ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 40

ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 40

its morning ( wonder what it has in hold for these guys ??? )

d episode starts in d office. raghav n samya walk in followed by kalpi n paki. they wish each other n set off to their respective offices. paki luks at samya going in together n thinks u guys wont walk out together. ( just go to hell ok?? )

kalpi is working. raghav calls her into his office. samya see this n smile. they sign to each other n maya walks into raghav’s office before kalpi n pushes her a bit. kalpi gets hurt but maya doesn’t turn back. sammy comes to kalpi’s rescue. he purposely makes her see ragya laughing together. kalpi gets angry n thinks hitler doesn’t even remember he called me.. ?

raghav finally thinks why kalpi isn’t here till now? he tries to go outside but maya blocks his path n he doesn’t see kalpi. maya says ouch. raghav turns to her n says what happened?? maya says my ankle got sprained. raghav shows concern n gets d first -aid box. he applies balm on her foot n sammy makes sure kalpi sees this. kalpi gets really jealous. sammy tries hard to control his laughter n gives a thumbs-up to maya. she responds automatically n kalpi thinks she is showing her that she is more imp. to raghav n is gonna win soon. she fumes up. sammy notices this n is surprised. he thinks we didn’t even plan this, but whatever happens happens for d gud. he leaves.

paki goes into sammy’s room stealthily n keep smthing there wrapped up like a gift. she hides behind a curtain seeing sammy walk in. sammy sees d gift n opens it. its a beautiful diamond ring. he seems shocked. paki smiles n thinks now go n ask maya abt this…. n then i’ll enjoy myself for real ( gonna kill her along wid her brother ) ..

prem calls up a guy n says d work shud be done today. he cuts d call n thinks cangratulations kalpi… i’ll start my revenge today itself…. why wait for sm gud ( ehh ??? ) deed?

maya walks in too n sees d ring. she thinks what’s this sammy doing? sammy turns to her n says what is this?? maya doesn’t understand. sammy seems really angry n holds her hand ti8 n drags her outside into d corridor for every1 to see. paki mutters oh wow he’s ahead of me…. now every1 will enjoy d day. she follows them outside.

ragna notice them like this n every1 comes out too. maya is in shock. she feels that i must have made d ragna plan go wrong… but what’s it got to do wid dis ring?? she seems worried.

raghav asks sammy what’s he doing?? sammy says nothing but now i’ll do smthing i shud have done before. paki thinks yes u shud broken up wid her before….. but better late than never. she waits for sammy to speak up.

sammy says maya i — i wanna say that — ragna n maya get really tensed n think just speak up!!! sammy says i wanna say — no ask u that — he falls down on his knees n asks her ” will u marry me ? ” paki is shocked. ragna seem happy. maya is in tears n says yes, i will. sammy makes her wear d ring. every1 except paki claps.

raghav announces that he’s really happy that his made-for-each-other besties r finally getting married. he announces a treat n 10% bonus to every1 for d mnth ( awwww such a 9c guy ) . all leave happily.

samya go hand-in-hand to d office. maya says i didn’t know u were planning all this. sammy says actually, i wasnt. paki made me do it. maya seems surprised.

fb starts. sammy sees d ring but then he notices sm movement behind n is shocked to see paki’s face in d mirror. he understands that this is all her plan n thinks now i’ll turn d tables n gift this v. ring to maya. maya walks in n sammy executes d plan successfully ( love u my boy :) ) fb ends.

maya says wow n hits him playfully n says u r really lucky … u didn’t have to spend for this kind of a proposal…….. d situation was readymade n paki’s stupid plan got u this amazing diamond ring. sammy smiles back but then gets serious n says oh no we forgot smthing in d midst of all this. maya asks what? he tells her n maya gets worried.

precap : prem’s plan succeeds.

ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 40


ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 40

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