Young love epi-18 Suspense

The episode starts with Ishaani laughs loudly and removes the mask and it is neha????

Neha tells ranveer that I won’t leave u. Ishaani on the other hand comes to police station and asks for ranveer? They tells ranveer is not here. She cries.

She searches all places with the help of police. Ishaani suddenly comes to airport and sees ranveer going inside a flight and gets shocked. She shouts but he can’t here it..

Ishaani sits down and cries she thinks he betrayed me so I won’t leave him. One day he will come to me that day I will kill him. Neha watches this and hi fi ritvik and radhika and tells now ishveer love story finish!!!!

Ranveer comes to Dubai and sees someone and gets into car. He comes to hotel and keeps his things and waits for Ishaani call. Neha calls ranveer and speaks like Ishaani and tells him to be there for some time then I will call u.

Ishaani comes to house and sits down and cries Hamari aadhuri kahani plays… Ishaani gets a call she takes it and tells sure.

She comes to studio and meets director and tells I am ready to act as heroine I’m this movie. Ishaani thnx him. Ishaani thinks now I should forget him any how or I won’t get into my work.

She comes to house and burns all the photos of ranveer and cries. She tells this is my last cry for u ranveer….. ???

Ranveer in the room thinks about Ishaani and takes his pic and smiles. He tells I love u , I love u alot…..

Ishaani gets a call neha tells her that ranveer hates her and he went to Dubai. Ishaani asks her who is ranveer? I don’t know anybody about it. She cuts the call. Neha gets happy.

Precap:Neha comes to Dubai and shows the video to ranveer whatever Ishaani said. He gets shocked and tells I hate u Ishaani…

Guys I will unite them soon pls wait and pls don’t pass negative comments and make me sad. Soon they will meet and their problems will end?????????

Credit to: Narendran

Young love epi-18 Suspense


Young love epi-18 Suspense


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