Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (episode 5 Mahasangam with KKB part 1)

Hey guys I am back and this is Mahasangm with KKB as per my commitment.Guys I am totally disappointed with less comments aren’t you guys liking my story please tell me so I can improve my writing skills , and thanks to all who commented. This part would be long and u all will enjoy it especially Abhigya fans and Asya fans.

Recap:Fighting with the goons………

Guys before starting my story I want to make a scene so that you all can easily understand the plot?

Ok , in this mahasangam modern Pragya is kidnapped as she had a fight with Abhi and left the house in frustration. Abhi realizes his mistake , and goes in search of Pragya where he meets Asad , Zoya and Ayaan. The duo (Asya and Abhigya) will help eachother relizing their love.

Episode 5:Mahasangam part 1

Scene 1:Khan Villa’s
Dils: Don’t know where are Asad and Zoya.It is a limit of irresponsibility.
Najma:Ammi, Bhaijaam is not attending the call.

They both are tensed.

Scene 2:Mehra mansion
Abhi:Dadi, did you get any information regarding Pragya.
Dadi:Nahi , beta
Abhi:Dadi , I am going in search of her.
Aakash:Bhai, the police has traced bhabhi’s no. and the last phone call was from Bhopal.
Abhi:Bhopal?What she will do in Bhopal. Ok Aakash book my tickets for Bhopal.

Abhi leaves while TaLiya smirks.

Scene 3:In the car
Ayaan:Well issi baat pe aik sher arz hai, Irshaad!
Ayaan:Toh arz kia hai
Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare ki kahani hai
Magar yahan toh baat hi kuch nirali hai.
Shukria , Shukria?
Zoya:You also say poetry , me2 , but, Jahapana 6 pack abs never appreciates it.
Asad:Ms.Farooqui , u and Ayaan make a joke of poetry. And please don’t call me by that name.
Zoya:Allah miya , Whats wrong with U!
Well issi baat pe aik sher arz hai.Irshaad!
Zoya:Arz kia hai
Kuch log hotay hain angrybird aur kuch music ke deewane
(pointing towards Asad, while he feels more horrible.)
Aur kuch hotay hain completely Mastane

Scene 4:On the road
Abhi is roaming here and there in search of Pragya.He reminces all their happy moments from their marriage till date.(Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays)

Scene 5:Sheikh mansion
Shirin calls everyone for dinner.All of them assemble.

Shirin:Humeira beta , where is Ayaan?
Humeira:He would be somewhere in any corner , Mr.Sadu.
Shirin:Ya allah! Ayaan sard gaya(Ayaan has rotten)

All laugh(funny tune plays)

Scene 6:In the car

Ayaan:No one can do better Shayari than me.
Zoya:Oh, really!
Ayaan:Yes , really!

They fight , suddenly a man (Abhi) comes infront of the car. Asad applies break and Zoya falls on him(Mitwa)Ayaan smiles.
Asad gets down from the car.

Asad:You Ok?
Abhi:I am sorry , actually I am searching for someone, really sorry!
Zoya:That person must be important for u?
Abhi:Yeah, more than my life.
Asad:Ofcourse Ms.Farooqui!

(Giving her angry looks)

Zoya:Allah miya , whats wrong with U!Aap…..
Abhi:Look thnx, I have to leave…..G2G .Bye!
Asad:Wait , wait, maybe we can help.
Abhi:But how?
Asad:I think you are new in Bhopal.Am I r8?
Asad:Hi , I am Asad Ahmed Khan, owner of “Dilshad Constructions”
Zoya:I am Zoya , commonly known as Ms.Farooqui

(pointing at Asad who gives her angry looks)

Ayaan:Me , Ayaan!
Abhi:Abhishek Prem Mehra!
Zoya:OMG!! If I am not wrong you are the rockstar , Abhi.
Abhi: Yeah.
Zoya:Nice meeting you Mr.Mehra.

Abhi tries to smile.

Asad:It is ok , I ca see the pain of love in your eyes.
Zoya:Like I saw in your eyes.

They share an awkward eyelock.

Ayaan:Step 1 , What was she wearing at time of kidnapping?

Abhi reminces their fight and Pragya leaving the house.

Abhi:She was wearing a purple saree.

Scene 7:At the Bherpur Goddown
Pragya is seen tied at the same goddown.
Person:What they think arresting some of my pet they can easily flee. Ms. Zoya Farooqui , I am back to revenge.You are the madness of Vijay Dobriyal I will win you by hook or by crook!

Yes , the person is Vijay and I have selected Abbas Mehta for it.

Goon:Sahib , magar is laundya ka kya?

(Sir , what about this girl)

Vijay:Aik teer se do shikar , tum nahi samjho gay.

(I have aim 2 with the same arrow , you won’t understand.)

Scene 8 :In the car
Zoya:Did , Pragya ji had enemity with someone?

The trio is amused.

Asad:Ok think who can do this.

Abhi murmurs to himself: Tanu , no or else I will kill her , Aaliya she has changed then…….
Abhi:Yes, Asad she was recieving weird messages from someone and it was the reason for our fight.
Asad:What was the no.

Abhi tells the no. while Zoya is super shocked

Zoya shouts:I know , who can do this cheap thing.


Suddenly , Zoya gets a message and reads it and is more shocked the others also read it. All are shocked.
The screen freezes on the quatrio.

Precap:A truck comes in front of Asad’s car…..

Thanks 4r reading, hope enjoyed it.
What will happen next , do tell me in the comment box.

Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (episode 5 Mahasangam with KKB part 1)


Asya and Huyaan : A delicate relation (episode 5 Mahasangam with KKB part 1)


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