Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (episode 6 mahasangam with KKB part2)

Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (episode 6 mahasangam with KKB part2)

Guys I am back and thnx for commenting whosoever commented especially the newcomers , hani , maya and my classmate Manaal.
And where are u guys , Angel , Kiya , Kriya ? Aren’t u guys liking my story atleast tell me. If u all won’t comment so it will be hard for me to reach to 50 episodes as per my commitement.

Recap:Asad , Zoya and Ayaan met Abhi , Vijay kidnaps Pragya…

Episode 6 : Mahasangam part 2

Scene 1 : In the car
Asad:It means he is the same person.
Ayaan:But how, we gave them all in police’s custody.

Abhi is confused on the circumstances.

The message says:
Pragya Arora ki kahani jur gayi hai tumse
Ab kahan jaao gi bach ke humse

(Pragya Arora is now linked with u
Now how will u save yourself 4rm me)

They all are shocked.
Abhi:I need explaination

Zoya tells him everything in mute.

Ayaan:It means that they were just useless pets. Oh shoot!!
Asad:Damn it!!
Zoya:Mr.Khan , take us back to Bherpur goddown.

Zoya places her hand over his mouth , they share an awkward eyelock (Mitwa). Suddenly , a truck comes infront.

Ayaan:Bhaijaan!!! Look!!

Asya break their eyelock. Asad manages the situation.

Asad:Ya Allah! This girl will kill me 1 day.

Zoya tries to speak but Abhi interevenes.

Abhi:Plz , don’t fight.

Scene 2 : Bherpur goddown
Vijay:Hi , I am ur friend 4r time being.
Pragya:Friend , My Foot!!
Vijay:I am sorry sweetheart , I can not help u , and to avenge someone I had to use u.
Pragaya:What the hell! Whom?
Vijay:Zoya Farooqui!!
Pragya:Zoya Farooqui? I even don’t know her name , plz let me go.
Vijay:Actually , it is not the reason , firstly ur sister – in – law , Aaliya and ur husband , sorry , sorry , ur ex – husband’s ex , Tanu gave me this contract.

Pragya is super shocked.

Vijay:And secondly , u know what is Zoya’s weakness , she is v.kind-hearted , she can not see anyone in difficulty , she will come for sure.

He smirks (evil tune)

Scene 3 : In the jungle
Asad applies break.

Asad:Car can not go further.
Zoya:Ok bye , and TC
Asad:Why are u going alone , we will accompany u.
Zoya:It can be risky.
Asad:I do not want to risk ur life.

They share an awkward eyelock (Mitwa)

Ayaan:Bhaijaan , is r8!
Abhi:I agree with them.
Zoya:Thnx Mr.Khan , Mr.Mehra and especially u RABART!

Ayaan looks here and there.

Zoya:Yes , U!
Ayaan:Ok , MONA!!

Zoya looks here and there.

Ayaan:Yes , U!!

Zoya:Well , issi baat pe aik sher arz hai
Aaj Rabart ko mil gayi uss ki Mona
Likin Mona ko aata hai sirf Sona
Shukria , Shukri

(Today Rabart , found his Mona
But Mona knows only how to sleep.)

She notices Asad and Abhi.

Zoya:I just wanted to lighten ur mood & that’s it.
Asad in a v.low voice:Badtameez Ladki.
Zoya:Did u said something?
Asad:Shall we?
Zoya:Look , if u all will come then he can do anything , he started this fight but I will end it. So it is better 4r me to go alone. And yeah I have my pepper spray with me.

She leaves.

Ayaan:Bhaijaan , why did u let her go alone , u know na she is sanky types (psycophezeric)
Asad:I know what I did , we have to protect her as a sheild , follow her!

Zoya is wandering in the woods while the 3A’s are following her.
Suddenly, someone pulls her from behind a tree.

Asad:Damn it ! We missed her.
Ayaan:That’s why I was stopping her.

Scene 4 : Asad , Ayaan and Abhi’s residence.
Dils & Shirin are tensed , they place Jaa – e – Namaaz and pray to Allah ,while Dadi prays to Krishna’s idol.

Scene 5 : Bherpur Goddown
Vijay has kidnapped Zoya aswell
Zoya:Who, how , where?
Vijay:Am I still remembered?
Pragya:Do you know him?
Zoya:How can I forget this bastard.
Vijay:Will u 2 plz shut up! And don’t act oversmart. And this holi will be ur last holi so enjoy it.

He throws a bucket full of black paint over them and laughs evily.

Pragya:Today is holi and today is the day when Holika also tried to win over good , but what happened she was trapped in her own hatred fire.
Vijay:Today history will change this time , evil will win over good.
Pragya:U are stupid that u are unaware of the thunder of god , Krishna will come in any form and will make evil bend down infront of good.
Vijay:Let’s see…..
P&Z:Let’s see!!

The screen freezes on the split faces of Abhi , Asad , Zoya , Pragya and in the middle Vijay , laughing evily.

Precap:Holi special!!

Guys sorry 4r short forms and errors actually re-writing 4r the 3rd time so,hope u understand.
Who will win in the fight of good and evil?
Will Abhi and Asad able to save Pragya and Zoya?
Will this holi bring a drastic change in Asya and Huyaan’s life?
Tell me in the comment box below.


Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (episode 6 mahasangam with KKB part2)


Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (episode 6 mahasangam with KKB part2)

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