Young love epi-17

Young love epi-17

The episode starts with ishaani comes to police station and sees ranveer and cries and tells him to be strong and tells i know u did not kill my grandma and keeps hand on his hand. Ranveer tears fell on her hand.Hamari aadhuri kahani plays……

Ishaani tries to leave but he holds her hand.Ishaani comes to him and tells be safe.She cries and leaves from there.

Ritvik,radhika,neha enjoys drinks and laughs.She tells now ishaani is alone and ranveer also so i will take care of ranveer and u ritvik take care of ishaani,

Ritvik comes to ishaani and tells her to calm down and scolds badly about tanveer she gets angry and tells him to leave.

Ishaani calls lawyer and tells her about the case.She agrees to fight for it.ishaani thinks now i should find the proof. She remebers neha shouting and calls her but she does not attend the call..

Ishaani cries and thinks now i should find it by myself. Ishaani thinks about his moments with ranveer and cries Hamari aadhuri kahani plays…..Ishanai thinks at once and comes to police station and tells she is my grandma and tells i can take case back na?? He tells really she is urs grandma? She shows proof he tells sure and leaves ranveer out.

Ishaani hugs him and tells now u are mine.

Ishaani packs her bag and tells him let us go to US he asks why? She tells i can’t see u in pain .

Ishaani gets a call and gets shocked and tells ranveer to run from here becoz someone filed case against u and it is rape case. She sits down and cries. He tells her to be carefull. He laughs.

Ishaani tells finally this is the punishment for who stop other marriage. She smiles evilly. Ishaani laughs loudly.

Precap: Next epi is suspense and nobody cannot guess this much suspense so pls stay tuned for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Credit to: Narendran

Young love epi-17


Young love epi-17

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