Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

Radhika joined office along with Arjun…their reception was on the weekend…and now they had to get back to work as it was piling up. Being best comes with a price…and Bird Song had to maintain its top position…Arjun got busy with Business development activities there were many clients who wanted to work with them…Arjun had to meet everyone back to back…Neil and Arjun sorted outhe major accounts to be worked on and transferred to Sam for further distribution. Sam wanted Radhika to work with her but Neil refused as Radhika was a part of his team…she was the best he would not let her go to someone else even to Sam… Sam fumed and challenged him to stop her. Radhika transferred everything again in Arjun’s name as she was least interested in the money…Arjun said nothing…respect for her grew in his eyes by 10 folds

Manya decided to seriously get into business as she had to convince her parents for Teji…their affair was on full swing but hidden from her parents…Sam had already told Manya that Teji needs to prove himself good then only she can help them…Teji suddenly had become very serious…Radhika helped him in every sense being a good friend…Arjun wanted to take Radhika on a good vacation but upcoming reception and work was not giving them enough time even to talk. Arjun was waiting in his car for Radhika to come…she had become more busy than him. She came running…dropping half of her things…but everything about her was so cute that he could sit there watch her allhis life. Radhika huffed and sat inside; ‘’Sorry…you had to wait’’ Arjun smiled brushed his fingers on her cheeks and drove off to their home.Once inside
Radhika quickly changed and went inside the kitchen and started preparing dinner… Arjun watched her from the door…she was tired yet she never complained he lovingly hugged her from back; ‘’You don’t have to do all this…we can hire a cook’’

Radhika turned ;’’ Ok so if I get tired working in office will you hire a girl to love you too’’

Arjun; ‘’Radhika…why do you have to talk nonsense…I am trying to help you and you…’’

Radhika hugged him kept her head on his chest and closed her eyes…’’Arjun if you want to help me…then hold me every time I fall…kiss me when I am dull…and above all never stop me from doing what I want to do for you’’ Arjun cupped her face and whispered ‘Dinner can wait …right now I need you more than the food’’ Radhika protested…’’No…I need to coo…’’ but he silenced her with his kiss and carried her to their room…his kiss today demanded her to surrender completely and she finally gave in.

Sam helped Prerna with kitchen…she had never done all this but she decided to take the new responsibilities…she decided to learn new things…she wanted to be good wife and daughter in law…They started their dinner…Prerna looked at Neil and Sam and said; ‘’Sam you don’t have to change yourself…I like the old Sam more..who would demand with right..rather than this one who is more off a soap opera bahu’’…Neil coughed and laughed…Sam gave him a blank stare…she softly spoke; ‘’Mom I just wanted to learn…if I don’t try how will I learn’’

Prerna; ‘’Learn but don’t force yourself….I will teach you all the things required but as a stay calm…and go with the flow’’

Sam felt blessed…Chashni was right…change is good.After reaching their bedroom Neil pulled Sam to him…’’So my dear soap opera bahu…from tomorrow I will give the menu…prepare everthing..what say baby’’

Sam covered her head with a handkerchief touched Neil feet folded her hands and said; ’’your wish my command…pati parmeshwar’’Neil pulled Sam to him falling on the bed on his back with Sam on the top…he looked at her face and spoke softly..’’so you know what I wish for right now’’ Sam leaned and kissed him gently Neil changed their position moving on the top…Sam touched his face and said; ‘’I was so stupid to miss so many years…so many moments Neil…I wish I could live them now…’’ Neil Kissed her palm and replied; ‘’baby we have all the moments we need…stop thinking about what’s gone…we have all the moments infornt of us…we will live them only if you stop this mellow drama as I am not interested in talking..’’Sam smiled and switched off the lights…travelling into the heaven of Neil’s love.

Ankush packed his things to go to Mumbai…helping Soniya for the reception was just an excuse he wanted to know about Ananya…he had move fast now…Dilip Mala and Dadaji will join him in 3days. Soniya watched Ananaya deciding on the sitting arrangement for the reception…she was completely blank about what should be done in Ankush’s matter…she looked at Ananya and asked; ‘’What do you feel about Ankush…please be honest’’

Ananya did not look up…but she suddenly stopped her work…she was quite…Soniya waited for an answer…but she knew all the answers…she got up from her chair and sat next to Ananya…she softly said; ‘’Ananya please don’t be scared I am there to protect you answer me’’ Anaya slowly looked up her eyes were filled with tears…she replied in a sad voice; ‘’Does he or his family know about me’’ Soniya took a deep breath and nodded negative.

Ananya; ‘’then what’s the point discussing this…once he knows he will back off…your family might push you to sack me’’

Soniya gave her a surprise look…’’Ananya this is my office I take decision here…and don’t worry I will do whatever it takes to proctet you…now as you know we have this reception as a n open air party you need to go to Taj and inspect the Garden and hall area before making the final arrangement…I trust you and don’t disappoint me’’

Ananya gave a weak smile and got up…as she walking out of the door she came face to face with Ankush…she lowered her gaze and waited for him to give her the way…Ankush stood there like a statue looking at her…just to knoe what’s going in her small brain. She suddenly spoke; ‘’excuse me sir!’’ Ankush moved but his eyes followed her till she vanished somewhere in the office. Soniya watched him and then asked him to come inside…as Ankush took the chair Soniya started explaining him about the reception…Ankush interrupted; ‘’You will not tell me anything…right’’ Soniya put her pen down and stood near the window…she wiped the tear from the corner of her eyes and softly made her decision clear; ‘’Ankush…its about a girl..she trusts me and I will do everything to protect her…I will only help you in case Ananya is ready…I am sorry’’

Ankush smiled and replied; ‘’Bhabhi no need to be sorry…it must be something very serious that you are not disclosing…I respect your decision…but this won’t stop me…now I will do things my way…but for now tell me what has to be done for reception..” Soniya turned around and handed over him the list of suppliers for the decoration..Ankush smiled back to her and left.

Arjun woke up in the morning but did not find Radhika on the bed he looked around…he saw her packing her things for office it was 8:30 Am they still had time…why was she up so early…he walked to her but his breath was caught in his throat she was wearing a knee length one piece tunic with black ballerina and a pony tied high…Arjun watched her and then said;’’I think it’s time I make some rules for you..’’

Radhika smiled and looked at him ‘’what rules?’’

Arjun; ‘’I want to see you first thing in the morning… then a small cuddle session …then preparation for office…and you should look this good only when you are with me’’

Radhika; ‘’Shameless rules… you bought this dress for me so why now rules …I am going for a meeting.. prepared your breakfast and coffee do have it …lunch we will have together…

Arjun; ‘’Meeting ?with whom’’

Radhika; ‘an international electronics brand…Neil will be here in 10 min to accompany me …actually Sam wanted me to prepare the presentation for the apparel lable but
he refused and handed over to Teji he thinks I should concentrate on bigger brands.’’

Arjun; ‘’Oh yes…hw can I forget the mamma bear Neil…possessive about his babies’’

Radhika started laughing…She hugged him and Arjun gave her a tight kiss and whispered over her lips; ‘’Who needs coffee..when I have you…don’t make me wait too much…I will see you in the office ’’Radhika nodded she got Neil’s message and left. Arjun took a deep breath he really didn’t wanted to let her go… she had made him crazy.

Radhika drove off with Neil…she was continuously smiling and was trying to hide her smile…Neil got fruatrated ; ‘’What Cahshni …am I looking like a cartoon or something…is something wrong about my attire tell me …but stop acting crazy’’

Radhika controlled her laughter and replied;’’ Do you know you have a new name in office…Mamma Bear…and team members are your babies’’

Neil made a face; ‘’Hell…this is Sam…she would have given me this name…leave it I don’t care…she is doing this to get her hold on you…but now it’s a big no…this Mamma Bear will show its claws now’’ Radhika doubled with laughter…after a grumpy moment Neil joined her too…they were in every sense the best friends.

Arjun entered office and went straight to Sam’s cabin she was Scratching her head with a pen and all the papers were scattered on the table. Arjun quietly sat and waited for her to notice…Sam looked up and greeted him…’’Arjun…’Labella’ is planning to expand…they are bringing their new range and wants a good advertising plan…I wanted Radhika to design…but her Mamma bear…got possessive about her’’ Arjun laughed and replied; ‘’Let Teji handle it and you know why…if he does good…its good for his and Manya’s future…and we can always help him’’Arjun was leaving when Sam stopped him again…she hesitantly asked…’’Arjun will you mentor Manya?…if you are ok with it’’

Arjun; ‘’With pleasure…and why are you so hesitant…we are friends…right…so you can always demand rather requesting’’
Sam gave a broad smile;’’Ok great then mentor Teji too…Mamma Bear will have 2 new joiners under him. Arjun nodded and left for his cabin. Sam saw Ankush in the reception and greeted him with an arm hug; ‘’this is bad…you are in Mumbai…and did not come to my house…I am your sister too’’

Ankush; ‘’Offcourse you are…but I came this morning…wanted to meet Piyali aunty regarding the reception on the weekend…’’

Sam; ‘’So dinner at my place tomorrow…nothing doing’’

Ankush nodded, Sam directed him to Piyali’s cabin…after a small Chat he went to meet ARjun…Arjun asked him to take a seat. Arjun knew his heart.

Arjun; ‘’Soniya is not helping you with Ananya …am I right’’

Ankush; ‘’Yes…I don’t want the reason also…I will speak to Ananya directly’’

Arjun; ‘’Ankush ….Ananya…I don’t know how to say this but this is very private……she is a daughter of an unwed mother…she has been through the pain…which we can never imagine….’’ Ankush was shocked…he didn’t knew how to respond…what to was a big thing…his family will definitely not accept easily. Arjun observed Ankush and said…’’Think and then take some action…its about a girl’s life…it might destroy her peace…and there is more’’ Ankush left without a word…he wandered about the city …even he didn’t know for long he had been walking…Vicky called him no. of times but received no response. Vicky called Radhika…she told him she was not in office when he came…Radhika went and checked with Arjun…he thought for a moment and asked Radhika not to worry…Arjun asked Neil to drop Radhika home and he himself left to look for Ankush…he found him sitting alone on the stairs of the temple…Arjun went and sat beside him…he gently tapped Ankush’s shoulder….Ankush rubbed his eyes..’’Seems like…we siblings have all the complications in our life…choti…riddhima…Vicky and now me…’’

Arjun; ‘’Ankush nobody’s life is perfect..we all different battles to fight…we all have our shares of happiness and sorrows …it’s on you decide what you have to do…remember one thing we are family we will stand by and for each other…but don’t do anything that might hurt that girl.’’ Arjun dropped ANkush to Vicky’s place…Ankush made some excuses to Vicky but Soniya understood…Arjun went back and found Radhika all tensed waiting for him…Arjun went to her and gave her a warm hug…’’it’s all fine dear…he just got busy with reception thing and missed the time.’’ Radhika took a sigh of relief…asked him to come for dinner and retired for night Radhika kept her hard on Arjun’s chest and asked…’’Now speak up why are you tense…I can feel that’’ Arjun smiled and kissed her forehead; ‘’I am sad because I did not see you for the whole day today…now close your eyes like a good girl and sleep’’ Radhika smiled; ’’its ok if you don’t want to tell…I will wait for you to speak up..but don’t lie’’ Arjun cupped her face and smiled; ‘’even if I want I cannot hide anything from you…’’ He hugged her tightly…Radhika buried her face in his chest…and hummed in contentment…

Neil got to know about Ankush and Annaya from Arjun…he knew Radhika’s family was good..but the issue was sensitive…Soniya was not willing to talk to Ananya…she did not want the girl to get hurt…he decided to talk to Ananya himself…Ankush was a friend…and brother of his best friend…he considered Sam his sister…so now this was family issue for him too. Neil thought; ‘’Neil the magician it’s time for some magic’’ Neil met Anaya at her place …she was little surprised to find him there but welcomed him…Neil looked around it was a small 1bhk…with minimum furniture…it appeared very lonely…

Neil started the conversation; ‘’Anaya…I don’t want to beat around the bush…do you have feelings for Ankush’’

Ananya; ‘’…do you know anything about me’’…she countered him

Neil; ‘’Doesn’t matter…what I know…I want you to tell me everything that I should know and which you are comfortable with ’’

Ananya smiled; ‘’Is it really about my comfort…No you are here for your friend…so why should I bother to tell you anything’’

Neil; ‘’You should learn to trust…and above all learn to love yourself’’

Ananya; ‘’Words!!! …you work for advertising industry…you ought to be good with it…but sadly I don’t get influenced’’

Neil smiled…this was the first time she spoke so much…during his wedding preparations also she would only speak what’s required….’’Í don’t say what I don’t believe in…yes I am here for Ankush…because he has feelings for you…and yes he knows what you are trying to hide…it’s not a big deal for us to get information on anyone’’

Anaya did not react she knew some or the day they will know it…so its better to be over with it..’’My father’s family never accepted me as their own…I was single handily bought up by my mother…they were never married…so technically you know what people like me are known as in the society’’

Neil did not react he calmly replied; ‘’You are Ananya…which means a unique one.. and how the hell you are at fault in all this…you are a brave girl…you made yourself a place…you may have met wrong people…but not everyone is that judgemental…I repeat again learn to trust’’

Anaya looked at Neil to read his expression…each word he said was true…he was not judging her he was not doubting her character…as others did by one line ‘like mother like daughter’ she kept her silence for some time and said; ‘’I have been running and hiding for very long …I want to stop now…Soniya ma’am knew everything…I will always be obliged to her for that. Sir , No one wants to be alone……but I am scared of getting hurt when I was young… mothers would stop their children from befriending me…I was never invited to any birthday parties or kids gathering…My mom kept on shifting from one place to the other to save me from getting hurt…but once people knew about us we were treated as untouchables…As I grew up wolfs started drooling on me as I had no father figure in my life…I know how I have kept myself safe till now…will I be accepted with all this…daughter of an unwed lose character mother…they will doubt my character too…I am not scared of lose talks or harsh words but I will not hide the truth….if someone wants to be a part of my life …it has to be with my truth…I have worked very hard to be where I am and not going to let anyone break this at any cost… Ankush’s family should know each and every piece of the truth…if they are ready then…I will think’’

Neil nodded smiled and replied; ‘’people who judge you are fools…you are brave very brave like a hero…so Miss Ananya…will you be my friend’’ he extended his hand…Ananya thought for a moment she was hesitant…but then she took it…’’Sir I am accepting your friendship but …I still need time to trust…’’

Neil;’’ Take you time and please call me Neil….Sir makes me old…I will take your leave now and I promise you will not get hurt at any cost…’’ Neil left from there he knew the it was time for Ankush to disclose his choice to family only then they can proceed…but he will talk to Arjun and then Ankush. Neil gave one look to the surroundings it was important to move her from here…the place was not safe for a single girl

Precap: Arjun Radhika fight, Neil involves Sam in plan to help Ankush

Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 26


Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 26


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