to a statue!
DP looks at him,
Shaurya: Yay, Bade Papa moved!
DP goes in angrily, Sujata, Laksh, Shaurya and Shanaya follow in,
Laksh: Thanks Swara for coming.
Swara: You’re welcome?

Shaan: Radha, tomorrow’s School!
Radha: And?
Shaan: Watch!
Radha: Sorry I don’t time pass like you!
Shaan: I don’t time pass!
Radha: Really?
Shaan: I am smart!

Radha: Okay!
Shaan: You look nice Radha
Radha: Did I ask for your compliment?!
Shaan: Chill, I’m being nice! Don’t misuse this occasion against me! You watch tomorrow!
Radha looks away, Preeti comes out, she then smiles remembering Dev smiling.

Ragini smiles at Sanskaar, Sanskaar smiles and let’s a 2 second laugh, he then leans in and her and Raginis forehead are touching, he closes his eyes and smiles, yeh…..aashique…..plays……
They smiles remembering their old time, Raginis smile disappears, she moves back and touches her stomach,
Sanskaar: What happened?
Ragini breaths heavily,
Sanskaar: Paani? (Water?)
Ragini slaps him on the shoulder,
Ragini: Stupid, I’m in pain and you think that water can help?!
Sanskaar: Sorry
Ragini: And you’re just going to stand there?!
She breathes and screams, Sanskaar picks her up in his arm,
Sanskaar: You gained weight?
Ragini: Sanskaar!!
Sanskaar smiles: Sorry!
He takes her out and she looks at him.

Ragini is in labour pain, Sanskaar waits outside, he is worried, he gets a message, he replys,
Nurse: Sir do you want to come in?
Sanskaar: Why?
Nurse: Ma’am needs some distraction.
Sanskaar: Okay
Nurse: Wear this.
Sanskaar wears a green thing on top with the mask and hat,
Nurse: Follow us!

Preeti, Shanaya and Radha rush there, Sujata and Sakshi do too,
Sujata: Why did you make us follow these girls?
Sakshi: Just watch!
Sujata (thinks): What’s so special about them that Bhabhi followed them?
Sanskaar comes out with a baby in his arms but with his mask on,
Shanaya: OMG, Ragu Di had a baby!
Swara comes there and Sakshi gets suspicious,
Preet smiles: Boy or Girl?
Sanskaar: A boy.
Swara: Why did you call me?
Shanaya: Your sister had a baby boy!
Sujata and Sakshi get shocked,
Swara: What?!
Preeti nods,
Swara: Ragini had a baby?!
All nod, Swara smiles but How? When? And whose the Father?
Sanskaar: I am!
They look at him, Sanskaar takes his mask off, they get shocked to see him,
Sakshi: Sanskaar?!
Sujata: My grandson?

Sakshi walks up to him,
Sakshi: What is this Sanskaar?!
Sanskaar: Nothing to worry about!
Sakshi: Better be, congrats!
Sanskaar: Thanks
Sakshi: I have decided that you two are going to get married again tomorrow!
Sujata: What are you saying Bhabhi?
Sakshi: Your son like that girl now all we can do is accept their marriage!
Sujata think: Watch Bhabhi, one day you will be in this problem and I will say what you said today!
Shanaya: Excuse me?
Sakshi looks at her,
Sakshi: They are getting married tomorrow and we will come and collect her.
Sujata: Bhabhi, they live opposite ours!!
Sakshi: That’s good, get the preperations going!
Sakshi leaves and Sujata follows on, Shanaya, Preeti, Swara and Sanskaar look on,
Shanaya: What are you doing here?!
Preeti: After betraying her couldn’t you stand her happiness?
Swara: What?!
Sanskaar puts the baby next to Ragini and kisses his forehead and comes out,
Sanskaar: Be prepared tomorrow, I will surly take my bride from here!
Sanskaar leaves and they look on.

Sanskaar comes in and sits down,
Sujata: How did you know Bhabhi?
Sakshi smiles,
Sakshi: I heard that girl say Ragini so I got suspicious and followed her here!
Sujata: I must say Bhabhi, you got a good hearing.
Sakshi: Thanks Sujata! Driver, start driving!
Driver starts driving while Sanskaar looks on.

Precap: Ragsan remarriage and Shaurya and Laksh are shocked.

Happy Holi, I hope you enjoy today’s Epi.

This is the second part.

Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 20


Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 20


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