swaragini ff (swasan-raglak ) “D3-Dil Dosti Dance” Ch-2

swaragini ff (swasan-raglak ) “D3-Dil Dosti Dance” Ch-2

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Recap : Swalak friendship and family bonding

Mumbai :

“God’s Creation” orphanage :

7:30 am, Annpurna Mathur – owner of orphanage, she is widow.Her husband died when she was just 28. After that from past 20 years, she is maintaining this orphanage single handedly. She hv not her own kids but she gives motherly love to all kids of orphanage. She has officially adopted Ragini. She is determined to make ragini as best singer and dancer.

Now she is instructing others for routine works. All other peoples are doing their respective works. Kids and youngsters are seen waking up from bed and getting ready.

A sweet innocent girl is seen wearing long skirt and t-shirt having dupatta around her nack- Its our ragini Mathur. She is preparing for aarti in orphanage temple. After completing her work she start morning aarti in her melody voice :

” Om Jai Jagadish Hare Swami Jai Jagadish Hare Bhakt Jano Ke Sankat Daas Jano Ke Sankat Kshan Men Door Kare Om Jai Jagadish Hare ……”

After hearing her voice all join her in aarti. Its routine of orphanage peoples to start their day with ragini’s morning aarti.

She give aarti and prasad to all and take blessings from elders.

1kid : Didi..you are the best. I want to become like you.

2kid : ha Di i love your voice so much and even your dance also.

Lady : God bless you beta..you are not only beautiful from outside but also blessed with humble and pure nature..

Ragini : (smile) Thank you so much all of you for loving me this much. I really want to thank god to give me sach wonderful family. Your all love and blessing is my strength. I love you all so much.

All : we all love you so much Lado

Rahul : (he is like her brother) ( hug her) yar ragini..you made my day with your beautiful singing. I really want u to become singer or dancer rather than becoming teacher..

Ragini : umm..thanks bhai for complement but i can not fulfil your this wish..i will become teacher only. To become singer and dancer is not my cup of tea..

Roshni : that’s what we are telling..lado..you wanna become teacher na then become dance teacher and music teacher..

Anuj : exactly..and you are already teaching us music and danceing daily..na then what’s the problem..

Ragini : guys you all are my family to teach you is different thing and adopting dance and music as my career is different thing..plz understand my pov..

Ap : leave it you all..she is so stubborn..she will not listen to any of us…( dramatically ) anyways lado..it is my dream to see you as best dancer but it seems it will be my dream only..you will not fulfill my this small wish also..(making fake crying face)

Ragini : (teary eyes) Ma..its not like that you are my everything..i can give much life for you..but i don’t think i will be successful in that field..please don’t talk like that…(suddenly notice Ap’s dramatic expression) maaa..you are too much..you should be actor..u will get good role in daily shop..(make faces) (Everyone laugh)

Ap : jokes apart..lado plz try to think once on our suggestions..we all will support you in your decision.

Ragini : thank you ma..Okk for you all i will think about that.

All get back to their respective works..Ap , ragini , roshni and Rahul are talking..

Roshni : you know what Ap anty..today we wanna tell you one secret of ragini..

Ragini : (thinking tone) my secret..???!!!

Rahul : ha your secret..u know anty..our lado hs received so many of proposal during her CLG days..even on last day of clg guys were dying to get her mobile no…

Roshni : (interrupt) but our beauty queen hv not given any kind of attention to any of them…poor guys…(teasing tone) anty i think we will need to arrange Swayamwar for our queen..

Ragini : (angry tone) huh..what..!! Swayamwar..Rahul-Roshni you both are gone now…you both hv told about me..now let me tell ma about you both ha..

they both run and ragini start chasing them..Ap was very happy seeing her kids bonding..soon trio got tired and sit besides Ap breathing hevenly..

Ap : So..many guys are behind my sweet daughter ha..(serious tone) lado..don’t you like any of them ?

Ragini : no ma..i don’t like any of them as most of them hv proposed me because of my outer beauty only.. I want a guy who will love me not my beauty..you don’t worry ma i will find him one day..

Rahul : (teasing tone) what if he will be like flirt type ?

Ragini : (same tone) you thought everyone just like you ha..(seriously) n ya..that guy should respect girls and not play with their emotions..and if he will be lil flirt then also its ok for me..i will change him..

Roshni : what if you fell in love with someone who don’t believe in love ?

Ragini : (thinking tone ) umm..if i fall in love with a guy who don’t believe in love then i will try my best to change his pov about love and to win his heart. I am sure he will accept me. (shy smile) not only accept, he will love me also.

Rahul-Roshni : (teasing) ohhhooo..!! Someone is blushing..no one can stop himself from falling for you my lado..

Ap who was listening them was happy and pray god to send a perfect life partner for ragini soon.

Ap : (bit emotional) i wonder how all people will adjust when you will leave this orphanage..? Specially we three ? We all will miss you so much lado..

Ragini : (cry) i will also miss you ma..n if you all will become this much emotional them i don’t want to merry anyone..i will stay here only..with you all..

All four become emotional and hv teary eyes..they have group hug..

“Kapoor house” :

@ 7:30 am, A guy is seen sleeping fully covered under quilt. Only his handsome face is visible. He is looking dam cute. Thousands of girls can die on his smile. Yup he is non other then sanskar kapoor. His mom called him from down but no response. So Mrs sujata ram kapoor come to his room and smile seeing her son sleeping peacefully.

Sujata : (shake him a bit) sanskar beta..get up..its already 7:30..you will be late for your clg. Get ready fast. Your breakfast is also ready. ( no response ) get up beta !! ( whispering tone) should i call your dad to wake you up ?

Before she complete her sentence, sanky wake up and stand on bed. With horrible expression on his cute face. Sujata laugh seeing his expression.

Sanky : ahhh..!!! No no no no plz no mom..(stand up on bed) see i got up na..no need to call that Hitler..!! Y u wanna make my day start with his lecture..(puppy dog face)

Sujata : (smile seeing him) ha ha ha sanskar..you are 22 yr old still you afraid of your dad this much..my poor ‘Baby’..don’t worry your Hitler dad has already left for his out station business meeting. So no worry..

Sanky : ( sigh in relife) thank god !! What mom yar you scared me to the death.. (bit angry tone) how many times i hv told you not to call me baby..i am a guy not baby..so no baby saby..call me sanky..

Sujata : ok ok baba..i will not call you baby (in teasing tone) but what will you do when your gf or wife will call you baby ha ?

Sanky : ( in firm tone ) Mom..i will not at all get in to the relationship with the girl who call her bf or hubby as baby…i mean what baby..you are addressing a smart handsome guy as baby..how nonsense it is..!! I hate those girl who called their partner as baby and even that guys who let them call themselves baby…i just totally hate this baby stuff…!!!!

Sujata : you and your thoughts..leave all that..you are getting late for your clg. (teasing tone) its not good to let girls wait much to see your face na..

Sanky : (make funny face)mom app bhi na..!! Ya there are lots of girls but i am waiting for my dream girl to come in my life..who love me the way i am not just because i am handsome and reach..

Sujata : i wish you will find your girl soon. Btw get ready fast. You have your dance class also na..come fast..

she was about to leave but sanky hold her hand and make her sit on the bed and put his head in her lap. Sujata smile and creases his head.

Sanky : (sad tone) Mom, y dad is not happy with my passion for dance. I will get my mba degree soon. I am fulfilling his dream happily na..then y he is not happy with my dream of becoming dancer. U know mom all my CLG friends, professors,my dance class friends love my dancing very much..(got tears in his eyes) then y dad is against my dream. Y he think that i am wasting my time after dance..mom dance is my dream..my passion..my everything. (get up from her lap) but mom thank you so much i am able to live my dream only because of you..you hv taken permission from dad. You hv supported me everytime when i was in need. Thank you thank you so much mom..(kiss on her hands)u know mom for you one day i will become the best dancer of India. Do you think mom on that day dad will be happy for me ?

Sujata : (tears in her eyes) sanskar beta..i am always there for you. For me your happiness is my priority. (cupped his face and kiss on his forehead ) you will surly become best dancer one day and your dad will be the most proud and happiest person. ( wiping her and his tears) so now forget all about this and just focused on your dreams. God bless you my son..to change environment sanky plays song and start dancing..

Song :

“Tera mujase hai pehle ka nata koi, yuhi nahi dil lubhata koi, Jane tu ya..Jane naa… Mane tuu..ya mane na aa..”

(he start dancing in old bollywood style and then hold Sujata’s hands and make her dance with him..couple dance basic steps)

Soon song ends and both laugh out loudly..Sujata love to see sanky dancing..She smile seeing him..

Sanky : (hug her ) i love you so much mom. You are the best mom of the world.

Sujata : love you too beta..come fast..

She went downstairs and sanky went to get ready. After that he hv his breakfast and left for his clg. He is in last semester of MBA.

Precap : Sanskar went to orphanage..sanskar ragini first meeting…swasanraglak come to know about the Dance reality show ” Zara nach k dikha “..

The end

Sorry for not making ragsan meeting in this epi..as it might hv become too lengthy..swasan and raglak meeting will be in 4th chapter..after that i will focuse more on love story..along with friendship bonding in dance reality show..

Friends i am too new at all this writing things and all…i think i write chs bit lengthy..so Should i write bit short or continue with this length only ? plzzzzzz give your suggestions..i will try to follow them..

One more thing i don’t think you all are liking my ff..bz number of comments are very less..if you are not liking then i will not continue my ff..so plz plz do comment..

swaragini ff (swasan-raglak ) “D3-Dil Dosti Dance” Ch-2


swaragini ff (swasan-raglak ) “D3-Dil Dosti Dance” Ch-2

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