Swaragini or Swara the Mahan/Swasan???

Hi Lila here….read at ur own risk I don’t wanna waste anyone’s time…so just warning before…im not being rude or anything just saying…sorry if I sound rude…

As u may have been noticing the show swaragini has again become Swara the mahan or should I should I say swasan… seriously… The show doesn’t make any sense now…making the main leads negative first and the bring stupid twists and turns….

Does anyone remember what the show is called?

SwaRagini…that’s right…but the makers have failed to show that… They are always showing Swara or Swasan… Which is disappointment for Ragini/Tejeswi’s fans because a lot of people watch the show for and I’m one of them…. Its getting really annoying now that the mahasangam episodes are also with swara only and she gets to be with other people….as u may remember that the monday episode of mahasangam with krishndasi…only swara… whole epi was about swara saving and finding clues… And then the Rang de colours episode….again only swara working and helping… whilst ragini just dances on one song….I mean are the makers forgetting that the show is called swaragini…and not swara the mahan or swasan because of that’s what they are gonna show then why don’t they change the show name…

The upcoming track where Ragini takes Sanskar’s place in jail… And now swasan will be seen working together…see what I mean… Why couldn’t swara and ragini work together and solve the problem…after all the show is on their name…

To be honest I left watching the show when my favourite pairs weren’t decided….which are swalak and ragsan…but I still I came back to watch the show…. Because when I started watching this show it wasn’t because of it’s pairs…but because of its unique story and the sister bonding…but when the they made swara mahan and ragini villan I left watching….and then one day I was listening to Swaragini’s title song and it made realise the reason I started watching the show again…but now again the show is doing the same thing….

This show is not swaragini it’s Swasan or swara the mahan…

What do u think the name of the show is?

sorry guys if I hurt anyone’s feelings…didn’t mean to…just had enough of the show now…

Swaragini or Swara the Mahan/Swasan???


Swaragini or Swara the Mahan/Swasan???


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