KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 24) (swara’s past)

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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap: SwaSan bonding n Swara recovers


@ garg clinic

Dr garg: so finaly u strt speaking.. swara.. good but dont strain ur voice..
San: doc now she can sing na ??
Dr. Garg;(smiles) definately she can.. bt swra plz be careful.. n ya dont shout .. cz if u lost ur voice.. now then u cant speak ever..
Swra: i.. will..
San: dont wory i will take care of her… she is my responsibility..
Dr garg: u r such a caring finance mr maheshwari…
San: doc .. she is my best frnd…
Dr garg: ohh m sry.. then i must say she is very lucky to hv u as her frnd..



Dp: shekhar.. i want to talk to u
Shek: ya tell me.. dont be so frmal …
Dp: actully itz ur personal matter so..
Shek: aree yr u are my family so ask anything..
Dp: i feel that there is smthng betwn u n swara.. i mean she behaves differently with u..
Shek:(sad) my daughter hates me..

In the mean tym ap shomi n sujata enters…

Shomi: shekhar she is just angry with u..
Ap: but why? We kno swara very well.. she is a very good girl ..
Sujata: ya she mixes well with everyone.
Shek: itz my deeds.. m paying for sin
Dp:(puts a hand on his shoulder) shekhar..
Shek: it has been 5 yrs…

**FLASHBACK**5yrs back**
Swra n ragini passed 12th n they were very happy shekhar n shomi got a chance to expand his business in belgium…
Adi wants to be a painter… n ragini wants to establish Her career in singing…

Adi: dad i want to persue my passion…
Shek:(angry) adi we r moving to belgium … u r our elder son u hv to take care of my compny here…
Adi: dad i will take care of that bt i just want to take part in world painting competition.. i want only 7days.. plz dad..
Shek: i will not leave u even for a sec.. i want SSG intustries to be ahead of mahrshwari…. n ya swragini here is ur form of college..
Swra: baba itz for management course.. but rags want to persue singing..
Shek: i dont care what she want… i kno what i want u 3 to do..
Swra: baba plz i promise i will take care of SSG … bt please allow them to choose their own path..
Shek: u want k mai aditya ko painting krne doon… shekhar gadodia ka beta ek mamuli painter… n ragini ek gana gane wali..
Swea: m promisng u na i will.. bt plz allow them..
Shek: no

*this is the starting of haterad for shekhar in swara’s mind*


Swra: rag take this n go..
Rag: whats this ?
Swra: ticket to banglore
Rag: bt why?
Swra: auditions of singing star.. itz a big opportunity for u…
Rag: bt baba will not allow me..
Swra: do u trust me na..
Rag: ofcourse yr..
Swra: then go.. i dont want to ruin ur lyf..cz of baba’s stupid dream.. n i will do something for bhai too…
Rag:thnku shona … rhnx alot
Swra: now come with me..
Both swragini were going bt shekhar saw then n stop then at main gate
Shek:(fumes in anger) swraaaa raginiiii… where r u going…
Rag:vo vo baba vo..
Shekhar was about to slap her But swara pulls ragini back..

Shek: swraaaaaaaa !! What is this… n whats this in ur hand..
He took that frm ragini’s hand.. n tear that..
Shel: i hv told u that u hv to handel business nothng else…
Swra:(angry) i dont want my sister to suffer just cz of ur stupid thoughts..
Shek:(slaps her) u are completly out of control..
Swra:(holds rags hand) chal ragu i will take u to auditions.. n no one can stop me..
Shekhar again slap her n forcefully took her to a room n lock her there..” u will be freed only when u apologise”
Swra:(cryng) i will never ever apologise for the thing which is not wrong
Shek:then be here…

**itz another thing which increases bitterness for him in her heart**

After some day shomi n shekhar left for belgium.. aditya now unwillingly strts handelling everythng… to diver his mind he has started SR industries.. for his sisters.. n he is also handeling SSG ind.

One day aditya was going to attend a meeting for tender of SSG but he had met an seroius accident.. he was very critical… he was on the verge of death…

Swragini were very tensed…
Shomi reaches delhi

Swra: ma where is baba
Shomi: beta he had a meeting…he will come after 2 days
Swra: oh wow.. he value meeting more than his son.. good…


Aditya got dischared from hospital n was resting at home shekhr enters GM

Shek: adityaaa whats this we hv lost that tender … how can u be so careless dont u kno how to drive…. if u drove carefully then we will not lose that..
Swra:(angry) u cared for a tender more than ur own son
Shek: no nothng lyk this..
Swra: then lyk what..haan
Rag: swra stop it
Swra: no rags not today … i will not stop..
Adi: shona this is not a way to behave with our father..
Swra:(hurted) noooo. Noo bhai.. he is not our father he is only a business man … a heartless human
Shek: swra u r getting me wrong …
Swra: no no today only i got u correctly… u are shouting on him for not attendng meeting bt u dont give a damn to his condition he was on the verge of death n u r ..
Adi:(angry) swaraaa enough…
Swra; bhai plz today let me speak.. only cz of this man u n ragini has to crush all the dreams… i dont kno what proplem he has with mahedhwaris..
Shek:(realises that he was wrong) beta vo.. i kno that i…
Swra:(hurted n cries) stop it mr gadodia…
Shek: m sry beta..
Swra: just be happy with ur sry… i dont need that… mr gadodia n ya just rember that ur daughter swara has died today …u hv lost her today..
Shomi: swra mai bhut der se sun rahi hoon… stop it..
Swra: i hv stopped it ma


Shek:(cries) till that day she doesnt address me as baba..

Dp:(consoles) dont worry everythng will be fyn..

Everyone saw sawsan at the main door…
Shomi; are beta u hv come..
Shek:(worried) what doc said my swra is fyn na..
San: ji uncle she is..
Shek:m so happy beta.
Swra left
Swasan has listned all this n swara was recalling past moments n strted cryng… n run into her room… sanskar went behind her..


San: shona…
Swra: i hate him…
San: sshhhh dont say anything (wipes her teara) my small kiddo doesnt look good while cryng..
Swra: sanskar..
San:(kisses her teary eyes) stop these tears kiddo… u will need them When u will get married n u hv to leave ur family..
Swra: “esa kuch ni hoga”
(In mind) i dont need to leave my parents. Cz we will stay at dream villa … (blushes).
San: so u r imagining ur dream man…(teases)
San: chlo now u take rest… i will be back..
Swra: bt..
San: m cmng na…
Swra unwillingly nods yes..

shekhar was cryng as he was repending for his deeds badly… sanskar came n said”uncle dont worry… i will make all things fine… she has done alot for us… now itz my turn”
Dp; ha shekhar.. swara will forgive u… m sure


GADODIA’S & MAHESHWARI’S shifted to dream villa

Dp: so our dream has come true…
Shek: ya n itz only cz of our children…
Ap: u both will keep talking here or u will come in..
Shomi: ap i dont think so that the two best frnds will come in…
**all laughs**


Lak: ragini can u plz come with me.
Rag: where
Lak: are come na…
Rag: offo laksh m tired …
Lak: if u dont come then i will pick u in my arms..
Rag:ok ok m cmng..

Rag: now what laksh
Lak:(kneel down in frnt on her)
Rag: what r u doing…
Lak: rag vo.. i… i… voo..

Rag: what!!
Lak: vo i.. i.. want to tie lace..
**SwaSan were hiding near by n seeing all this**
San: this idiot lucky.. is this is a way to propose.
Swra: seems that u r very experienced..(winks)
San:no.. but…actully yess..
Swra:(shocked) what…!! How mny gfs u had till now..
San: many..
Swra is burning in jelousy now…” huhh.. leave lets focus on raglak”
Lak: vo vo m.. vo..
Sanskar throw a small pebbl on him
Lak: aawwoo
Rag: kya hua..
Lak sees sanskar …he was loocking at him angryly.
Lak:(took a deep breath)
Ragini i luv u… will u marry me.. pl dont say no… itz for the first tym m proposing someone..
Rag:(laughhsss) oh god u r really so cute laksh…
Rag:(control her laughter) sry sry sry…n ha i luv u too…
Lak: yr who laugh lyk this after hearing proposal.. i was so embaraced..
Swra comes out n said” exactly ragini … who did this u hv spoiled our whole plan… u r so bad n laksh u r even a bigger idiot … u forgot what we taught u…tumne saari mehnat pe paani daal dia..kitta practice kraya tha yr..”
She strtrd coughing as after operation itz for the first tym she said too long sentence..
San:(worried n angry n bring water for her) u r such a kid… who said u to shout… u dont care about urself.. now come … n dont u dare to utter a word now…
SwaSan left
RagLak hugs each othrr..
Rag:i wish they will soon confess their love..
Lak: hmm i hv never seen bhai caring that much for anyone
Rag: laksh i want to say smthng
Lak: ya say na

Rag: if ma baba n uncle aunty agrees for our marriagr then only we marry each other otherwise nahi..
Lak: that’s y i luv u yr…
Rag: ya n thats y i love myself(laughs)

Swara gets completly recoverd according to dr garg but not according to dr sanskar ? he still ristrics her frm doing many thngs…


Thnx guyz for reading my ff.. n i want a suggesstion… i hv two options so i will go with that which u choose

1. New entry in SwaSan’s lyf n then confession
2. SwaSan’s confession


Dont forget to suggest me topics for one shot :)

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KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 24) (swara’s past)


KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 24) (swara’s past)


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